Jo Bheji Thi Duva #Episode_4


lil did these sleeping heads who were cudling with their pillow knew that their life was surerly would change..
and the meer reason would be a lil innocent soul….

—–! Secne 1 !—–
swars hospital..
sanskar was sitting in her cabin waiting for her so that she could return from her checkup..
and soon his wait was over s..his beauty with queen walked in her cabin like a fairy..
laughing with a cute lil boy.. she was in a sky blue kurta and white legins..
and as soon as she saw sanskar she presented her self in a proper way…
but guess the guy din like our sanskar..

they say na lil baby are gods gift they are very innocent but at same time nautghty too..
sometimes they understand those unsaid unspoke words of elders that the elders never could so was this child..
sanskars and swara were discussing about arjun..
thats when swara excused her self..

sw-excuse me Mr SM i have a impt meeting hope u would not mind..
and yeah tq so much ki with my single phonecall u accepted comming here..actually i had many appoitment so…

sn-its oky sho..i mean Miss Swara thats fine..
i can understand..u plz go and finish ur work..

swara walked out leving two memberstheir..
sanskars was watching here and their in the cabin..
and the lil boy was just watching him..
thats when sanskar was feeling bored and taught of enlighting and entertaining himself by talking to the boy who was alredy throwing dragers to him..

sn-hai champ..

bbooy-han han..

sn-wt the..?

boy-what the matlab?

sn-uff mai be kise samjaraha hun..
anyway…wts ur name…?

boy-mai kyun bataoon?huh..
and y r u sharing swara maa like at?
(poor buy who din even knew to speak properly..actauuly he ment “y r u stairing my swara maa like that?”)

sn-sanskars face dung hell..he after knwing his swara was with him he had chd each and every information about her and here this lil devil was saying his wife as his maa…
kya…kya kaha
what did u just say champ?

boy-huh u idiot fellow…i chaw u sharing my mummma..if u do ik it again na we ll kill u
(huh u idiot fellow i saw u stairing my mumma if u do like that again we ll kill u)

sn-(was like did he just say we?)what we?
u and who?

boy-huh v are 11 kids for swara mumma..

san-wt the?did swara create a cricket team back of me..
i know i might have kissed her so many times..tasting her ..but never did v crossed our limit..and this devil is like..?
are they result of our long kisses…?
huh sanskar u r gone mad..
swara is just urs chill man…!
aand his trance broke..he was pulling me down at his heights..
he slapped me..a little..
i was again like wt the hell kase bachhe pale hai issne?

boy-u love her a lot na…??


boy-we all wil patch up u with swara mumma..eve nanu nani..bade dada dadi and whole of us ll help u..

sn-(taughts)that when i got it ki he is a kid of her ngo..
ad sooni got indulged in talks with this lil devil…getting out all info..

—–1 Secne 2 !—–

sanskar walked in to a house was the NGo ngo of swara..where she stayed..
he was so happy after all he would be talking to swara and taking her with him forever..he had loved her and he is after all one women man..and he was get her back…

he walked inside the gate and as he was about to step his leg he was pulled by the lil devil again..

and no did sooner sanskar was being draged out of gate and all the kids draged him down to their level..

it was seen as if the kids were introgatingour shanky…
but no no we see that sanskr was pleeding them..
lets c wts going on…
sn-beta plz let me go .and talk to ur mumma…
boy-no no no i ll not allow u..u ll not go..mumma is crying?”

sn-then let me go in na i ll talk to her and she ll smile pakka deklena…
sanskars taughts..:yeah na pehle hanuman ki tara meri ring apna sita tak pahunchaya aur abb dekho ganeshji ki tara kase muje rok raha hai….
uffbut i shd bribe him now…
n shd make sure ki i wont let shona speak a word a typical saas bahu serial mein hota hai na wase serial ki saas ki bahu ki tara she ll make me quite..
so the first thing i shd make sure is to make her shut…and then make her understand…)

accha bachha party u know if ur swara mumma ll becme happy only if i talk to her..
and if shes happy all ll be happy hai na?
so let me go in and make her happy then v ll have icecream and choclate party…
what say..?


gosh..another pat completed…
sorry wrote in hurry nowc cahhalloooo bye hve exam must study..
ll post episodes from monday as i have hoildays for week for dashara…
challo ciya..

and dont forget to cmmnt and yup sorry guys…
actually few senteces look better to read in hindi only then only we get the feel…


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  1. Rabia

    hahahaha poor sanky and nice dear 🙂

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      Tq dear

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    Hahaha dear so awesome…l9ved dat moment wen boy nd sanskar were tlkng….waitng fr nxt post ssoon

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    haha…poor sanky. Cricket team…lol

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      Hahaha that’s my person fav dialogue

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    Craazzyyy !!! u make me crazy with ur chappy…. it’s sooo cutee n funny ….

    God u portrayed today’s generation soo well… huhuhuhu… love it dear … thnk u…

    n yeah i have posted a new chappy of my SS … just have a look dear …

    1. Crazy

      He he thanku so much…for d cmmnt…
      Aww to read it….
      N yup ll surly read naam kya Hai ss ka?

      1. Kakali

        A Dream… :-*…

  5. Loved it to d core

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