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well hello guys do u all remember me?
i guess no 🙁 any way but i do remember u hope u all rembere my this FF atleast ?

many asked me about Devil Owned FF
heres the link for the read it..i have started posting it in tellyupdates too u can read their any way heres the link where u can find all the links



as we are back after long time lets have a quick recap

well this ff was of a girl named Swara and a guy sanskar they were frnds and eventuly fell in love a secrete love..their family were also frnds but they hid it from all..
once seeing their family differences they feared that their relation wont be accepted so they secretly married too..
but they maintained their limits and sucessfully hid their marriage..

but after few years its seen that sanskar left the house with his elder brother who became metntally unstable he left everything back but he had promised himself to return for his love but he din knew that by his return he would not find his love..
his one mistake of not talking to her and hurdly leving the house in anger which hehad for his family landed in husge trouble..

few years later..its seen that swara was now a sucessful dauctor and owned an NGo and stayed with her dada-dadi..
and sanskaar was a very sucessful and powerful business men..
sanskar got to know about a doc (swara changed her surname)
through very good frnd of his and when he went to meet her he was shocked as the doc was none other then his love but he also noticed that many things had eventually and drastically changed
her face was rigid with no emotion..
and she was only profesional to him..

he later on confronted her but she burst out all the anger on him..and he went off but havingg determination within him stating that he would get her back..
he tried for next 1 month to owe er back but all wnt in vain..

abb lets continue with the story


Episode starts with

a women in late 27′ standing in front of a potrait ..
lets c whats their..

aiyoooo that potrait is of sanskr sanskar maheshwari…
and most bad of all it has a garlend on it..
matlab samaj ayaa..?
are he’s no more

{ now dont bash me for that }

swara- kyun sanskar kyun y did u do that… i had a right to get angry on u..after all hum gussa bhi tho usi pe hote hai na jisse hum sab se zyada pyar karte hai?
but tume tho mera jeena ka vajudd hi chin liya..
kyun kiya asa..?
u know i miss u so much…ki i cant even tell u
in thse 3 years lot has changed sanskar
many things u know ur champ is gonna sing toay in his school
are baba sacchi..he ll sing..
i know hes not the one generated from us but u know after u went he was my ray of hope..

tuem ne kaha tha na mujse age bado..
but i could not ..
are jab sanskar nahi hai tho swara kase re sakti hai..?
but coz of ur promise i did it!

u said me to move on!
i moved on by adopting a kid and giving him ur name!

but i also fullfilled ur other wishes too..

she got tears in her eyes remembering that dretful night!


Yes arjun his own brother was the culprit he had planned to kill sanskar but eventuly it ended up in making himself unstable and mentally imbalanced..
he was obsessed lover of swara..
but he got to know that swara and sanskar love each other he made a plan
of creating differences b/w the family and then he himslef uniting them and being mahan in eyes of theirs then asking hand of swara stating he loves her but his plan-1 backfired as in fear swara and sanskar married each other..

his plan-2 backfired when he made a plan of killing sanskar..
he had alredy made a story stating he love a girl as swara was bengali he also said that the girl is bengali knoing his dad wont allow bengali as his DIL (even though shekar was bengali..DP was like that not only he even shekar din like his daughetrs to me married to marwadi thou DP was his best frnds…
they had no objection in frndship but a relation of life time of being in a knot made them oppose)
he fought with them this fight was fake from arjun’s side as it was only to make swara and sanskar aware of their future of their marriage
later he heared their plan of running away..
so he made a plan of killing sanskar..
but it backfired on him…
leading sanskrs think that in depression his brother went out and then met with accident which made him hate his family..
so left his home..
later on sanskar became a very sucessful busniess man..
and tried every doc for his brothers tratment..
but none worked but as soon as arjun saw swara he got strokes and when he gained consiousness he was back to normal..
but he got to know of the situation b/w swara and sanskar so he acted eventully..

later on when he got to know that swara was cmming back he mixed pills in sanskars food and then demonstrting every plan he stabbed him..
but he din knew that another pair of eyes also witnessed everything..

and within fraction..
poice was caled she showed the evidence and made him arrested and admitted sanskar in hospital..

he had very less time…
but he managed to ask doc to send swara..
and when she came in both confessed and he took swear from swara that she would move on


swara was walking in the garden waiting for her no their son swara and sanskars son SWAYAM SANSKAR MAHESHWARI
remembering all their times while the song plays in background

Kise poochu..
Hai aisa kyu?
Bejubaan saa ye jahaan hai
Khushi ke pal
Kahaan dhoondu?
Benishaan sa waqt bhi yahaan hai

swara is gardening and her hands are filled with mud unknowingly she spreads mud on her face with her hands in order to move her hair which is disturbing her and sanskar comes der as soon as he comes he starts laughing looking at her….
swara : (making angry face) wat r uh laughing at? Ha tell me?
sanskar : hhahahaahhahaha….. hahaha… Ur face…. Hahaah….
swara : (tensed and rubbing her hands at her face) wat happen to my face huh… say?
sanskar : hahaah…. Stop (holding her hands) uh r spreading it more (takes out his handerchief and cleans her face slowly and both eyes eachother lovingly….) tu kab sudhregi? Tera ye pagalpan.. I mean like kab khatam hoga?
swara : (innocently) agar mein sudhar gayi toh unka kya hoga, jinhe mere pagalpan se pyar hai…
Both stays numb…and just contining staring eachother…..lovingly
swara : (whispering slowly) snas..sanskar..(slowys lifts the pipe beside her with her one hand)
sanskar : (eyeing her lovingly) hmm..kya
swara pours water on him…..from pipe and laughs…. sanskar is shocked and goes near her and now he is on revenge and makes her wet and both plays with pipe water laughing and enjoying

Jaane kitne labon pe gile hain
Zindagi se kayi faasle hain
Paseejte hai sapne kyun aankhon mein
Lakeere jab chhoote inn haathon se yun bewajah

It was the time when swara had retured home after 2 months she was on her tour of clg..
and the same day off her retrun sanskar had took half day as soon as he got to know about her return he came back and was searching for her
sanskar was passing by the poolside “swara, wer r uh” and was searching for her…. and soon sumbody from the pool hold his leg and pulled him inside the pool…. And den splashhh……
sanskar was full drenched an his clothes and shoes were all wet…. And looking at him she was laughing endlessly…… “hhahahah…. …..” he was amazed again in her beauty and her laugh….. dey came out of the pool and sat at the pool corner and keeping their legs in pool water….
swara : (smiling) kesa laga surprise?
sanakr : (showing fake anger) surprise nahi shock kehte hai isse….. mera phone bhi gila ho gaya dekh (showing his phone) kabhi toh samajdari dikha…..
swara : kya karu kunj…. Koshish toh bohat ki samajdar banne ki lekin khushi humesha pagalpan karne se hi mili….. (making puppy face)
sanskar : (naughtily) acha bachu….. (he pushes her in pool again and he also jumps….
And play with each other over there by splashing water…..

Jo bheji thi dua
Woh jaake aasmaan se yun takra gayi
Ki aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa (x2)

sanskar yawning during the aarti and acting to sleep on swara shoulder to wchick she jerks away playfully and both laughing within…

Saanson ne kahaan rukh mod liya
Koi raah nazar mein naa aaye
Dhadkan ne kahaan dil chhod diya
Kahaan chhode in jismon ne saaye

swara was wearing a beautiful sari that for the first time in life as sanskar had teased her that she cant handle that and made fun of herso she wore it but was not able to walk in it and she was about to slip from stairs wen he holds her in his arms and both eyes eachother lovingly……

Yehi baar baar sochta hoon tanha main yahaan
Mere saath-saath chal raha hai yaadon ka dhuaan

In hall all went for jagrataand swara was reading novel and sanskar laying on her lap and listening the story she is reading

Jo bheji thi duaa
Woh jaake aasmaan se yun takra gayi
Ki aa gayi hai laut ke sadaa

swara is sitting on the dinning table and not ready to eat, sanskar shekhar and shomi are tring to convince her to eat
sanskar : swara nakhre mat karo yaar plz khale
somi : haa beta… wo toh bas tuje tang kar raha tha, hai na beta?
sanskar : haa maa… I mean aunty…. I was just teasing her…. (controlling his laugh… seeing dat swara again frown and complains)
sanskar : dekho…. Dekho maa… vo abhi bhi hass raha hai…. Dekho app hi dekho… (pointing him)
somi : (beating him in a playful manner) … nahi toh see he is not…(stretching her words)
sanskar : bachi kahiki…. kitni jaldi tera mood kharab ho jata hai….
swara : (making angry face with a pout) mera china wala mood hai kabhi bhi kharab ho jata hai…
sanskar : acha I m sorry (holding his ears and kneels down and makes a puupy face)
swara : pehle bolo k mein moti nahi hu….(in an attitude)
sanskar : (still in dat position) ok…. tu moti nahi hai….
swara : sachi?
sanskar : muchi
swara : pinky promise
sanskar :han baba ur pinky promise
she comes and makes him stand and hugs him and then both hav their dinner with shomi hand….and shekar keeps on adoring them


h taughts are broke when she felt someone hugging her from legs..

yes it was swara and sanskars swayam..

syayam :mumma c i won the award for best singer..c..
swara : are wahhh mera beta won
swayam :even papas beta challo lets go and show to papa
the he ll bless me from up..
vo muje DUVA BEJENGE mumma lets go..

swara adores the kid..
and goes back of him…


and thus ebding the story here..
every story cant have an happy ending guys sometimes fate also plays some imporatnt role and my story title is

yup she sent the duva to him that went up to the sky(asam)
and he smiled from their looking at his happy family …
special thanks to saby
Hope u liked the episode..

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  1. Sanswa

    Oyyeeeee will kill uuuuu??????
    If u’ll say remember or ntnt?
    U know very well DAT how strongly I kept u in my memory…
    Well abt epi rocked dear…
    N wanted to ask u were going to send ur d most hottest story on fb..I think u said dat…m I r8…dear I eagerly wanted to take pleasure of DAT hot stuu hunnn…don’t forget abt me…n plzzzz do tell where u gonna post it…

    Should I suggest..means plzzz post DAT ur hottest story on wattpad..I’ll surely join u there…
    Will wait for ur reply..??
    N once again thanxxx for dis lovely u dea…muaaahhh??

    1. Crazy

      well i a have already started posting that hostest story
      u can read it on watpad its name is “Devil That owned An Angel”
      well completed about 18 parts and just posted next part too where till now i have posted the hot sequence which is only actually shankys dream abb shadi hogyi uski in my ff…
      and real wale secnes ll start from tommo
      and cmming up to posting it on tellyupdate my frnd is posting the saame story with name
      Swasan:I Own You
      i think she posted 7 episodes
      u can read them their…
      and thanku so much for liking my stories

      well my watpadd id is “Crazyfornox”

  2. Vyshu10

    vysh…this is not fair….u killed sanky…huhhh

    1. Crazy

      firat of all just got to know so wishing u a very happy bday dear vyshu and yeah ll post a special episode for u shortly
      do read the next episode of SWASAN:I OWN YOU
      its for u..
      and cmming up to this episode of JBTD
      kya karun yar the name of the ff was like that but dont worry as and how u read my other ff i own you which my frnd is posting on my behalf
      u ll surly love me more
      but just keep patience
      love u
      once again happy bday bday girl

      1. Vyshu10

        Thank u so much vysh???? BTW…..This ep was very emotional

  3. Shreeyu

    Ufff…. U wrapped it up in a single Episode… It was nice but had a wish to c scenes in detail …. But never mind will b waiting for ur next work …. Thnk u for this lovely stirt

    1. Shreeyu

      Story #

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