Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai (Episode 11)


Thank you people for your amazing love but just wanna tell one thing that whether it’s a swalak or a swasan ff its your responsibility to encourage them so that maybe because of the ove your showering on them they migh right on just for you. Its always better to remain positive J Don’t take me wrong

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Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai

Part 11

Recap : Laksh dream sequence

A: laksh utho bhi

L : arrey mujhe ho kya raha hai (what is happening to me )

A: kya hua (what happened) beta

L: nothing mom

A: u can share it with me

L: no mom nothing

A: pakka

L: pakka

A: ok get ready and come

L: but why u have your work and today is the first day of college

Laksh hits his head

Anapurna laughs and goes

Scene 2

Gaodia Mansion

Swara wears a dress

Swara dress :

Ragini goes to take her suit

S: ragini don’t remove your suit

R: swara u know I wear that only

S: wait I will give u my dress

R: but why u are wearing like this

S: in college I will wear this n wait u will wear like this one

Swara shows her dress :

R : noo I will wear somewhere else

S: no u have to wear it to the college and it is final

R: ok maate

S: saada sukhi raho

They laugh

Sanskaar ragini laksh and swara reach college

L: hey swara

S: hey laksh

San : hey ragini

R : hey sanky

Swalak : Sankyyy

San : chill guys she kept this new name for me

Swalak : not bad

Lucky hits sanskaar n swara hits ragini

SanGini blush

They go to their classes

Suddenly laksh says while walking alone with swara

L: swara

S: haan

L: tum bhi mere liye ek naam rakho na

S: rukho sochne do

L: itna sochna pad raha hai yaar

S: Lucky

L: not bad

S: mujhe pata hai

The attend their classes n they message each other that they are going out and they go alone

S: laksh kahan chalein

L: wahan

S: ok ice creeaam

L: (he looks at her childish face) Chalo

They start eating n suddenly one car sprays something on Laksh

S: laksh are u fine

L : (in pain) yaaa

S: who the hell yaar

L: swara calm down

S: how can I calm down

L: swara let me get up first

Lakh tries but cant get up .Seems like the effect has spread He winces in pain

S: laksh (crying)

L: why are u crying yaar…

S: I love u damd

Laksh stares at her even though he knew they had a chotu romantic moment that day

S: I mean

Some people come and laksh goes to the hospital

Doctor first aids laksh and says

D: I guess you should be more careful

S: what happened doctor

D: if u closeky notice then you will realize that this is the second time there is a attack on him

S: yes doctor

D: and it was good his mouth was closed while the spray was put on him otherwise anything could have happened

S: hmm

D: u can take him after an hour

S: ok doctor

L: swara what did u say I want to hear it

Swara realizes and thinks she cannot risk Laksh’s life

S: I said I love your mom

L: what

S: yaa why what did u hear

L : nothing

Swara says she wil come now.She goes out

L: simply excited hogaya tha.hat teri ki

Swara was standing near the door

S: sorry laksh.I cant risk your life.Its too dangerous

Precap : Something special

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Credit to: Smiley

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