Jo Bheji Thi Duva #Episode_5

after long time i m back with this update hope u like it..




sanskar slowly walked in..
just to find a beautiful fairy standing facing her bac to him..
whose face was glowing beneth the moon light..
litle did he knew that this fairy is gonna eat him soon?

“swara” he called..

“y have u come here “replied she..

“apne galti sudhharne aya hun”came an instant reply from shanky..
“plzzz forgive me swara..i know what ever have i done is not forgivable..not at all..but plz dont ignore me..we still have a relation btwn us..”

“s..we do have a relation btwn us..”replied back swara..politely..

listening this sanskar ke dil ki ghantee bajne laggaye..

“i ….”sanskar was about to continue but she cut him off and replied..back
“we still have a relation a relation of a doctor and a patients family..
i m treating ur family member so their ll be a relation na Mr maheshwari?”

hearing this rely he got a biggest shock..not that he had not prepared..but he din knw that she ll be saying such easily..

“we are husdnad and wife…swara..may be world dono about it..but we both were in relation..u just say swara..tume jo chahiyeah i will now get it beneth ur i left u and their are other reasons too..but i wanted our futhure to be secured na ?so i..”

listening this reply swara lost her patience..and she rored..and this is what he exactly wanted he wanted her to tell all those things which is in her heart then only she may forgive him…

“u can give me anything na?
then fine..
who meri neend
mera chain mujhe lata domera pyar
mera dard muje lauta do..jitne bhi mene apni neend khoyi hai jitne bhi mene apne chane khoya hai lauta do mujewho dard ..
sabkuch lauta sakta ho?”
(return my sleep my peace my love depressed love to u the amount of sleep peace i had lost can u give me back?then give me sanskar give)

“swara..”he tried to take her in her emberence but sghrowed off her him..

“i have not yet finished yet mr sanskar maheshwari..
she continued..
this is one innocent heart sanskarand atrotics it has come up with..
i have more sorrows other than this love..dont test me my love like this..i beg u..can u return me those dreams those moments which we both once shared…
it was my fault..that i fell in love with u i waited waited for u..for an unrequired love hai na?c what has my faithfullness provided..thats d punisment for me for faithfullness..
can u return my thrist my hope?

sanskar was speechless..
after knowing how much his swara had suffered..
she just pushed him..
and he was just lost in his taughts..
she draged him..outside her room and pushed him and closd her room door…
and cried out her heart..


ufff atlast done with another episode!i know its small but i took a lot of time to write it.
guys coz its bit emotional episode..
which out of my writing skill..
hope i made up to mark..
sorry for short update..


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    Nice Dr…. Continue soon

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  3. Hey… R u the one who wrote pure love on swasan of 3 parts??? Sorry if mistaken…. If u have any incomplete stories plz post yaar….

    1. Crazy

      Nope its not my story dear

  4. Vyshu10

    awesome….those dialogues made me emotional

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