JNDSD… ViTharv nomination at SPA 2017.. IMPORTANT!!!

As many might know that the Star Parivaar awards 2017 is coming up. Some sites have published the nominations for it. But there is not even a single nomination from JNDSD. As loyal fans of the show..we very well know how deserving is Vikram Singh Chauhan and Shivani Surve for nomination.
We can send emails to star plus requesting nomination from JNDSD. The show has also matched the Nayi Soch tagline of star plus.

Atharv is a strong character who believes in relation of equality and respect women. He empowered Vividha to come up and be bold. The undying love Vividha and Atharv have for each other is significant. Despite the cruel Faye they continued loving each other and supporting each other. The passion, the determination, the strong love make them one of the top jodis of television.
Inspite of airing in dead slot of 5:30pm, they have a huge fan following world wide. Their on-screen marriage was trending all over Twitter #ViTharvKiShaadi.
Guys please nd email to star requesting
1) ViTharv nomination in best actors,best Jodi, best show etc categories. We know the awesome acting skill of Vikram who portrayed mentally retarded character flawlessly.
2) Request a performance of Vikram and Shivani in SPA 2017.

Send email to [email protected]

Please send decent emails without hurting any other shows or actors.
I got this info from Instagram. Pls pass this to all fans of JNDSD. If any of u is managing any fan pages of JNDSD in fb or so pls spread the mssg.

Come on fans….let’s make this happen.

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  1. Sunanda12345

    Yes I also sent mails 2 them

    1. Aam2000

      That’s great…did they reply??

  2. Aam2000

    GuYzZz…don’t forget to request for Vikram Singh Chauhan and Shivani Surve performance in SPA 2017

    1. How to do that

      1. Aam2000

        Request through email.

  3. I too send mail and they reply me..

  4. Sunanda12345

    Yaa they replied to me

  5. sweety dhi & sunandha dhi what did they reply

    1. Sunanda12345

      Yashu they replied atharv and vivida names are nominated and of course they are in leading position
      But I don’t know on what category

      1. Yes I too got this type of reply..

      2. thank u dhis for replying

  6. guys I don’t have any email id and I don’t know how to make I know it will be shocking but guys plssssss help me plsssss you all request on my behalf too plssssssss I will be very thank to you all I also want their peformance on spa2017 grand performance of vividha atharva (vikram shivani) plssssss and want that they win awards and achieve a great success

    1. Aam2000

      Don’t worry dear…u can easily create one..just go to Gmail..u have a create an account option..click it and fill necessary details… account will be ready…
      Come on..try for ViTharv?

    2. if u don’t have any email id then how can u comment here? would u plz……………. tellme? i also comment from my sister’s mail id

  7. I comment from my laptop by using my friends I’d bcoz my mother doesn’t allow me to make an Id and when I was doing as specified above it asked for I’d this is the reason vciz I am using my mother phone thanks for the help @Aam200 I will try for vitharv

    1. ooo!!!!

  8. It’s hard to locate knowledgeable people on this subject, but you sound like you are aware of what you’re talking about! Thanks


  9. wowww thats great newwsss..

  10. thankss fr massge…guyss

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