Jo bhi kahenge log tum sirf meri hai abhigya ts part 2

Abhi stood up to go but a voice said stop betaji abhi turned n saw a priest n said why u said me to stop priest ji he replied saying beta sometimes life gives us only once but in ur case it gave u a second chance too ur love if not expressed ull regret ur whole life abhi was stunned n asked how u know priest ji .priest replied beta its not important u some doubts too it’ll be cleared soon go to the dark place which hides all sorrows n where a sunray can reach n where ur life secret lies go beta go.n went abhi was confused n tried to follow him but he was not there he went from there n rode his car not knowing where to go he went to arjuns house .arjun was abhis best friend during college.arjun called abhi in n made him sit in bed n asked why r u sad abhi explained him about his situation arjun said if u really love nikitha then propose her.abhi said but purab loves her arjun asked only purab loves her na not her then what abhi said purab is like my bro arjun I can’t hurt him what if that girl loves you just propose her if its a yes if it is a no also OK n better than not knowing what her answer would be. Abhi said I can’t arjun said ok I’ll make u walk with her inpsychiatrist if u can move out after that u don’t propose abhi nodded OK doctor yes arjun was a psychiatrist n he made abhi sleep n said abhi imagine the decorations u made fr tanu na think its fr nikitha abhi could nikitha in pink elegant saree with pearl studs she was beautiful like an angel abhi messaged pragya to come upstairs she was there with surprised n confused look abhi understood it arjun said now propose her abhi brought pragya to center n kneeled down n said u came in my life as color will u let this color stay in my life will u marry me I love u nikitha abhi could feel tears on his hands n shocked to see nikitha crying n feared she would reject him said sorry if I had hurt u n moved suddenly some hands stopped him it was nikitha she hugged him n said I love u too I love u n turned him n kissed him on his lips abhi was stunned n responded to it now rain falla making the atmosphere romantic n blessing their love here moon too glowed less seeing the shine of these two souls. Arjun said think yourself in romantic date with her she is wearing red gown with blood red lipstick n kajal adorning her eyes with diamond earrings n holding ur hands abhi imagined himself in a black suit n nikitha was looking hot they both danced romantically to song
Uyire in uyirena nan iruppen
Inimae in izthalil nan siripen……..

Abhi was smiling broadly n arjun was now telling abhi to make tanu n purab jealous by hugging her in in front of all but abhi saw happiness in purab eyes n stood up with jerk said to arjun thanks arjun I’ll propose her I can’t live without her muttering sorry purabpurabw I understood u always respect nikitha but not love her but why u lied to me I have to find out n drove to purabs house n banged door purab opened n asked do u really love nikitha purab said yes looking at wall abhi said say looking into my eyes purab said abhi what u want now abhi said truth who is nikitha really to u purab stammering said my my abhi said lie purab say truth don’t play purab said I’m saying truth abhi said purab I see u from many yes I know about u so say wat relationship u share with my nikitha purab said bhai n realised abhi saying my nikitha n asked bhai wat did u say abhi said my nikitha as I love her purab was extreme happy n said bhai pragya di is my di abhi asked who is pragya purab said I mean nikitha di I respect her as a sister abhi asked then why did u lie purab said because of u what because of me I know bhai u love nikitha so only I said so ull realise ur feelings but I’m happy fr u bhai n hugged him abhi too hugged him n asked wat happened on that n that photo purab explained everything abhi was now super happy n told purab to arrange fr a romantismc dinner n he would propose nikitha there but don’t say to her purab thought di ll be happy n said I fulfilled ur promise bulbul n tear dropped escaped from his eyes thinking about bulbul

Somewhere in a place we could see a girl hiccupping continuously her was flying her face is revealed………… Abhi bid purab bye n went home to sleep so that he can propose her at night

Precap abhigya unison abhi to find secret n abhi to bring someone

Guys I’m happy to such a response from u all thanks fr all who commented in previous part keep supporting till then bye

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