Jo Bheji Thi Duaa….. IKRS Second last shot ……


Okay……… so sorry for keeping you waiting for many days…… Actually I was thinking about a proper readable ending of the story….and also not getting time to post it….. And one more thing…. it will take one more shot to finish the story properly… I had earlier said that I will finish the story in 3 shots …but I changed that decision..and thought to make it 4 shot…Sorry for the confusion created so far ……… I wonder if you haven’t forgotten this one… 
In case if you have forgotten what happened in previous episodes…. quick recap: Kaamini gets Dhaani’s letter for Viplav…and thinks to fool Dhaani by saying Viplav hates her…. She goes to give the false news…oblivious to the fact that our hero knows the truth… Viplav comes to the ashram and slaps Kaamini hard… Viplav Dhaani have emotional reunion…. Kaamini fumes when ViDhaani ask her to get lost….. And RL is happy to see Viplav and Dhaani together……..
So here goes the second last shot of Jo bheji thi dua…….
The episode starts with RL holding ViDhaani’s hands and asking them to be like this forever. Viplav Dhaani look at each other. Agar Tum Saath ho plays……. Ashram ladies come back and are surprised to see Viplav and Dhaani like that. Badi amma and Dulaari are in cloud nine seeing Bachwaji there…. Viplav comes to them and asks them to forgive him for leaving Dhaani upset… Badi Amma and all the ladies get to know about Kaamini’s truth… Dulaari curses her to the core. RL laughs and says its better if she dies…. Ashram ladies bless Viplav and Dhaani.
Here in AN…. Daadi bua is looking for Kaamini…. just then Kaamini comes in fuming and mumbling ill about Dhaani….. Daadi bua gets to know what happened with her. Kaamini asks what is in that Dhaani which is not in hers?? Daadi bua asks her to calm down. Kanak,DT come there. Kaamini shouts at them also. Kanak says Ab toh Dhaani iss ghar mein phirse aaegi…. DT and Kaamini say together that they will not let it happen…. Daadi looks on from far… She is happy that Viplav and Dhaani’s love got more strong. And prays for them.

Scene shifts to ashram. Dhaani reminisces hearing DT,TP and Kanak’s conversation. She reminisces how DT talked ill about her and Dulaari. Viplav comes there with food. He sees Dhaani sad and tears rolling down her cheeks. He comes and Dhaani wipes her tears. Viplav keeps the plate aside and cups Dhaani’s face. Dhaani holds Viplav’s hand. He asks why is she crying now?? Dhaani says she had not thought Kaamini could do such thing…. Viplav says she was planning since long Dhaani…lets not talk about her…. He feeds her food from his hands. Dhaani takes a bite with tears in her eyes. Bolna (instrumental-that humming sound) plays. Dhaani signs she is full. Viplav looks at her and signs her for one more bite.. Dhaani smiles and takes it. She asks Viplav to take one bite from her hand. Viplav smiles. Dhaani also smiles and both of them make each other eat. Ishq ishq plays….
Scene shifts to AN again…. DT calls Tripurari and asks him to finish Dhaani’s game. Kaamini also comes there to say the same. They talk ill about Dhaani and join hands in an attempt to fulfill their nasty motives. Kaamini smirks. Someone is shown hearing their conversation.

Again…scene shifts to Ashram….. Viplav is looking at Dhaani who is resting. Mere ishq ka rang plays….. Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand. Dhaani wakes up. She asks if he is okay. Viplav nods yes. He apologizes. Dhaani reminisces the moment when Viplav said everything is over. Tears roll down her eyes. Viplav sees this and says not again Dhaani. He kisses on her cheeks ..below the eyes and wipe the tears off. Dulaari comes there and sees them. Dulaari asks Viplav and Dhaani to be happy like this always. Dhaani gets lost again and thinks what will happen when she will go there in AN and reminisces DT’s cheap words…. Viplav nudges her. Dhaani says she is not a pr*stitute… Viplav gets shocked. His smile fades away . Dulaari looks on….. Viplav says Dhaani…who said this?? Dhaani replies DT… Viplav gets up from Dhaani’s side and looks at Dulaari. Dulaari asks Viplav to listen what is the truth….. Viplav shouts No…. Dhaani gets up and says please Viplav …. trust me… Viplav looks at Dhaani…. And says Dhaani…. Daadaji is my idol…he cannot be such as you are saying…. Just then a voice says Your Daadaji is such Viplav…. Viplav turns to see… Its Daadi…. Daadi comes there…. She goes to Dhaani and blesses her. She turns to Viplav and says…your dadaji is dual faced Viplav… Viplav gets angry hearing this… Daadi tells him the whole story… Viplav closes her eyes in anger. Dhaani looks at him and holds his hand.. Viplav looks at Dhaani and says now not more Dhaani….. and goes from there in anger. Dhaani tries to stop him but in vain…. She goes behind him running. Daadi and Dulaari mai ask her to be careful and run behind her.
Viplav comes out and Dhaani holds his hand. Viplav looks on and says I am sorry Dhaani…. I could not see the reality….. Dhaani says No Viplav…its not your fault… Viplav says its only my fault Dhaani… Dhaani takes Viplav’s hand on hers …. Hamdard song plays… Viplav holds her face with one hand and looks at her with pain….Dhaani seems that and hugs him. Viplav hugs her back….. Hamdard continues to play…….

Just then Tripurari comes there with gun and aims at Dhaani….. Viplav sees that from the mirror of the car and bends down along with Dhaani… Ashram ladies along with Daadi see them bending. Viplav and Dhaani asks them to go inside…. After much insistence, they go…(They only heard the sound…but could not know it was TP who fired the bullet)They see them safe and pray. Viplav asks Dhani to go inside. Dhaani nods no… Viplav insists. Dhaani holds his hand and says No…Ashram ladies ask them to go somewhere so that they can spend some time alone. Viplav looks at the place from when bullet was fired. He asks them to go and says he will take Dhaani for ride. Daadi looks unconvinced… Viplav looks at her and asks her not to worry….. He knows Dhaani is his priority. Ladies go inside. Viplav looks at Dhaani and asks why did she refuse to go inside…… Dhaani looks at his eyes and hugs him. Viplav hugs her back and caresses her hair saying nothing would happen. They sit in car. Viplav and Dhaani see Tripurari still present there…. Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand and says he would not leave anyone who will come in their way. Dhaani keeps her other hand over Viplav’s hand in assurance. They go from there.. TP follows them.

They reach some open space…..Viplav Dhaani come out of the car…. TP also comes infront of them.Tripurari thinks this is the right chance to end their story…. He comes forward. Viplav also comes forward… Dhaani asks him to stop. TP asks them to begin the countdown…. Viplav smirks and says look who is talking…. Tripurari forwards the gun and says Viplav Tripathi …you are at gun point and this attitude…… Viplav again smirks sarcastically and taunts him… He says Tripurari …you could not aim right for whole life and still confident that you can kill me and my Dhaani… He looks at Dhaani…and assures that nothing would happen to him…. Tripurari asks do you know who have sent me?? Viplav says of course….That man sent you who could never have the courage to accept you as his son.. Tripurari gets shocked… Viplav continues you are illegitimate and will remain so till your last breath… Tripurari gets angry. And fires the bullet. But before that bullet could hit Viplav, TP gets shot instead.. He looks back shocked. Viplav Dhaani also look at the person behind TP and gets shocked.
Thoda suspense toh banta hai….. keep reading…and apologies again for posting it so late ….

Precap: No precap… will try to post the final shot soon……….

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  1. Sujie finally u have posted 🙂
    It was superbly amazing full of emotions :-*.. I loved it and enjoyed every bit of it 🙂
    At last dadi speaks out every thing .. dadi rocks now 😀
    The way vidhani are supporting each other, brilliant 🙂 .. Waiting for the next one eagerly ..

    1. Sujie

      Thank you maha ??

  2. Shruthy

    Wiw Sujie! That was awesome ??? kash it happened the same way in ikrs ? But antways… Post the next one soon. Zyaada dher mat laga

    1. Sujie

      Thank you Shruthy….

  3. Sujie dear kaash hakeekat me aisa hota to maja aa jaata.

    ? loved the way vidhàni was jnited n blessed by all.
    ? loved the way viplav fed dhani
    ? Hated VK After so much she had the audacity to go back to AN n plan other conspiracy against dhani.

    ? was shocked to see viplav getting angry on dhani on listening about DT

    ? Adored dadis courage to reveal truth to viplav

    ? Admited dhanis gesture to be with viplav when tp was about to shoot
    ? liked the way viplav told truth about tp to him n faced him courageously.



    1. Sujie

      Renu Di…. Thank you ?
      I wish I or any one of us were writers ?? of IKRS

  4. Angel20

    Wow wow wow episode!!! Hope in our serial also something like this happens!

    1. Sujie

      Thank you maria

  5. After long time you have posted sujie… Your quick recap really useful for me… To remember what happened before….? really good and awesome…. ??Keep rocking…. ☺Sorry for late comment…. I am trying to open from after noon but tellyupdates server was not worked properly…. now its fine…..?

    1. Sujie

      Thank you kaviya dear ?

  6. Latha

    Sujie at last u posted and episode full of emotions and superb. I feels good if something happens like this in our ikrs
    Keep writing….

    1. Sujie

      Thank you Latha

  7. Nima

    sujie dear, finally you posted your ff, very nice episode and that suspense….hmmmmm pakka police hola?
    kash original track pni yestai vaediyeko vaye Kati ramro hunethiyo hola hamro show hana…..

    1. Sujie

      Thank you….
      To know who is that…. Keep reading

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