Jo Bheji Thi Duva

Thanku for such a huge responsee guys..
never taught u would love this ff so much..
any way i ll give just one episode a week but a longer one..
bas spare me for the first episode..
coz it ll be max short one..
but nvrmind if i get good response i may post 2 a week too..
but for this week only 1 epi..
coz i m buzy in my clg fest which is a national level..
i think i did too much bakbak..
but u guys must bare that coz i do lots of bak bak..

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#JBTD(Jo Beji Thi Duva)


A girl is shown doing jooging in the morning..
and she reaches house at 6..
she quickly runs to her room changes her dress and sleeps..
the moment she jumps on bed and covers herself with covet..(blanket)..

a lady in her 70’s enter her room..
and pulls the covet and catches her ear..

“u again went for jogging na..?i never say no for u..but such early [email protected]?
are bhoot bhi iss vakt sote honge..”the lady yeels at the girl…

“awwww..nani plzzzzz lev na..
my ear is paining…u know na i m a buzy girl and i make everyone plans and suggest them to do good and healthy things that keep them fit and fine..
as we say a apple a day keeps a doctor away!..same way daily jogging exeercise and yoga keeps doctor away…tooo..
and i being a doctor must follow them na?-and she pouts…”

“par swara beta…”

yup the girl and the oldie are our swara and her cute si nani…

swara-nani plz na…

nani-oky fine..has anyone ever won any verbel fight witth u?
i bet u even if u would do LLB u would have got more sucess in that field too…”
any way get ready ..and come..
v ll do arti together..
swara just nods..

!… Secne-2 …!

A guy is shown pacing here and their in hospital..
and again and again looking towards the cabin of the doctor..and hes impatient..
just then the doctor open the door..and comes out
and the guy shoots the questions..
sorry sorry never ending questions to doctor..
but the doctor calms him..and takes him to the other side and makes him sit..

doc-look sanskar..before being a doctor i m urfriend..
n u very well know the case too..
and their are no ways now..
yup the impatient guy was sanskar..

sanskar-but …swati how..i mean..

swati-i din finish yet man..
i was thinking ki their is no way but now i have found a way..
and its difficult too..

sanskar-bas bol de..i ll do anything to make my bro fit and fine..plzzz…

swati-calm down..yup theirs a doc Swara Khanna..
she can treat him..
may be she cant bring 100% result but she can bring atlest 90% progress within arjun and only she can do it..
but convincing her for u its difficult..


swati-han..u want a doc who should only concentrate on ur bro when shes working on him..
but this swara is different..
she dont do like that..for her all patients are equal..

sanskar-hun(with attitude)ohh please u know what swati our all 5 fingers are not same being in 1 hand then how can she..
i ll throw how much ever money she want on her and i m dam sure she ll do it..

swati-never in ur dreams do that..if u do so..she ll never look at u too..u dont know her..infact shes a closed book with numerous mistry..
and v say na never judge a book by its cover..
so never think her..dont put wrong assumtions about her..
but yeah sorry again but before asking u i have sent her a mail requesting her to look after arjuns case..
sanskar goes in deep taughts….

!… Secne-3 …!

Swara enters her cabin and just then priya enters a very good friend of swara and another doc too..
p-hai swara..
p-well u have a intresting case to handle my dear friend..
s-well i would love too but may i know wts so special about it..?
p-u know Dr swati..?
S-uhhmmmm may be or may not be..y?
P-are shes the one we met 3 yrs ago in a conference at chicago..
so she has requested u to handle this case..
its about Arjun Maheshwari..
actually he was a very good man..
loving caring but few years ago something drastic had happened in his life which made his mind as a 5yr old kid..
and now is a mentally ill….his brother Sanskar maheshwari is a well know business tycon..and has consulted many best doc..but result was always zero..
so Dr.Swati now a very good friend of him who share a sisterly bond with him has suggested u..
S-oky…well then just do a up her and ask her to set a meeting with him..
i ll fisrt meet Mr sanskar and then ll decide to handle the case or no..

precap-swasan faceoff..swara refussing to help sanskar after seeing him..

what might be the reason for this refusal..?
will sanskar be able to tolrate this refusal..?
how ll sanskar make swara agree?


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