JNDSD FF… Main Adhoora Tere Bina (Episode 28)

GuYzZz..I’m back with epi 28 of MATB. Sorry I couldn’t post for few days coz of my cousin’s wedding.

Two cars drove into the compound of the house in Ajmer. Atharv, Vividha, Sujatha, Ankit, Guddi look out emotionally seeing their house after a loooonggg time.
Uma and Dadi come out of the house to see who has arrived.
A sound is heared behind them. ” Who has come ???” Dadi and Uma move aside and Kailash Kashyap comes out. He still has that cruel look in his face. Ravish gets out of the car and go near Kailash.
K: Who are you?
R: Namaste…I’m Ravish Vashisht. You have sold ur 50 acre plot in Ajmer to a business man in Delhi right??.. and even if company shares??
K: yes..
R: I have came to talk about it…our sir has come to talk to you. We have brought the cash.
Ravish hands over the cash and Kailash Kashyap turns sweet for a moment.
K: oh pls come in…why didn’t you inform about ur arrival earlier??..I would have ve to meet ur sir..
R: it’s ok…anyway sir has come with his family..
K: ooo…pls ask them to come. Uma….bring the chair.
Uma brings the chair. Kailash sets it. Ravish goes near Atharv’s car and asks him to come out.
The door opens. The wind blows strong. As he keeps out his first leg the temple bells ring. Om shreeman lakshamanaja………..
He then steps out. Atharv Sujatha is back in Ajmer..!!! He is wearing a black suit with black sunglasses looking absolutely dashing.

Kailash Kashyap received the greatest shock of his life seeing Atharv Sujatha.
Uma and Dadi happily cries.
Atharv go and sit on the chair with his one log over the other. He looks at Kailash and smiles.
K: You!!!…
Ath: yes Kailash Kashyap…it’s me.. Atharv Sujatha…what hppnd???..can’t u believe ur eyes??…I’m still alive…I’m back…
K: (shouts) I will kill u….
Ath: (shouts) lower ur voice..!!!..
Atharv goes to Uma and Dadi. They hug him and cries.
Dadi: There wasn’t even one day in these 5 yrs that we didn’t think of u , Sujatha and all… Where were you??…
Uma: we lost everything in 5yrs…u, Vividha, Guddi, Ankit.. everything…
Ath: Don’t worry…I’m back with everything…
He goes to Kailash Kashyap who is boiling in anger.
Ath: what happened?? Won’t u welcome the business man who purchased ur land…???
K: u purchased my land!!!
Ath: yes it’s the truth…I have purchased ur land and business… I have grown to such a height..and now I’m back to make u repay for ur sins… anyway first meet my family.

He goes and open the car. Vividha comes out. Then all others follow.
Atharv holds Vividha’s hand a go near Kailash.
Ath: meet my fiance..future Mrs Vividha Atharv Sujatha…
Vividha goes to Uma and Dadi. They hug her tight and cry. Guddi, Ankit join them. Uma goes to Sujatha and hug her.
All have a emotional reunion.
Vividha goes near Kailash. She give a card to him.
Ath: it is mine and Atharv wedding card. Do attend our wedding.
K: I won’t let this happen
Viv: let us wait and watch…

Precap: ViTharv haldi. Kailash mixes chemical in haldi.

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  1. Superrbbbbbbb episode I was really waited for ur episode finally u came back with superbbbb episode waiting very very eagerly for ur next episode dear ?????????????

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    Superb yarrr awesome….????
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    Awesome episode…atharv ‘s entry ?
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  4. Super episode and atharva entry was suoer awesome really keep writting dear

  5. Super episode and atharva entry was suoer awesome really keep writting dear

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