Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai (Episode 15)


Hellooooooooo People.You forgot me..I dint upload pics of dresses so here it is

Part 13: Here

Swara wears a ghagra: (this one )

Ragini too wears one : (this one )

They look stunning.Manik wears a yellow sherwani

Sanskaar : (wears this one )

Laksh wears this one :

Uttara dress

Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai

Part 15

Recap : Bringing Niti Down

Niti Mom : swara beta jao ring leke aao

S: sure aunty

S: (brings the ring)

Niti mom : Thank u beta

S: np aunty

They exchange the rings. All clap. Dance starts

Swaragini go to dance on Balam Pichkari .Some other people come.At last Swaragini again come and dance on Drama Queen Hai.When the dance is going to end.The lamp which is up and swara is standing below starts shaking.Only Laksh sees it and screams Swara.He pushes her.It falls on his hand and he starts screaming.All get shocked.Swara had fallen down.She wanted to help him but everyone was there.Then also she goes and she is shocked

S: ragini yeh toh acid hai is lamp mein

R: leave that first of all remove this

S: removes it

Laksh doesn’t want to cry but cant as its burning.Swara sees the situation

S: sanskaar u take laksh and go up

Swara announces all to continue their dance. Everyone continues as they are least bothered .Swara runs up even though her hand is bleeding

S: sanskaar

San: swara acid tha

Swaragini : what

L : (murmurs) Rrrrraaaajjbeeerrr

Swaragini get shocked


As swaragini were dancing

Laksh notices that the lamp or chandlier was getting loose and when he saw up Rajbeer was cutting the rope.

San: now who is this rajbeer

R: swara u bandage him and be careful.I thought you na

S: nods

Ragini takes Sanskaar out


Swara could not stop crying

L: ( trying to laugh) what happened

S: shut up who told u to come in between

L: how could I let anything happen to my shone

S: LAksh

While taking to put ice on his hand it pains and he notices swara’s hand bleeding

L: swara

S: kya hua

L: idiot

He takes of a bandage applies ointment blood starts coming from his hand out of the bandage

S: its fine

L: fine ki bacchi

S: aah phirsekarna padega

L: teekhe mat karo

S: accha mera lucky sorry

L: lo

She bandages him And comes out

Ragini told sanskaar everything.Sanskaar does not react ragini gets shocked

San: swara u bandaged

R: ( ragini realizes swara came out)

RAgini swara come.She sees her hand even u

S: han but this laksh simply put bandage

Laksh hits her head

L: sim,ply blood is coming that is simply

They start fighting.Ragsan laugh on their nonkh-jokh

They go down. The engagement is over. All go to their homes

Gaodia Mansion

M: thank god laksh aaya warna

P: I know thank god lamp mein kuch nahi tha

S: papa lamp mein acid tha

P : what why u dint tell anyone

S: actually laksh told not to tell

Sumi goes and hugs swara

M: par yeh sab kar kon sakta hai

S: swara gets tensed (she dint want them to get tension

R: maa it must be a accident

S: han maa

P: but

S: now go and sleep afterall tomorrow is marriage and we have to go super early

Good Night

It Morning

LAksh gets up with great difficulty ( it was acid remember)

They go to college

Suddenly someone comes and hugs laksh. Swaragini who were coming from the other side were shocked

Laksh too gets shocked.He tries to separate but she tightens his grip

Sa: Niki will u leave him

Niki: ok but u know na I love u

LAk : opens his mouth

:San: what the

L; exactly I don’t love u

N: u have to

Sann: what the hell is this niki

Niki: u don’t interfere .She pushes sanskaar.He falls on the ground.Swaragin runs to sanskaar

Laksh gets angry .HE is about to slap her

San: laksh no

L: (Stops ) nikita this is my last warning.Stay away from me and my brother cause next time I wont stop from slapping u

Niki: whats wrong with u baby.You know na u are mine

Swara comes

S: lucky who is this (she winks)

L: u dint see anything

Niki: who is this and why are u calling him lucky

S: actually u don’t have brains

Ragini too joins

Nikki : oh hello stay out of it

Her team pushess swara

Ragni goes back Laksh wants to save her (all this is happening in the parking area) but he is caught.Ragini records everytghing.They later leave swara.Niki opens her hai and tears h er dress a bit and say see now what I do .Her father is the principal

In Principal room

MAheshwari Singhania GAodia (because swara alked) are called

DP: laksh what is this

L: papa trust me I did not do anything

AP: sanskaar I dint expect this from u

P: its very ashaming of u to do this

Dp and ap are about to ask sorry (GAodia watch this )

Suddenly swaragini enter

P: how dare u enter without my permission and where were u

S: oh sorry Mr Sachin Sir .Mobile had to be charged

Everyone look there in shock.There is a laptop which can be easily connected to a projector.The whole scene is shown from starting (actually they took from cctv camera. Sanchin gets shocked

Laksh goes out of the room without saying anything.Ragini signs swara to go.She looks at shekhar who shows a thumbs up expression .She gowa out,Principal ask sorry but before they could tell np Sanskaar speaks

San: sorry for interfering But I have to say today. I know laksh is nikkita childhood friend but there si a limit for everything.That day she forced laksh to kissh her. Today she said laksh tried to assault her,Tomorrow she might close laksh laksh and herself in a rom and tell laksh raped her.Sir nikita is crossing her limits and if this happens once again I am sorry but I will immideatly leave this college.Everyone looks shocked.Dp is about to speak when SHekhar says

Shekh: sir I respect you and this college but what sanskaar said is true.They even almost smashed my daughter and I will be forced to leave this school with my children

Shekhar dp and ap are main sponsors of this college

P: sorry.Nikita say sorry.

NIki : I will not spare him (she goes sway)

They get shocked

Outside when the scene was going on .Laksh runs and sits in the college garden and sits on the bench crying.Someone touches his shoulder.He gets scared

S: Laksh calm down


S: why r u crying so much.

L: ( hugs swara) he reveals everything what nikita tried to do with him

S: (gets shocked) what how can she stoop so low

L: swara I am really scared .If she doesanything to u .U have to leave me

S: what the I am never going to leave you and listen calm down.

L: swara understand

San: u understand

He gets shocked to see all there

L: papa I just

Dp hugs him.Laksh hugs him back

L: papa I am sorry

DP ; why it was not your fault

S: stop crying like girls

Shek: even swara does not cry this much

Laksh smiles a bit

Dp notices it

(all drama in garden 😛 )

They then go to college.Swara stays with him the whole time.While going to home nikitaa and her gang stand in front of laksh

S: aagayi chipkali

R: chipkali nahi chaudayil

Sanskaar and laksh laugh.Swara feels gladseeing laksh laugh in this whole day.

N: attack

S: attack

They stop and say where

Swara and ragini give a hi5 .

S: there is no one here and you gang got scared what if there are people here ( they laugh)

Nikita is about to hit swara.Laksh intervenes and hits nikita .She falls down.

L: swara lets go

San: humein chodhkar

L: sanskaaaar

SaN: ok ok

They all 4 go

Nikita watches and says we have to break their friendship

Precap : Shaadi

Credit to: Smiley

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