Jo Bheji Thi Duaa….. IKRS LAST SHOT ……


Jo Bheji Thi Duaa…….. IKRS Final Shot……
First of all…I am soooooo sorry for taking so much of time to post the episode.
Quick Recap: Viplav Dhaani have reunited… Kaamini is wandering in AN like a psycho…. Viplav Dhaani reach in an open space and TP comes there following them. TP shoots Viplav but before he could do that someone shoots him… Everyone gets shocked seeing that person……..

Now lets move on to today’s episode……….
TP gets shot. Viplav and Dhaani look on. TP looks back and sees Suwarna. TP gets shocked. ….. Dhaani calls Suwarna…Suwarna looks at ViDhaani. Suwarna fires one more bullet and the bullet goes straight and hits his chest. TP feels it and falls on the floor.He breathes his last and dies. Suwarna cries and falls on the floor…. Dhaani Viplav run to Suwarna. Suwarna looks at the gun in her hand and throws it. She hugs Dhaani and cries bitterly. Dhaani consoles her. Suwarna apologizes for all the sins that TP did because of which they had to suffer. Suwarna looks at Viplav and says Wakil Baabu….. Dhaani was right that day…. Kanak wanted TP to kill DT but ST was killed instead. Viplav gets shocked and angry… He looks at Dhaani…. Dhaani does not say anything…but puts her hand on Suwarna’s face to wipe her tears.

Just then, Viplav gets a call from Ashram…. Badi Amma asks if they would come soon or take some time. Viplav looks at Dhaani ,Suwarna, then looks at TP’s dead body. He composes himself and assures Badi Amma that they will be back in some time. He tells her about where they are and asks her not to worry. Badi Amma happily tells Dulaari about them. Kaamini listens to them silently and smirks thinking Dhaani should die there today…. EK BAAR WOH MAR GAYI…THEN VIPLAV BHI OOSE BHUL JAAYENGE….
She heads to AN… DT sees her like that and asks if anything happened. Kaamini tells her that Viplav is with Dhaani and she is gonna finish Dhaani’s game…. DT asks her to do it well. Daadi Bua comes there and sees Kaamini taking the gun hiding in her pallu. Kaamini goes out silently. DB looks on. DT goes calling Bahuji….. DB thinks what is Kaamini planning ??? and follows her silently.
DT tells everything to KT…. KT insists that they should go there and see Dhaani’s end with their own eyes.(HOW CHEAP??)…. Daadi comes clapping and says Waah!! Kanak Tripathi.. Waah!! what a mother you are??? you are enjoying as if Dhaani dies..Viplav will not get affected… If something happened to Dhaani your son will also die at the same moment. DT asks her to stop her nonsense. Daadi says till now she remained silent… but not now….let me tell you..Viplav knows everything about you and your cheap tactics…. He knows about your true face….. Kanak and DT look on…. DT tries to slap Daadi ….but a hand stops him in between…. and that’s of Shaalu… Kanak asks Shaalu if she has lost her mind. Shaalu shoves DTs hand away… and says Maa…. do you really know the meaning of this word Maa…. and you Daadaji…. you call yourself a mahapandit …but you are worse than a wild animal… Chi …… Kanak shouts to stop…. Daadi says we know you will never change… Kanak asks DT about going where that Kaamini is going. DT asks Shaalu and Daadi to behave well and goes brushing off their warnings….. Daadi hugs Shaalu and says nothing would happen to Bhaaiya and Bhaabi…. Shaalu takes Daadi with her and they go out praying nothing should happen to ViDhaani…..

Back to the ViDhaani….
TP is lying dead….. Suwarna is besides him telling him sorry for doing this…. and says he made her helpless… She wipes her tears and smiles saying she is happy for her friend… as she got saved from a demon like you.Dhaani Viplav look on….. At the same time Kaamini reaches there. She gets shocked seeing TP dead. Viplav gets angry on her. Dhaani glares at Kaamini and is fuming too… She asks Viplav not to react seeing her because if stone is thrown in the mud…then that mud gets splashed on our face.. Kaamini asks Dhaani not to lecture her.Viplav’s anger increases seeing DT and KT…. Dhaani holds his hand and says Calm down Viplav….. KT starts her drama….but in vain when Viplav shouts Enough Maa…… Bohot bolchuki aapp…aur bohot sunchuke hum..TP ke marne ka bohot dukh hai aapko MAA!! Kanak looks on shocked. Viplav goes to DT and says till now he lived seeing his grandfather as his idol…but he did not know this would be his stupidest mistake…. DT tells him whatever he did was for his happiness… Viplav shouts No…. Dashrath Tripathi……. You did it only for your fake pride…. You could not see others in your greed…. Dhaani comes to him and says Bas Karo Viplav…. Viplav says nahi Dhaani……. Dhaani looks at DT KT with full anger.. KT asks her if she is scaring her… Dhaani smirks and says I am not anyone to scare you or punish you….. She points her finger towards the sky and says woh uparwaala haina… saare hisab rakhta hai…. jo karna hai wo hi karega… Daadi and Shaalu hear Dhaani…. Dhaani goes to Shaalu and Daadi… She hugs them…( MIND IT…IN BETWEEN ALL THESE THINGS…SUWARNA IS QUITE SAD THAT SHE HERSELF HAD TO KILL HER HUSBAND…BUT AT THE SAME TIME SHE IS HAPPY THAT TP COULD NOT HARM ViDhaani)
Kaamini says bohot ho gaya family drama… Viplav fumes in anger. DB goes to Kaamini and asks her to stop it. Kaamini shouts no she cannot…. She accuses DB for all the mess. She tells how she fell in love with Viplav whenever DB used to talk about him…reminisces the day DB brought her in AN…. She was the one who instigated her to get Viplav…and make him kick Dhaani out of the house anyhow…DB looks on. Viplav goes to DB…and says DB… you might not be that DB who used to become happy with her Viplav’s happiness…when did you become selfish?? DB tries to speak… But Viplav says bohot hogaya…. everyone tried to separate me and Dhaani….for their own benefit giving it a name of thinking about Viplav’s happiness….but nobody really knows what is Viplav’s happiness…. Viplav looks at Dhaani….holds her hand…and says Dhaani is Viplav’s happiness…. samajh mein aaya sabko….. Dhaani hai toh Viplav hai…agar nahi..Just then Dhaani looks at Viplav and keeps her hand on his lips with tears rolling down her cheeks……she says No… Viplav…..don’t say that!! ViDhaani look into each other’s eyes…
Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
tere bina kya wajood mera……kyoon ki tum hi ho…ab tum hi ho.jindagi ab tum hi ho….

Kaamini is dying with jealousy…… She goes to ViDhaani and says….toh phir mera kya Viplav???? Viplav looks at her and says….he never loved her…and will never do…. Kaamini goes mad…and holds Viplav’s hand…Viplav makes her leave his hand….Dhaani comes there and slaps Kaamini hard….Kaamini looks on. She goes running. Viplav hugs Dhaani…. Shaalu Daadi look at them happily. DB thinks why did Kaamini bring that gun if she had no intention to shoot Dhaani?? Viplav looks at Dhaani and says we will go somewhere else and start our new life….with our baby…. Dhaani smiles with tears…and says but we have our home here…. Viplav looks at KT,DT and says Dhaani…that was not our home….but was home of conspiracies and evil intentions… Daadi Shaalu come to them. Daadi hugs ViDhaani and says Viplav is right Dhaani….. My blessings would always be with you….wherever you live…. Dhaani hugs Daadi and cries……
Just then….. Kaamini comes there and says Viplav…what did you think?? You will reject me and I will go disheartened…. No.. this can’t happen…because ek baar jo chiz kaamini ko pasand aagayi ….woh sirf Kaamini ka ho jata hai…. Dhaani Viplav look on… She takes out the gun….. and points at Viplav…saying agar Viplav Kaamini ka nahin ho sakta…toh kisika bhi nahi ho sakta….. Dhaani shouts are you mad??? Kaamini proceeds with her gun…. Dhaani says no….DT and KT ask her to stop…so does DB,daadi and Shaalu…. but kaamini acts like maniac…turns to DT and says you never really loved Viplav….toh aaj grandson pe itna pyaar kyoon….
Viplav smirks and says Shoot Kaamini……. Dhaani looks at Viplav and asks what are you saying Viplav??? Viplav holds her hand…and says nothing will happen…… He looks at Kaamini and says I said shoot!!!! Kaamini’s hands shake…. Viplav asks kya hua…chalao goli… Dhaani says No Viplav….. Kaamini shoots…. Dhaani spreads her arms and proceeds to take the bullet on her…… She gets shot… Suwarna…sitting by the side of TP…looks at the gun in her hand…and shouts Dhaani …she throws the gun… Dhaani takes it and closes her eyes…. reminisces the moments when Kaamini created hurdles in their peaceful life…. and shoots Kaamini multiple times… and Kaamini gets shot but unfortunately the bullet from Kaamini’s gun gets shot to Viplav’s hand.. He looks at his wounded hand but takes Dhaani on his lap…and asks her to open eyes… Dhaani says our baby….. Viplav says nothing would happen….. and holds her hand.Viplav writhes in pain…DT KT come to Kaamini and she says what did she do?? Kaamini looks at them and laughs while writhing in pain on the ground…She says Ek Tha Viplav… Ek thi Dhaani…. margayi Dhaani…khatam kahani….She closes her eyes… and dies. DB goes to Viplav who is holding Dhaani’s hand…DB asks him to forgive her… Viplav smiles and says its too late Daadi bua… He tries to get up. Daadi, Shaalu DB help him…. he takes Dhaani and walks…. He stumbles but does not let Dhaani fall… DT and KT go behind him…. but Viplav looks back and says Tamasha dekhna ka shauk abhi tak gaya nahi…. jaroor aana if you want us to die… Shaalu cries and says Bhaai…..They rush towards hospital….

KT sits crying…. and says What did we do?? DT looks on…. Suwarna comes to them and says if anything happens to Dhaani…tum log jee ke bhi…pal pal maroge….. She goes looking at TP’s body for the last time…. and goes…
Scene shifts to hospital……. Viplav asks doctor to treat Dhaani…Doctor tells him to let them treat his wounds first…. Viplav shouts no…. he wants his Dhaani back…nothing else…. Doctors take Dhaani …. Viplav is slowly closing his eyes….. Doctor then treats Viplav’s hand

Viplav and Dhaani are shown being treated in split screen… Mera yaar mila de saaiyaan….. plays in the background. Daadi and Shaalu are seen outside praying for ViDhaani…
In the ashram…everyone is seen doing some work. Badi Amma thanks God for making everything fine between Viplav and Dhaani. RL comes and says Dhaani is indeed lucky…. ViDhaani should always be happy but the house they are in is not safe for Dhaani and her baby. Badi Amma says God is watching everything…kab tak woh do pyaar karne waalon ki parikshya lega….. ab sab acha hoga…RL smiles and prays… Just then they see Suwarna coming to the ashram. RL goes to her but notices her sad face. RL asks what happened. Suwarna stammers Dh…Dh…. RL gets shocked…she asks kya hua Dhaani ko??? Suwarna begins to weep loudly. Ashram ladies gather there… Suwarna tells them everything. Dulaari Maai falls on the floor crying loudly. Badi Amma asks her to have courage nothing would happen to Dhaani and Viplav. Badi Amma asks other ladies to take care of Suwarna and rushes out along with RL,Dulaari Maai.
In the hospital, Shaalu DB and Daadi are outside.Raj and Pankaj reach there. Shaalu hugs Pankaj. He consoles her saying nothing would happen to Guru and Bhaabi.Raj consoles Daadi. Badi Amma, RL,Dulaari reach there. RL watches Dhaani being treated and reminisces keeping their hands together so that they don’t get separated ever. She cries. Just then DT KT come there. Daadi gets angry but does not say anything. Kanak looks on. She goes towards the door of the ICU and sees Viplav unconscious and Dhaani being treated. Then Daadi drags her from there and says why are you crying now. You always wanted this…you could not see how happy our Viplav is with his wife. Dekhliya aaj kya hua…. That Dhaani whom you kept hating…whom you planned to kick out from Viplav’s life is fighting for her life…She took the bullet on her which was about to get shot to Viplav…..Do you still think that Viplav can’t ever be happy with Dhaani… Kanak reminisces the moments she insulted Dhaani..DT remains silent thinking about Viplav’s anger on him.
The doctor comes and says Viplav is fine now…and has gained consciousness. Everyone gets happy. Daadi rushes inside. Viplav smiles seeing her and says Daadi …….I want to go to Dhaani…. Daadi cries happily and says nothing would happen to her…you rest here ….. Viplav requests her. Daadi comes out with him. Viplav greets RL,Dulaari Maai,Badi Amma, Shaalu,Raj,Pankaj but goes to another side ignoring KT and DT. He goes towards ICU and sees Dhaani. He reminisces how Dhaani took that bullet on her. Just then doctor comes out and says nothing can be said….anything can happen as this is very crucial period. Viplav asks about baby. The doctor says it’s a miracle that baby is fine….. Viplav looks at Dhaani and says Get up Dhaani…your Viplav is here. He asks if he can go to Dhaani…The doctor permits him once Dhaani is shifted to another room. Viplav goes back.

DT comes to talk to him. Viplav signs him to stop his drama. He turns to DT and says agar humari Dhaani ko kuch bhi hua….toh hum saare rishton ka lihaaz karna bhul jaayenge Mahapandit Dashrath Tripathi…..He goes from there. DB looks on and thinks she did a mistake by bringing Kaamini with her. Else Dhaani Viplav would have lived peaceful life…
Later, Viplav is sitting besides Dhaani holding her hand. Agar Tum Saath ho plays…… Viplav says Aakhen kholo Dhaani…dekho tumhara Viplav…tumhare pas hai…His eyes are fixed on Dhaani….tears rolling down…asking Dhaani to wake up….He comes closer and says….. aur humara baccha….. He feels her tummy and rests his head beside her still holding her hand. Ishq ka rang safed hai baba plays….
Suddenly….Dhaani starts to murmur ….. she is saying Kaamini..chod do Viplav ko…..chod do….. I said leave him…… Viplav wakes up…he tries to calm her down. He cups her face…..hugs her…..Thanks God that Dhaani is okay….Dhaani opens her eyes to find herself in Viplav’s arms. She tightens her grip and hugs Viplav cryingly. Viplav asks her to calm down and calls doctor…. Dhaani asks about baby…. Viplav smiles and says All okay Dhaani….. Dhaani reminisces Kaamini shooting and looks at Viplav…she sees wound on his hand and asks if he is okay…. Viplav cups her face and says nothing has happened to me Dhaani..nothing… Then the doctor says Don’t take stress..Mrs. need rest. Viplav looks at Dhaani and says you should rest Dhaani. He helps her in lying on bed properly so that she can rest. Viplav turns to go… Dhaani holds his hands and keeps her head on his hand… Viplav smiles and hugs her. He asks her to rest.
Viplav runs to Badi Amma and everyone and says Dhaani is fine…hamari Dhaani theek ho gayi….. Viplav is super happy. Elders get happy on seeing him like that. Dulaari Maai comes there and blesses Viplav saying Hamari Buchiya bohot kismat wali hai Bachwaji jo usko aap mile…. Viplav says No kaaki…I am lucky to get her. Dulaari Maai cries… Viplav asks her to be happy now as Dhaani is fine…and hugs her. Everyone smile.

Everyone get happy to see Dhaani getting better. Everyone except DT and KT meet Dhaani. KT looks inside and thinks to go but then realizes Viplav is much angry. Viplav is very much happy that Dhaani is okay. He comes out and sees DT and KT. He gets angry. KT comes forward and says Thank God…Dhaani is fine… Viplav looks at her…. kahin dukh toh nahi horaha Maa…KT looks on. DT asks Viplav to try and understand. Viplav faces another side. Dhaani comes there holding Shaalu’s and RL’s hand. She looks at DT KT… DB comes there and asks Dhaani to forgive her. Dhaani asks not to say so as elders should bless younger ones not ask for forgiveness. DB folds her hand. Dhaani holds her hands and says DB No…. if you bless Viplav and our child…then nothing would be better than that…DB smiles happily. DT KT look on. Viplav comes to Dhaani and holds her hand. KT thinks this is the right time. She goes to Dhaani and apologizes. Dhaani asks her not to do so and looks at Viplav. Viplav looks at another side and goes there leaving Dhaani and says Come Inspector…. Here are the culprits…. KT DT look on.Daadi also comes out and Viplav asks her to forgive him as he is going to make DT KT leave for jail.Daadi looks on. She goes to DT and says every time you thought about your own pride…. today is the day of result as you sow …so you reap…. she looks at Viplav and says she has no objection…and cries turning back. DT and KT ask Viplav to give them a chance…… Viplav shouts at KT if his father would return if any chance given to her…. KT looks on and cries…. Both dt and kt are arrested.

Dhaani asks Viplav what did he do?? Viplav replies the right thing Dhaani… Dhaani asks is it right to send your mother to it right to behave like this with elders…. Viplav….forget everything and start afresh Viplav…please… Viplav looks at her and asks how can he forget ….how to forget?? Dhaani says please Viplav …don’t do this to them…. Please… Viplav looks on. And says Dhaani…I am ready to free them…but you have to promise me one thing…that we will leave this city once they are freed….as I can’t let you be in that house.Dhaani looks on and asks Viplav??? Viplav says if you agree?? Dhaani looks at Daadi and says okay….
Later…Viplav reaches police station and goes to KT DT…..
Viplav folds his hands and says Sorry Mrs. Kanak Tripathi … I mean Maa and Mr. Dashrath Tripathi….. Dadaji … They are released. Kanak asks him to forgive her. Viplav does not respond. Viplav completes the formalities and asks them to go now. DT asks if he is going somewhere….. Viplav replies HOME…. They think Viplav is talking about AN…and go out….
Viplav is seen in the ashram…Daadi is also there.Viplav asks her to forgive him.Daadi says No beta… She hugs ViDhaani and asks them to stay happy. Daadi goes from there…..
In AN, KT DT search for Viplav…..Daadi comes and says ViDhaani are in their home… DT asks what is she saying?? Daadi repeats Viplav and Dhaani on the way to their own home….. as this house was never theirs….. But was the home of conspiracies and fakeness.She goes from there…KT DT look on……
In the ashram, ladies ask Viplav to take care of Dhaani. Dhaani sits quietly. Viplav tells her he knows what is she thinking. Dhaani nods. Viplav says they will settle very far from this place with their baby. Dhaani asks is it necessary?? Viplav says yes…it is. Badi Amma comes there and says Viplav is right beta…. I know you don’t want to see a family breaking but ….. it had to happen. Dhaani Viplav look at each other. They take their blessings. Dhaani Viplav hold each other’s hand… Ishq ishq plays…… Dhaani Viplav look back and wave their hands to the ladies. They smile. Dhaani turns to go but before that she feels her tummy and looks at Viplav…. Viplav nods his head and smiles with a tear in his eyes. While they are going out…all those moments in the ashram are shown in flashback….. They hold their hands more tightly and they proceed…. Screen freezes on Dhaani laying her head on Viplav’s shoulder……

5 years leap…..
A small girl is seen playing in the garden. She runs to a woman and hugs her saying Buddy Daadi…. yes its our pyari daadi of Viplav….. Daadi smiles and hugs her back….. A man comes from behind and says Hamari Vidha raani……. Its DT…… yes… he is now a changed man …… Vidha goes to him and calls him Bade Daadu…..DT smiles….Camera moves….A woman is seen coming from inside holding her tummy…. yes she is our Dhaani…. Viplav is holding her hands and saying Slowly Dhaani……slowly….. ( Dhaani is pregnant againnn!!!    )… Then comes KT asking Dhaani Viplav to have Prasad ….. Kanak feeds them Prasad …and goes to Vidha and takes her in her lap….. Dhaani looks at Viplav and says Viplav…..aaj pura pariwaar ek saath hai…..toh sab kitna aacha lagraha hai(Today our whole family is together…and this feeling is really very nice)… Viplav smiles and says Thanks to you…Dhaani smiles ..Vidha asks them to come to her….. Viplav Dhaani look at each other and smile…. Viplav says Chalein??? Dhaani nods and they proceed……Ishq ka rang safed plays….
Mishal Eisha as Viplav Dhaani are seen onscreen…. They hold their and say PHIR EK PRATHA NA KARE KISIMEIN BHED …… KYOON KI KABHI KABHI HOTA HAI KISIKE ISHQ KA RANG SAFED……….
Ishq ishq …rang rang ….ishq ka rang safed plays…… Screen freezes again in Dhaani coming forward and laying her head on Viplav’s chest and Viplav keeping his hand around Dhaani….(just like in one of the montages of IKRS)

Here comes the end of NOT SOOOO INTERESTING fanfiction of mine….but I am glad that you people like it which encouraged me to continue it in spite of not planning the plot properly…
Thank you everyone who read and provided their feed backs… I personally feel that this time I could not be regular and post the parts…which was real inconvenience for the readers… I apologize for that……
Thank for loving this ff of mine…..
Keep loving and spreading positivity

Love you all    

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  1. Sujie diiiiiii…. ♥♥♥♥♥♡♡♡♡♡ I just love u di…..
    A perfect one….. ;-);-);-);-);-)
    Loved ur writing…….:-):-):-)
    I think the writers should adopt this one as their ending…..
    Loved it….i just feeling to read more and more…..
    And no problem di for the late update…. late dhe toh phir bhi latest nikli….
    And yep the characters those who need all the applause are suwarna..viplav…dhani…shalu…dadi…db… they made a history…
    And in negative role as usual tp…kt..dt..vk…
    And the ending so superbbb…
    The tagline is very much related to the story just loved it also….
    Now i can make sure that i will never miss ikrs any more….
    And yep di its a perfect gift for us fans on the event of our cute mishal’s birthday….thanks di…..
    Once again loved it 😀 😉 🙂 ♥ ♥ ♡★☆

    1. Sujie

      Thank you Lakshmi 🙂 🙂
      Love you too sissy 🙂 🙂
      I realized it got posted as a treat…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    hey sujie i loved it yaar

    1. Sujie

      Hi Joyee…. thank you 🙂

  3. Sujie diiiiiiii sorry 4 not commenting till now on ur ff ????but I used to read it
    Diiii it was a perfect end ???
    The best part was when suvarna killed Tp??
    KT & DT became positive characters at last ?
    Diii it was an very interesting ff from the bottom of my heart I’m telling this
    So don’t call it uninteresting

    1. Sujie

      Thank you Aiswarya… 🙂
      And no need to say sorry at all 🙂 🙂
      Thank you for liking it….. I am glad that you used to read it 🙂 🙂

  4. Areeb

    Sujita A much perfect ending! ? The one we always wanted! ?

    Wish our writer could write like this. ?

    1. Sujie

      Thank you Areeb…
      Wish I was a writer ….??
      But seriously…thank you for liking it ??

  5. Maha_Aijaz

    Sujieeeee it was incredible?? loved it to the core?? starting was amazing and thrilling.. I have no idea that suwarna will shoot TP but she did good TP deserve that so suwarna rocked? DT and KT are so cheap.. how can she insist of watching dhani’s end from her own eyes but we can’t expect anything else from them? dadi said right that if something happened to dhani viplav will also die at the same moment but both turn a deaf ear to shalu and dadi but each word of shalu was correct.. KT was such a drama queen in that hard situation she started her stupid acting but viplav behaved well with both .. I loved dhani’s dialogue that “uper wala hai naa woh sare hissab rakhta hai Jo karna hai wohi kare ga” this line was superb and the most powerful line.. kamini’s dialogues and madness was quite irritating but the way she revealed DB true face was great.. DB was the root cause of all problems..
    most power pack scene was when dhani slapped kamini I just loved that.. she should give her numerous slaps?? oh yes I loved the way viplav said “everyone tried to separate viplav from dhani for their own benefit but no one thinks that dhani is viplav’s happiness dhani hai tw viplav hai agar nahe tw….” This was indeed a beautiful one and then the song made this scene more and more beautiful… Kamini’s obsession was worth reading.. I knew that she will do something like this and dhani will come in between because after all she is a heroine? but that scene was quite emotional aur Maza tab aya when dhani shoot kamini that was a surprising moment actually but that was necessary lekin marte marte bhe churail dialogue bol gae which was “ek tha viplav ek thi dhani……” (Can’t write more?) wese both kamini and TP died at the same place kitna pyaar tha dono mein now they will live together happily in their next life?? then the scenes in hospital etc all was just perfect.. ending was very wonderful vidha badi dadi bade dada choti dadi, viplav dhani a perfect family?
    And the line “phr koi pratha na kare kisi mai bhed kiyun k nahe hota har kise k ishq ka rang safed” this was brilliant.. I loved loved and loved it?? and the bg sing of ishq ishq rang rang ishq ka rang safed na char chand laga diye.. u know when I opened this page instead of reading from start I quickly swipe the page down and read this line.. I was so excited that I called my mom from downstairs to tell her this line though calling her like this was bad but I was so excited that time pagal gae bilkol?? CVs must adopt this line
    Thanks for such a beautiful and outclass ending woh bhe on viplav/ Mishal’s birthday?? please come back with a new ff soon as I always love whatever u joyee and sri write because u three were the first who started fiction on ikrs.. and wese bhe ikrs is going off air soon so our ff can keep this serial alive so come back soon.. love u loads??

    1. Sujie

      Maha…. Thank you Thank you Thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Thank you soooooooo much for this wonderful comment
      I am glad that you liked it …… I am soooo happy that I was able to post it on Mishal’s birthday….GOD BLESS MY TIMING 🙂 🙂 😀
      I was encouraged by Sri’s first fan fiction to write that kind of my own….and I am very much glad that I could write stuffs and entertain this family of mine 🙂
      Thank you sooooo much for all the encouraging words
      Love you tooooooo 🙂 🙂 🙂
      I will try to come back with a new one soon….

      1. Maha_Aijaz

        Yeah try try.. but u know after ikrs goes off air I will start reading ur and joyee’s first ff “vidhani’s love” and “the color of love is white” respectively again because daily at around 11’o clock I used to watch ikrs but as it’s biding bye so I will be free at that time so to freshen those memories I will start reading that fiction again?

    2. Sujie

      Sure Maha…..

  6. Mariyam123

    Sujie di it was just amazing????
    I was reading it so interestingly? And then I realised it ended?Koi nahi. I know u will be back with another amazing ff? Plz come back with another ff okay?

    1. Sujie

      Thank you Louellu Baccha….. love you 🙂
      I will try to come back…but dunno…. but haa..koshish karungi 🙂 🙂
      Glad that you liked it 🙂

  7. Sujie you are a champ…….I don’t know what career you are pursuing but definitely you have great writing skill. Keep it up ,,

    1. Sujie

      Anita Ma’am…. I am an undergraduate student of biology …. And thank you for the inspiring comment….
      I am glad that you liked it ????

  8. Renuverma

    Sujie dear first of all sorry for commenting do late. Can u imagine i had started reading the same day u posted but dince then cud not complete. Now a days due to busy schedule. Though it is momentry but it seems it has been ages since i am irregular with TU.










    1. Sujie

      Renu Di…
      No need to apologize…. Der se hi sahi…but you managed to read and comment as well…
      Thank you for commenting….
      For now… I am working on soul mates…do read it di..
      And your idea … I will think about it di…
      Thank you….
      Lots of love to you

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