Jo Bheji Thi Duva #Episode_2



(Well for those who read my story #STMK plz do read and support the same in season-2..i have just completed season-1..soon by next week ll post next season i,e season-2)

lets move to episode now….


precap-intro for the characters..and a look to their life..


swara was sitting in her cabin and checking the file of Mr Arjun maheshwari..when their was a kock..and without looking up and still buzy in studying the case of Arjun she just commanded “Come in!”
little did she knew that the knock might bring stroms in her life…

“Hai sanskar here..!”was the voice that came up..
plz take a seat Mr Maheshwari..
a lone tear escaped her eyes..but still she was facing her him..

then she composed her self…
sw-with a smile on her face..
well plz be seated Mr.maheshwari..and yeah i was studying the file of Mr Arjun itself..

sn-(who just watched her..felt as if he saw some ghost their..
coz what he was watching was more than his taughts then in dream..)”shona..!”was the only word that was uttered..

sw-(giving him a glass of water ..)are u fine Mr maheshwari?


sw-nice to know..well i hope u know y did i call u here..?
i need few info and u must corporate with me i need to know the reason behind Arjuns..this illness..
look i know u don like sharing such things..infact everyone does so after all who would share it was a outsider but look actually..i litrally need to know it..coz i.e how i ll be able to treat him ..
hai na?

sanskar was all blank by this..not that ki he was not attentive he indeed was but the shock that he just received was more than anything for him..
his eyes were watery..

just then their was a sudden push of door which made both of them to look towards its source..

and yup it was priya..

p-sorry for disturbence dear..but vo actually theirs a problem..
p-yeah..a patient has come up and is complaining against our hospital..hes saying that the medicines we provided are ..

even before she could complete swara rored..
sw-what the..?? can they we very well take care about it..and each and every thing is from our own paramacy..then..?
plz send in the patient..
and then she turned towards sanskar..

“sorry for the disturbence Mr maheshwari…but just give me few minutes to check out the patients and their complaints..”

sanskar just nooded and he went in the flash back..of blur images..


It was a lavious mansion..a big lavious mansion were every one were enjoying just then the lights were off..and then came a voice and with him travelled many stuff toys probably teddies and then he started with the song..
“Choree choree chupke se, aake meree aankho mai sama ja Dhire dhire sapno kee, sunee sunee duniya basa ja

Aaise sata naa haree mai haree Yeh teree baate jhuthee hai saree

Choree choree chupke se, aake meree aankho mai sama ja Dhire dhire sapno kee, sunee sunee duniya basa ja

Yeh jid hai buree, koee rishta toh jod de Chal jane bhee de, (meree bahe chhod de

Aisi toh ada pe meraa divana dil dhadke Teree jaise hee hote hai yaha kya ladke Tujhko kasam meree hath chudake abb naa ja Ho dhire dhire sapno kee, sunee sunee duniya basa ja Ho choree choree chupke se, aake meree aankho mai sama ja Dhire dhire sapno kee, sunee sunee duniya basa ja Yu beeti jaye, apane milne kee ghadee

Mai bolu tu kya, (kaisee mushkil aa padee
Dil kehta hai, kisee dujee se dil lagao Nanana aaisa kare toh, khake yeh jaher mai mar jau Hmm aaj kuwaree kaa bannunga mai sapno kaa raja Tere jaisee lakho mere aage pichhe honge, tu ja ja

Naa baba naa re, naa de saja re Aake mujhe garwa laga re

Choree choree chupke se, aake meree aankho mai sama ja Dhire dhire sapno kee, sunee sunee duniya basa ja

Socha nahee tha aisee milengee, ek dusre se rahe hamaree Ha choree choree chupke se, aake meree aankho mai sama ja Dhire dhire sapno kee sunee sunee duniya basa ja ”

a girl just ran to that guys and hugged him the boy continued “is the appology accepted ?”
and with in an instant came back the reply..”s…accepted only if u poromise me that today u ll not stop me from eating chocolates”
the boy just let out a laugh

(u guys might have guessed it na who the guy was and who the girl was)


their was a conference held every media people were waiting for the couple..
and then their came up theywith a huge security and juust got down with matching each step with each other…
now the media was all sorrounding them and he was giving a sweet smile..
and his one hand around her waist indicating that she was all his..

and then a media asked him-“sir is she the light of ur life..the sunshine of ur life?”
well for this answer all he did was to smile and then give her a sweet kiss on her forhead..
“hope u got the answer was all could he say”

It was a stromy night…and much more had changed within their life..
the family that was ment to be togther was now not togther..
much of the things changed..
their parents forced them to break their relation ship..
but was it that easy..?
first they say love someone..
then they say lev them.. wasnt that esay…so these decided something..

boy-lets get married..shona
shona-but without family?sanskar its not correct..
sn-i m not getting what have they taught of us..
first they say shes ur soulmate..then now lev her and move on..i cant do it..
lets get married and v shall be inseperatable..
fine if u want v wont say them and v shall make the family togther and then say them..i have arranged everything..and i know u like a full ritual wali marriage so everything is just except bride will u?
and swara/shona happily gave her hand in his..

and now he got it..y didnt swara replied to his msgs, anew mission of his was on the make veerything fine within themself..coz now he knew that it was nor his fault nor i was his shon’s..
his taughts of chain were broken by swara..
sw(with a cute smile)-yeah that was just a small missunderstanding..
sn-hmm..well can we move out..its safocatiing here doc..

precap-swara refusing to treat Arjun..missunderstanding to get clear


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