Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai… a Devakshi ff… part 11

Ishwari fell straight into Khatri’s arms.
Ishwari: Khatri
Khatri: Kab girna band karegi Ishwari ?
Bijoy: Khatri… Ishwari … SORVANASH
Khatri: Ye kaun hai? (Who is he?)
Ishwari: Koi nahi … koi nahi hai … bas mere mohalle ka ek BUDDHA hai … Nalla hai,nikaama hai … koi kaam nahi hai ise … mai Haridwar jaa rahi thi to isko coolie banane ka shauk chadha tha … mera saman uthane aa gaya (No one just a useless fellow from my society who has absolutely no work & has come with me to lift my luggage)
Bijoy: COOLIE BAN GAYA MAI? (Am I a coolie?)
Khatri: Itna chilla kyu raha hai ye? (Why is he shouting so much?)
Ishwari: Kuch nahi kuch nahi zindagi me pehli baar koi kaam kia hai na isiliye khushi se chilla raha hai (Just like that … he’s elated because he is doing something productive first time in his life)
Ishwari had laddus in both her hands. She boarded the truck. Khatri was on the driver’s seat & was singing songs while Bijoy was left only with a goat that was also taking the lift with them. He patted the goat.
Bijoy to the goat: Humein to apno ne loota gairon mei kaha dum tha. Tu bewafa thi Ishwari Dixit bewafa hi rahegi. Mujhse zyaada sad kaun hoga aaj (Ishwari you betrayed me… Who’ll be sadder than me today?)
Goat: Maiiiiiii (The noise that a goat makes)
Bijoy: Tujhe kya gum hai? Pakka kisi ladki ne dhoka diya hoga (Why are you said? Surely some girl has ditched you)
The goat nodded in affirmation
Bijoy: I knew it! Par ab mai Devdas nahi banuga mai apna badla leke rahunga .Ishwari ko jawab dena hoga warna SORVANASH hoga SORVANASH!!!!!! …. Koi mujhe nahi rokega… Koi mujhe nahi rok sakta (This time I won’t become Devdas … I’ll take my revenge from Ishwari … No one can stop me)
Goat: Maiiiii
Bijoy: Tu rokega mujhe junglee BAKRE …Tujhe to mai….. (You’ll stop me?)
The goat who must have got irritated with Bijoy’s foolish chat hit him with its horns but Bijoy was quick to dodge. Suddenly the carrier of the truck became a wrestling stadium with the goat chasing Bijoy to hit him. Ishwari who was sitting in a corner of the carrier got up to stop the goat. The goat was in no mood to spare Bijoy this time. It made a final attempt to hit Bijoy but Bijoy dodged again & the goat collided head on with Ishwari. Ishwari fell down probably broke her crown. Bijoy laughed at the spectacle but the goat’s vengeance was still not over. It attacked Bijoy. THUD!!! Bijoy fell straight over Ishwari’s back who was trying to get up because of the sudden pressure Ishwari fell again.
KHATRI: KITNA GIREGI ISHWARI? ( How much will you fall Ishwari?)
The goat stood there in pride, looked at the spectacle and finally went to rest at in a corner.
Khatri : HUH…. BAKRE NE BANA DI JODI… BUDDHE KO PATA NAHI HAI WO KAHA PHAS RAHA HAI … KOI NAHI BAHUT JALDI PATA CHAL JAAYEGA (The old man doesn’t know what trouble he is landing into… No problem… He’ll realize soon)
Hotho me aisi baat mai daba ke chala aaya
Khul jaaye wohi baat to duhaai hai duhaai
Before my reader starts thinking that the writer of this ff has lost all signs of sanity & needs to consult a doctor I leave Bijoy, Ishwari & Khatri at the mercy of the goat till the next time I come to meet them. Till then let’s hope that they reach their destination safely. ( Naa bhi pahuchein to mera kya? ).
The students were waiting outside Taj Mahal while the teachers were buying tickets. Elena took out her phone & started recording the moment…
Elena: Hey everyone This is Elena reporter from Kal Tak News Channel & we are standing in front of Taj Mahal… Let’s ask the tourists how are they feeling?
She turned the camera towards Sona & asked her “Ma’am aapko kaisa mehsoos ho raha hai?”(How are you feeling?)
Sona: Good really good
Vicky: Just good
Elena: Don’t spoil my interview Vicky
Sona: Okay okay I’ll elaborate madam …. So Taj Mahal is one amongst the 7 wonders of the world & I’ve always wanted to tour the world … this trip is a beginning of that …
Elena: Here we have Mr Dev Dixit with us. Sir, what are your views?
Dev: Not as blank as Ms. Potato’s
Sona: Mr KKS you promised me that you’ll not call me Ms Potato
Dev: Really?When?
Sona: Don’t act smart
Jatin: Don’t start fighting PLEASE.
Elena: Continue Dev
Dev (looks towards the camera): Sorry for the disturbance viewers
Sona: Sorry for his kiddish behavior
Dev: Sorry for her intervening nature
Sona: Sorry for his nagging habits
Just then Jatin jumped in between & said
Jatin: Sorry for bringing two mad people with us … I ensure our viewers that we’ll drop these 2 mad people at Agra’s hospital for the mentally unfit patients.
Vicky: Hasn’t it shifted to Ranchi?
Elena: Don’t know …but tujhe pakka pata hoga na Vicky coz you are mad too
Saying so Elena pulled Vicky’s cheeks.
Vicky: Ouch!!!Don’t behave like a girl
Elena: Excuse me! I am a girl & will behave like one.
The teachers came back. Elena shifted her camera towards her class teacher.
Teacher: Shut your camera Elena
Elena: Arey ma’am! Yeh to maine pehli baar notice kia(I’ve noticed this for the 1st time)
Teacher: What?
Elena: Aap to teaching line me fas gaye ho aapko to model hona chahiye tha (You should’ve been a model)
Teacher: Really? (Flattered)
Elena: Aap camera me kya lagte ho… bolo bolo … m shooting you (You look amazing in the camera… go on m shooting u)
Sona(whispers) : She’ll shoot you later
Teacher: Okay Students… It is 11:00 am now We’ll assemble near the gate again at 1. Till then go & explore the Taj.
This is the best view. As soon as I entered the premises of the monument my mind was captured because of its pristine beauty. Green pathways leading to the white dome with a background of the blue sky… This is purely a marvel of architecture.
Jatin: Liked it?
Sona: Loved it
Elena: Isn’t this is the epitome of true love?
Sona: Not the epitome. After Humayun’s death his wife built Humayun’s tomb for him but that is not counted as a token of love. The women & their contribution to the society is often neglected
Dev: Feminist
Sona: Thanks
Vicky: Don’t start fighting.
Elena: Uhhh Selfie?
The 5 of them got close & clicked pictures. They moved towards the Taj ,crossed the green pathways, stopped here & there to click pictures. They went inside the tomb. Finally they went towards the back side of Taj.
The view here is breathtaking. It is said that Shah Jahan wanted to built another Taj Mahal with black marble on the other bank of Yamuna… Had Aurangzeb not captured his own father the view would have been even more beautiful
Dev turns towards Sona &sees her standing alone. She clearly was very angry.
Dev’s POV: & had I not unnecessarily taunted her. I would have been enjoying this view with her. What does Sonakshi say? Mr. Aubhodro … tumi eakdum impossible.
Dev walked towards Sonakshi & stood next to her. Sonakshi didn’t react.
Dev: Ms Bose
Dev: Baat nahi karni hai?
Dev: Sona… I am sorry
Sona started walking away.
Sona turned & saw Dev sitting on his knees holding his ears.
Dev: I am sorry Sona… say something … yell at me … hit me… but please don’t stop talking to me. I know you are angry but yaar yahi to rishta hai humara. We fight like cats & dogs but you know I … I … I just can’t bear your silence.
Sona: Get up
Dev: You’ve forgiven me?
Dev made a puppy face & stared straight into her eyes. Things that words can’t say & mind can’t interpret are said & understood by the strange language of eyes. In those few minutes millions of unsaid words were expressed between the two.
Sona tried to hide her smile but couldn’t
Sona: Before coming to Agra had you done PhD in dramebaazi ?
Dev smiled & walked towards Sona & in a husky tone said
“Promise me Sonakshi that whatever may happen in the future you’ll not stop talking to me. I like it when you speak , even if doesn’t make sense most of the time …. Just keep speaking… I like it when your words are directed to me…… Call me by any name Mr. Obhodro, Mr. KKS , Mr Dixit, Dev whatever you like …. But just keep calling me… ”
Sona just smiled while looking straight into his eyes oblivious to the world.
Jatin: Ahem … ahem
Dev stepped back. Sona looked away & started adjusting her hair.
Elena: Awwwww……..Ab sharma ke kya fayda … I’ve recorded everything & it was too cute … it was perfect

Jatin & Vicky: Just perfect


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    Lakh Rupay ki baat kahi h bhai inhone…Bijoy babu bachke rahiyega
    Aaj to Ishwari ke karan sirf Bakre ne PITA h????…pr kahi ye pyar aapko BALI KA BAKRA ?na bana de..jiska Hallal hamare Devrath Dixit krenge…??????
    Pr ek choti si request h..Di jb Sona ke man me dev ke liye feelings ho to krpkab jaise dev ko mr.dumbo mt bana dena 5 mahine ke liye jiske realisation ke liye Jatin ko bali ka bakra banna pade…??
    And Di Ishjoy ko bakre ?se pitwao.. ya bainse ?se.. truck se girao ?… ya pahadi se?.. pr wapas ghar zaroor le aana (20-25 fractures chal jayenge?)??
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    1. Riti1107

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      Abhi 4-5 episode me dev k side ki story pata chal jaayegi abhi to Sona ka hi angle dekho

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    That’s amazing… Waiting for next epi when sona realises she lives dev

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    post soon. love u. take care. and aap bengali ho na???

    1. Riti1107

      Sorry agar zyaada pain hua ho to
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      Lastly, my mom is a bengali papa is from UP rehti mai Delhi ab jaha ka samjhna ho samajh lo??????

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    Sachchi it was so much fun reading dis..n specially d part 1….
    Bijoy devdas…bakri mein….ishwari bewafa n khatri…
    Sachchi laughing like a maniac…
    Cant control…
    Loved it

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