Jndsd-soulmates/ hamari adhoori kahani.. (epjaisode 5)

JNDSD- episode 5: soulmates/ hammari adhoori kahani

(In school)

(Atharv is about to go but then he saw a little crying. He walked towards her…..)

Atharv (to the girl): what happened why are you crying?

(She cries continuously)

Atharv: please tell me???? I might be able to help you…

(She is still crying)

( Atharv thought something and then acts like baby Atharv)

Atharv: (in baby Atharv voice) pagal hai Kia???? Ru ku rahi hai…. Atharv is really strong he never cries…… You are a scary cat… Ru ku rahi hai??…. Are you hungry??? Shall we go and eat ice cream…

Little girl: (with innocent face…. nods)… I am hungry….

(They went and ate ice cream from shop… Girl looks happy)

Atharv: (in normal tone): why were you crying??? What happened??

Girl: (in sad voice) my mom is still not here to pick me… I don’t know what to do??

Atharv: it’s so late?? Why is she still not here??

Girl: (in sad voice): I don’t know…

Atharv: do you know where is your house?

(Girl opened her bag and took her diary out and showed it to him)

Atharv: come with me… I will drop you at your house…

Girl: mum asked me to wait for her….

Atharv: it’s too late… Come with me… We will inform her later… (Made a cute face)… Chalo na!!!!

Girl: ok…

(Both of them ride on motorbike and went)

(Vividha at her house)

Vividha: why am I having a weird feeling …… That something is going to happen…

(Atharv also feels something )
Jaana na dil se door
Jaana na dil se door(*2) plays

Vividha: Maybe it’s because I will get to meet aashi…. For the first time….Yeah that might be the reason…

(Vividha prepares food for aashi)

(Atharv and girl arrives near the house door)

Atharv: (in his mind) should I go in?? I have to ask her mother….

(Atharv enters the house ….. Vividha ran towards the gate in excitement to see aashi….)

(Vividha falls in athwart arms….. They share an eye lock……)

Jaana na dil se door
Jaana na dil se door…… Plays….

No precap today….. Suspense..
Comment please….

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