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Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai (Episode 14)


Hellooooooooo People.You forgot me..So sorry .This one is gonna be short.Please forgive me L

Part 13: Here

Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai

Par 14

Recap : New entry

Its Morning

Manik swara Ragini come to table.Swara finds a chit there

In the chit : Swara we have to go out for a important work.Will come soon.And remember its Saturday

S: maa

R: what happened

S: she is telling me don’t go to school its Saturday

R: Remember that day

S: oh god.For that one day I will get tortured my whole life

M: Ya Dhakkan

S: starts fighting

Ragini comes to stop .And swara and manic hit her.They together laugh but suddenly Niti comes

N: without me

SWaraginiMan : laugh

N: anyways I came to tell you today is my engagement with rajbeer

S: ( gets shocked)

R: oh wow..Congo

N: but actually not with rajbeer malhotra

S: then ( shcked)

N: His cousin Rajbeer Khandewal

S: (she feels relaxed)

N: so you are coming

S: Sure

Sumi And SHekhar come

S: maa papa so early

P: wee should not come

S: no I just asked because in chit

P: han cause we dint know which time

S : okkk

N: Mama Mami today you have to come to my engagement

P: sure beta

N: and ya I have called your best friend Maheshwari and Singhania

P: oh then I am surely coming

N: ( smiling ) ok Bye

Its evening

Swara wears a ghagra: (this one )

Ragini too wears one : (this one )

They look stunning.Manik wears a yellow sherwani

They get ready .Sumi praises all 3 and they sit in the car

Maheshwari Mansion.( sanskaar and laksh in one house )

Their sherwani come

San: I like it

L: mee too

Sanskaar : (wears this one )

Laksh wears this one :

Uttara comes

U: kaisi lag rahi hun

S” wow

L: amazing

Uttara dress

All reach Purohit Mansion

Swaragini : Wow .SO much decoration

R: of course it’s a engagement

S: oh I dint know only

Ragini laughs .They enter

They are welcomed by The purohits.Swaragini go to Niti room

N: chalo aagayi meri behne

(please note sanak and swaragini don’t know their surame so they don’t expect to see each other here)

S: wow niti..You look gorgeous

N: thank you thank you

R: Come lets dress her completely

N: ab kya hai baaki

S: oh hello madam earing necklace kahan hai sab kuch

N: you know I don’t like wearing it

S: sussh today u have to only sit

N: ok

Swaragini make niti ready

S: I wil go and check whether they came

While swara is going down.She meets niti mom

Niti Mom : swara beta bring niti down.They came

S: sure aunty

While bringing niti down They get shocked to see Sanlak.Even sanlak get shocked seeing swaragini

Suddenly all 4 of them look at their dresses and smile

N: kaisa laga mera bada wala surprise

Swaragini : tujhe kaise pata

N: Niti Purohit ko sab kuch pata hota hai

Swaragini : smile

Precap : engagement dance and something dangerous for swara .Will laksh …..

Credit to: Smiley

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