JNDSD FF… Main Adhoora Tere Bina (Episode 27)

Recap: ViTharv engagement. Guddi reveals about their broken family to Vividha. Vividha cries.
Viv: Guddi…why didn’t u tell me before?…my family..it’s broken. Atharv…my family is broken..
Atharv console her
Ath: Vividha…pls don’t cry…I promise you that I’ll make everything right…I am there with u…pls don’t cry.. ur my strength..

Viv: Atharv…my enemity was only towards Mr
Kailash Kashyap…but I ignored my family for it..how can I be so selfish??..I didn’t even turn back to see how is my maa, dadi, bhai…I didn’t even call them once in 5 yrs… Kailash Kashyap
ruined everything…
Atharv and Sujatha consoles her. Atharv is boiling in anger.

Guddi breaks down. Vividha hugs her.
Ath: Kailash Kashyap…it’s time for the battle..
Om shreeman lakshamanaja….

It’s morning.
ViTharv are leaving to Ajmer. ViTharv and Sujatha are in one car. ShweRav is in one car.
After some time.
Viv: Atharv…but this only not the route to Ajmer.
Ath: I know..first we r going to Jaipur
Viv: Jaipur???..but Why??
Ath: u just wait and watch

ShweRav car.
Guddi is sitting silently lost in thoughts. Ravish looks at her.
R: Shwetha…can I tell something?
G: yeah..tell
R: you don’t look good silent…that trouble maksr, noisy version of you is the best.
Guddi laughs. Ravish smiles.

They all reach Jaipur. An apartment is shown. They all go to flat no 102 and ring the bell. A young but matured man opens the door. He is wearing spectacles and is well dressed. Vividha and all r shocked.
Viv: Ankit!!!
Atharv smiles. He tells everyone that Guddi told h that Ankit lives in Jaipur but she didn’t know the exact area. I found him using my contacts.
Vividha,guddi and Ankit share a sibling hug and cry. Ankit apologize to ViTharv. They meet Nithya. They all leave to Ajmer.

They reach Ajmer and is driving towards the house, their tabela, the place where their life changed… Finally hey drive into the compound of the house.

Precap: ViTharv vs KK..face off

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    Vitharv in ajmer ? excited to read the face off scenes…

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