Jndsd-soulmates/ hamari adhoori kahani.. (episode 1)

Hi guys, I have decided to write a fan fiction on vitharv because there are not many ff’s available on vitharv and other shows have got tons of them. So here you go one more fan-fiction of vitharv…. Hope you are going to love it….
Note: I will try to upload at least once in a week…but there is no guarantee because my exams and studies are important too… and yeah I am a bit lazy too…. #dealwithit

Jndsd – story of soulmates

Note: starting story is same until when atharva asks vividha to choose between atharva and ravish from there the story will change….
Vividha is happy in her world which revolves around her family and meanders in the lanes and by-lanes of Ajmer. Her father, Kailash is her hero and she trusts him and follows his teachings blindly. She has been raised completely in his shadow and trained to follow a set of norms obediently. Kailash, himself, on the other hand, is a tough man, who has seen many ups and downs in his life and has lived a rags-to-riches story. He strongly believes in the old norm that relationships are only possible between individuals who are equal in social status.[8][9]

Atharva does not fit this perfect image that Kailash wants for his daughter and even though it’s not love at first sight for Vividha, she ends up falling in love with Atharva. She feels confident and motivated by Atharva’s positivity and constant encouragement. Atharva also falls in love with Vividha despite their differences.[11] They face a lot of hurdles as their unconditional love for each other is constantly tested. Vividha always stood up for their love due to the empowerment of Atharva’s love! She always defended their love, and also stood up for Atharva’s mother in front of everyone.[12] Later, in the story it is shown that Atharva’s father Ramakant Vashist ) is back and he has only a little time left.

He demanded to meet his son once to Sujata and promised her to unite Atharva and Vividha. So he talked to Kailash about this but before he took any action he died. Kailash took advantage of this and told Ramakant’s second family about his last wish to marry her daughter Vividha to their son Ravish. When everyone was confused about Ramakant’s last wish, they believed Kailash’s saying and fix their alliance. On the other hand, he announced that he has agreed to Atharva and Vividha’s marriage as Atharva’s father has been revealed.

Marriage preparations started but on the day of their marriage Uma (Vividha’s mother) gets to know about his plan that he is taking Vividha to Delhi for her marriage with Ravish, but in order to save her daughter’s life she fought with him and suddenly Vividha, Guddi and Dadi sees all this and becomes shocked after knowing true face of Kailash. Uma tells everything to Vividha and asked her to run to Atharva who was waiting for her in temple. She runs to Atharva and tells him everything, there then they take their 7th Vachan in which Atharva promises to return back if they get separated by any means. However, Kailash comes there and beats Atharva violently and threatens him that he will kill Atharva. In order to stop her father from killing Atharva, she promises her father to get married with anyone he says. Thus Vividha and Ravish get married.

After their marriage, Vividha is unable to accept Ravish as her husband. On the other hand Vividha starts feeling Atharva’s presence in the house but she thinks she is just imagining him. Uma and Dadi think that Vividha is seeing Atharva’s soul as they suspect Atharva is dead after getting brutally beaten by Kailash’s goons and Ankit. But after some time it is revealed that Atharva is alive and he and his mother Sujata are hidden under the care of Ravish in the house but Atharva lost his mental balance after getting beaten by Kailash’s goon. After some days, Vividha find out that Atharva is in the house under Ravish’s care but soon realises that he has lost his mental balance. Realising Atharva’s mental state she goes to Kailash’s house but does not find him. Uma informs her that Kailash is missing and the police are thinking that Kailash is dead but Vividha does not believe this.

She informs everyone about Atharva’s mental balance, breaks all ties with Kailash, vows to break ties with Ravish and help Atharva to become normal again. Meanwhile Sujata find out that Vividha is Ravish’s wife knowing the truth, she decided to leave Ravish’s home as she don’t want to Vividha back in Atharv’s life. Ravish try to stop her. At that time Vividha come to the home and confess her past with Atharv before Ravish and said him that he still loves Atharv. Ravish who is already in love with Vividha feel heartbroken but decided to help them reunite and ask for sometime to reveal the truth before his family.

Vividha agree with him and decided to hide her relationship with Atharv before the family. After some day Atharv and Sajata’s secret revealed before the family, knowing Suman want to throw them out from the house but Ravish stop her and convince her that Sujata and Atharv have equal right on this house as like them. Meanwhile Guddi come to the Vaishist house and feel attracted toward Ravish, understanding Guddi’s intention Vividha try to send her back in Ajmer as she don’t want to crrate problem but Guddi deny to go back and decided to reveal the secret of Atharv-Vividha but when she was going to reveal the secret, she died by falling from stair. Everyone thinks it was an accident but Vividha firmly believes that it was not an accident but a murder.

Just when the family were dealing with that case, Ravish’s enemy Zeenat enters the house in order to attack on Ravish and his family, as Ravish has arrest Zeenat’s husband who is a terrorist. Terrorists attack the Vashist family in Zeenat’s lead. Ravish rescues his family on time, but both Ravish and Atharv get hurt during the fight. While Ravish escape with a minor injury, Atharv’s condition gets serious, as he would be hit on his head at the same place, where the Kailash’s goons had hurt him before. Fortunately Atharv recover after some day. After Atharv’s recovery the Vaishist family came to know the truth about Atharv-Vividha’s relationship. This made Dada ji jealous so he try to kill Atharv but Vividha caught his crime so he try to kill Vividha, in order to save Vividha Atharv start fight with Dadda ji during fight dadda ji hurt Atharv and throw him in deep pond meanwhile Ravish came and make dadda ji arrest. The rescue team searches for Atharv but don’t find any clue everyone assume that Atharv is dead.

But, Sujata and Vividha feel that he will be back. AfterSuman insist Sujata, they do Atharv’s last rites thinking he is dead, Vividha declares herself as a widow and decides to divorce Ravish. But, Sujata asks Vividha to take ‘ulta pheras’ (ritual of breaking marriage) to break the marriage. Vividha gets ready to break the marriage with Ravish. When they were going to take ulta pheras Atharv came there, who got his memory back but forget about his times of memory loss. Atharv got to know about vividha’s marriage with his step brother. Ravish unites vitharv. Atharva and vividha engagement happens. But due to misunderstandings arharva asked vividha to chooses between him and ravish).

Source: Wikipedia.

The real story will begin now.

From: Rockxz

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