Jndsd-soulmates/ hamari adhoori kahani.. (episode 2)

Jndsd: soulmates / hamari adhoori kahani- ep 2

(Vividha is in Delhi and its the day when she will clearly tell others about her decision. Everyone is already in the hall waiting for the arrival of Vividha, atharv and ravish.)

Atharv: (at his tabela) I can’t listen to those words. What if she…. But I asked her to make the decision so I have to listen to her decision too and I will keep my promise, if she said no to me I will leave from her life in silence, I won’t say anything.
(Starts his bike and is about to go but then he receive a call)

Atharv: yes……. What is it? ….. Don’t worry….
(Starts his bike and he left)

Precap: After 5 years….

I know it small because I want you to guess what happened and whose call was it and what was it about? … Don’t forget to comment below…. Waiting for your response.

From: Rockxz

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  1. what happened ? next ?

  2. Omg…what is this…not only jndsd u r also keeping us in suspense…not able to guess bcoz atharv’s reaction was very strange when he took the call…plzzzzzzzzzzz post the next soon…very interesting

  3. Why u changed the awsome vitharv bike riding picture??????
    This new picture is bad??

  4. Intezar nai hota mujhse!!!?

  5. omg.this is so interesting.update soon!!

  6. Wt a small asap
    Plsss keep nxt ff soon i cant wait any more

  7. yeah it seems very interesting plzzz update soon.waiting for next part.

  8. why so much suspense….

  9. Rockxz

    Sorry….xyz… This picture was set by default…. I will change the picture in next part don’t worry…. Even I don’t like this picture….

  10. Dimpurose11234

    Yeah u also using the suspense. Omg plz update next part soon.

  11. yah plzz next prt…….w8ing for it

  12. Ok .rockxz. no pblm. I will wait for that picture.

  13. Hope vitharv unite…dnt knw

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