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Authors Note-

Hai guys i know i had said that i would bring up a fight btwn swasan..but then something popped up in my mind..y to start every ff of swasn counter with a fight?so just bought up something different..then something again cought up in mind..if not fight then if we bring up some past then also we shall have some hatres secne but i had already made up my mind ki not to bring such hatred just bought some fitty things..
hope ur liking this story line..
if u ever have something goody goddy things then just let me know guys would love too…


Recap- faceoff btwn Swasn


Now lets move to episode
well i have added this episode as POV’s of the starings hope u enjoy this too..
#MatureContent included on request..hope i have met up ur exception..
request only 16+ to read the last i got few numerous request to add such part..well let me tell u all…the part over their is similar to my book.. sorry for re writing same but was not in such good mood too to write as u all wanted ..
thanks to dada again for leting me ideas again..!


—— ! Sanskars POV !—–

“what a crap was that..did i just see the girl i was longing from 4 years…yes my girl…my sweetheart…my princess…my life…my wife…my heartbeat..
s..i was just waiting for her all these four years..
i know it was my mistake that i suddenly went underground..but all i could do was just that..i was forced to do it..
i was in delima..i.e when i made up my decision to stay seperate from everything..
but when everything was set back in life…and when i taught ki she would get all luxary life like she lived for then i would turn to her and when i would turn back..she was gone..
her parents never allowed me to get in her house….
but my sources confirmed me few things..
ki she left her parents…due to frustration..and also changed her cell her mail infact everything related to BOSE..
yes she was actually Swara Bose
not any Khanna..
then when i met her today and i set few detectives i got to know thatkhanna is her maternal sirname..
so this is howw she changed her identity..
but now i m inheed to make her all mine again..
i should clear her missunderstandings..
i must….
but i m sure after getting up all things she would forgive me..
in instance..
coz i know if someone is their who understand me well is my princess..only….
and i guessif that day if suppose we had crossed our limit i would had a child too”(saying so he let out a laugh..still in her rememberencs)

—–! Swara’s POV !—–
“Wellgood act swara(said she pacing a pat on her back)..
she laughed out a loud..with tears in corner of her eyes…
y sanskar?y?
what was my fault..
did i lack ur trust..
was our love so crepy and lack of trust..was i lacking in trust in ur heart that u never turned up to me atleast to let me know the things in ur life..
atlest u could have tried na?
i would stand by u i have wished u for..i trusted u so did i too arjun bahi too..
hes nt just ur bhai hes mine too..
i still remember how we both used to tease Arjun by sufxing his name with the word bhai..
hahaha!the way he used to get irritated was just splendid..
this was how actually we became friends and eventually fell in love…
i know u might have tried to find me..
but i had kept one thing comman our “heart to chat”ID..
was same(well guys this is an app…deveoped by me and my team try to use it and let me know if i m on my way of being a good developer..?well only 2 can chat in it..parden me for using my ff to promote my app hehehe!)
it was still on…the only thing that remained up same after everything was that..
u know y?
coz this is the only thing that was only with n me and u..
i knew my family would try to find me this is the reason why i changed everything eventually..
but this the only thing i kept same thinking if so ever u would come up life…my handsome…would turn out to me..
but all ur memories are still within me..

u know what..what ever might be reason..i just hope u r still one women man..
and have no family..
plz take ur swara with u…shanku….plz…shes carving for ur hug..carving for everything…”
u know i still remember our first intemisy…and sadly last too..
after allit was my till our family accepts we would nver take our relation to next level..

(guys plz i know as i writer i must condider ur every rqst even though its abt few nasty things..but tried to express things at my best ..coz yar i m still teen and not a technical student..anyway enjoy at ur own risk)
—–! Flashback from both sanskars and swaras POV !—–

it was the time when swara was getting was evening..and she had made up her mind to learn to wrap up a sarre..
as after all she was a wife now..though it was a hidden marriag btwn just swasn she was still a married women now..
their was no one in the house i.e why she taught it too be the best thing to do..
and when she was just on her skirt and her blouse from no where sanskar poped up in room..
as he very well knew that their was no one turned up in home..
after all this was the best time to spend quality and some presious time with his wife..
but what he saw made his eyes poped up..
then smirking he stood their it self leaning on wall..wrapping his hands…around his chest..

when almost of it was done..
he called out “Swaara”
she jerked and turned instantly which resulted to the plets fall..
he slowly walked towards her again made the ples and turned her such that her back trashed his chest..
and tuck it she felt his touch he too felt a desire raising within himself that made him gulp..
he instantly looked in mirror where he saw that she had closed her eyes..his hands still their..
and she enjoying his touch…
and his hands almost touching her core..
which made him out of control..
he turned her and kissed her sucking ..
both participated equally..
his hands roamingon her wait..
sqecing her waist..and her hands roaming in his hair..
both lost in love..
she moned a bit..
he broke the kiss and traveled towards her neck,,
he and she was so much over each other that they din know that his hands hand finally traveled to her brea*s..still clouths beings their barrier..
her mouns were arosing him..
both walked backwards leading to fall on bed..
with he on top of her…..
they again endrosed in kiss..
she could taste herself in his mouth…
he nuzzeld her nose with hers..
when all of sudden their cell ring..
and they came up too life
but snaskar was sanskar he had set himself to climax he threw the cell on the table and was again getting buzy when suddenly she got up wrapped up her self ran to washroom and dressed her self and came out only to see a confuused hubby sitting on bed with pufy hair..
she sat with him and said i too wanted same sanskar but thats wrong na u know right what have we promissed eachother?
he nodded with a smile..understanding her point..
and then hugged her and both slept nudgling with each other..crawling and adjusting them self within slef…

while this song played in the bg..

Saanson ko jeene ka ishaara mil gaya
Duba main tujh mein to kinara mil gaya

Sanson ko jeene ka ishaara mil gaya
Zindagi ka pata dobaara mil gaya
Tu mila toh khuda ka sahara mil gaya
Tu mila toh khuda ka sahara mil gaya
Ghamzada ghamzada dil yeh tha gamzada
Bin tere bin tere dil yeh tha gamzada

Aaraam de tu mujhe
Barson ka hoon main thakaa
Palkon pe raatein liye
Tere waaste main jagaa (x2)

Mere har dard ki gehrai ko mehsus karta hai tu
Teri aankhon se gam tera mujhe malum hone laga
Tu mila toh khuda ka sahaara mil gaya
Tu mila toh khuda ka sahaara mil gaya

Main raaz tumse kahoon
Humraaz ban jaa zaraa
Karni hai kuch guftgoo
Alfaaz ban ja zara (x2)

Judaa jab se huaa, tere bina khamush rehta hoon
Labo ke paas aa, ab tu meri aawaz ban ja zara
Tu mila to khuda ka sahaara mil gaya
Tu mila to khuda ka sahaara mil gaya

Gamzada gamzada dil yeh tha ghamzada
Bin tere bin tere dil yeh tha ghamzada


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