Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai… a Devakshi ff… part 10

The trip to Agra was planned for two days. They journey is to start today and our heroes will return the next day at night.
All the 11thies (going to be 12thies) had assembled in the school campus at 5:00 am. Lady Bacchan had organized them in lines and was addressing them
“All ladies & the not-so –gentle-men, the details of the trip have already been mentioned in the brochure which is in your hands at this very moment. Although you are the senior most class of the school I know your heads are the size of a pea. So I would have to remind you of the etiquettes of the school. Our school believes in the principles of……

Lady Bacchan went on to describe the proper code of conduct. The entire batch felt like sleeping listening to her monotonous voice. Except a few who were busy in their own world.
Elena: Vicky! What are you doing?
Sona: Ouch! Vicky I’ll slap you
Vicky (With an innocent look): I’ve done nothing.
Jatin: Don’t do that Vicky.
Elena: What is in your hand?
Sona: Yuck! You are tickling us with a fallen pigeon feather. Where did you find it?
Dev: Stop it Vicky.
Vicky: I plead not guilty, my lord.

The commotion was spotted by the eagle eyes of Lady Bacchan.
LB: Oh! I see the pros & cons of the GST Bill are being discussed by my favorite students. Mr. Tripathi
Vicky: Yes ma’am
LB: Won’t you include the rest of the school in your meeting. I suppose all of you would want to stay back with me AGAIN.
Dev: Sorry ma’am. He won’t do it again.

LB: This habit of standing up for each other will put all 5 of you in great trouble some day. Anyways the girls board the bus first.
Jatin: Save a seat for us Ele.
Methodically, everyone was boarded into the bus. The girls were sitting together & the boys were sitting behind them. Lady Bacchan was busy in patting herself for making everyone sit with full discipline but as soon as the engine started every student in every bus of every class started hooting & shouting leaving Lady Bacchan screaming alone in the school ground about moral values, ethics & this spoilt generation.
On the other hand a SORVANASH was happening Bijoy & Ishwari missed their bus Why?

Because Ishwari had to carry a big black kadhai, 32 dabbas & 108 packets of ghee. Bijoy who had agreed to carry the luggage (just to improve his impression )but because of the load he was not able to walk properly & the bus left them. Bijoy wanted to go back home but on Ishwari’s insistence he took another bus to Haridwar.
7:00 am
Sona was chatting with Ele. Vicky was busy with his candy crush & Jatin was reading some novel with his headphone on. Only one person was frowning that was none other than Mr. Devrath Dixit.
Dev’s POV: Very good! Where are we going? Agra. Famous for? Taj Mahal. Where am I sitting ? behind Sonakshi but but but … I can’t even see her. Baat karna to door ki baat. Had hai… look at everyone busy doing their own thing. Are we on a school trip or some business meeting? Gosh! Sonakshi Bose don’t you seriously care about me. I’m dying to be with you & you are busy talking about stupid girly stuff. Beta Dev ab tujhe hi kuch karna padega.(You’ll have to do something Dev)

Thinking so Dev got up, stood on his seat and started shouting
“Class walon. We are on our last school trip & everyone is busy in their own world. Come on everyone lets add some spark”
Sona: & how will you add that SPARK Mr. Obhodro?
Dev smiled he had finally grabbed her attention. Now it was time to impress. He took out his guitar & started playing a tune which was familiar to everyone. He sang:
Dil Chahta hai

Kabhi na beetien chamkile din
Dil chahta hai
Hum na rahe kabhi yaaro ke bin.
Hoooo din-din bhar ho pyaari baatein
Jhume shaamein gaayein raatein
Masti me rahe dooba-dooba humesha sama
Humko raahon me yun hi milti rahe khushiyaaan
Dil chahta hai…..

Soon the entire bus began to sing along with him. Dev’s mission was accomplished. Sona’s entire attention was now fixed on him. These travelers are happy but what about our ‘budhi ghodi laal lagam’(old aged love birds) Jodi Ishjoy?
Well not everything was going as planned. The bus that they took looked as if it would break down any time. The conductor had taken some strange interest in Bijoy & he looked at him continuously while rubbing his stomach & cleaning his teeth with a tooth pick. A baby was wailing in the background & the bus did not seem like one, it felt like they were taking a camel ride with the driver not increasing the speed beyond 20 km/hr.
Bijoy tried being romantic & took out an orange candy & offered it Ishwari. She took it happily but then started saying
Ye zindagi ek orange candy hai (Life is an orange candy)
Bijoy: ??

Ishu: Haa… ye zindagi ek orange candy hai jo kabhi nahi tikti (Life is an orange candy coz it won’t stay always)
Bijoy: Ishwari have you seen the weather … it’s so it’s so
Ishwari: Weather… kismat jaisi hoti hai bas badalti rehti hai. (Weather is like fate … keeps on changing)
Bijoy: Leave it… I am very happy
Ishwari: Khushi to 2 minute noodles ki tarah hoti hai… jaldi aati hai jaldi jaati hai (Happiness is like 2 minutes noodles… whixh xomes fast & goes fast toO)
Bijoy: Chup ho jaa meri amma
Ishwari: Amma nahi maa….
Teri maa Meri maa
Iski maa usko maa
Yahan Wahan aur kahan kahan
Har bacche aur budhe ki maa
Hoti hai ishwari shreeman
(I can’t translate this … Will become too weird in Hindi)
Ishwari smiled
Bijoy’s POV : Sorvanash !! Ye kis pagal ke saath fas gaya
9:00 AM
The school buses had stopped at Yamuna expressway so that the student’s could eat & freshen up. This time Dev could not tolerate that he wasn’t getting time to spend with Sonakshi so he had a plan.
Dev: Ouch! My stomach… it’s aching.
Sona: Are you okay?
Class Teacher: Dev if you are not feeling well … We’ll drop you at the hotel before the rest of us go to visit Taj Mahal
Dev: Aaaah !! No … no ma’am I’m fine. I’ll take my medicines & I’ll be okay…
Dev had different plans this time. He went into the bus before anyone else could. He shifted Elena’s stuff on his seat & kept his belongings with Sona’s. He sat next to the window. The rest of the class boarded the bus.
Jatin: Dev must be sitting alone… sulking
Elena: I don’t think so Jatin

Dev was sitting, perfectly normal with a broad smile on his face
Dev: Badi der laga di aane me ( You guys took a lot of time to come)
Elena: Dev that’s my seat
Dev: I’ve shifted your stuff with Jatin & Vicky. I’ll sit here
Everyone looks at him completely in shock
Dev: What? I need to sit near the window seat…otherwise I’ll vomit when the bus starts.
Jatin: Aaj kal zyaada hi beemariya nahi ho rahi tujhe. Peeche aaja Vicky andar ki taraf baith jaayega.
Dev: No no… aah … aah I can’t get up …my stomach it’s aching badly.
Jatin: Nautanki
Elena: Sona you come with me … Jatin you go with Dev

Dev: No no no
Vicky: Now what?
Dev: Arey! Why aren’t you people sitting?See … peeche sab wait kar rahe hai ( The rest of the class is waiting to be seated)
He got up & held Sona’s hand and made her sit with him
Vicky: Abhi to aapse utha nahi jaa raha tha Janab (You had problem getting up?)
Dev: Oooops ! Yes aaah … my stomach is aching badly.
Sona: Are you okay?
Dev: Tum ho na … ab sab okay ho jayega.( Now that you are with me everything will be fine)
Well everything was not so okay for IshJoy . The bus had finally broken down. The two of them were standing on the road hoping to get some lift.
Ishwari: Huh… zindagi bhi aisi hi hai…..(Life is like this only)
Bijoy: Eh !! Zindagi aisi zindagi waisi wali budhi aurat ek shabd aur boli na to yaha pe SORVANASH kar dunga mai … Chalti firti gyan ki dukaan apna gyaan band kar….
Ishwari: Aurat kisko bola ? Maa hu mai maa

A truck passed by. Bijoy stopped it & asked for lift. The driver agreed to give them lift. When Ishwari was boarding the bus she slipped & fell into two strong arms. She looked at the driver & recognized that he was none other than her ex husband Khatri
Ishwari: Khatri…
Khatri: Kab girna band karegi re Ishwari
Bijoy: Khatri… Ishwari… SORVANASH

Sorry for the late update
Vaishali took your advice of post aram aram se too seriously noo not really… Cousins had come & was busy with them.
Will post the next part soon

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