JNDSD FF… Main Adhoora Tere Bina (Episode 26)

Guddi comes from airport
Ath: Are u sure he didn’t come??
G: yeah…I waited dor long…
Ath: but wht hppnd???…he isn’t even picking my call..where is he??

Suddenly they hear a voice..
“It’s my best buddy’s wedding and I’m not there…it’s is impossible..”
Ath: Ravish!!!…
He run and hug him tight. Vividha and Guddi look on but doesn’t see his face.
Ath: where were u??..I sent Vividha’s sister Guddi to pick you..but she didn’t see you..
R: Yaar..my flight was early..so I was waiting outside…my phone was dead so I couldn’t call u..
Ath: it’s ok…come
Atharv moves and Ravish – Guddi see each other.
Both: Again you!!
They both start fighting. ViTharv try to stop them. Finally..
ViTharv: STOP!!!!…why r u guys fighting??
Ravish explains everything. Vividha laughs.
Viv: u guys r fighting for such small matter.
Ath: now stop this and shake hands…come on..
ShweRav stand still
Viv: come on… Guddi..
G: ok fine…hi..I’m Shwetha Kashyap
R: hi.. Ravish Vashisht
They shake hands. Atharv takes in Ravish.

It’s evening.
The house is beautifully decorated for ViTharv engagement.
Vividha and Atharv are dressing up. Ravish brings down Atharv and Guddi brings down Vividha.
Atharv is mesmerized in Vividha’s beauty. Jaana Na…. Vividha go and stand beside Atharv. Atharv whispers in her ear.
Ath: u look gorgeous…
Viv: u r no less…u look dashing..
They smile…. Jaana Na…
Suj: let’s start the function…
ViTharv exchange rings. Vividha happily cries. Atharv wipes her tears.
Ath: no more tears..only happiness..
R: waah…so romantic yaar…
Sujatha blesses the couple.
ViTharv dance on Dekha hazaro dafaa…
Ravish dance on Aaj ki party…
Guddi dances on Bole chudiyaan… The whole family joins her..

Guests leave.
Ath: Guys..we are leaving to Ajmer tmrw morning… So pack ur bags..
Suj: Atharv..is it necessary..
Ath: Maa…I have decided..
Viv: but…
Ath: no more but…
R: I feel Atharv is right…it’s marriage..and Vividhaji also need her parents blessings..
G: ok but before that I need to tell something..
Viv: what happened Guddi??
Guddi hesitates.
Viv: Guddi…tell
G: Di..jiju… nothing is like before there..many things changed in 5 years..
Ath: what do you mean??
G: After ur separation Di left the house… Papa was very angry….he felt that his reputation will be gone..he declared that u and Atharv died in an accident so that no one would raise questions… He then forced me to get married to a person of his choice so that I don’t be like you… But Maa some how sent me to her friend’s house..papa became more cruel…he beat maa…he ordered some ppl to kill me..but I somehow escaped… After an year dad came to know about Ankit’s affair with Nithya…. daughter of that supermarket owner. He opposed it but Ankit was adamant. He trapped Ankit in drugs case and sent him jail. He threatened the girl and her family. Ankit was released soon as he was proved innocent. He eloped with Nithya. I escaped to delhi because maa feared that papa would kill me… He also faced problems in business…some of his shops shut down…it’s all changed…nothing is same..our family is broken Di…
Vividha cries listening to this.
Viv: why didn’t u tell me before??..why??.. my family was broken and I didn’t know…how can I…
Sujatha consoles her.

Precap: ViTharv to Ajmer

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  1. Avanikamdar

    I dont read your ff regular but still i got this epi and its amazing i may not comment regular but you ff is wonderful waiting for next epi

  2. omg such a heartbreaking episode hiw much this kk will fall hope he becomes good and the episode was very nice it was just wow keep writing and updating the episode dear

  3. Sunanda12345

    Superb yarrr awesome…
    Very sad About about last bit….
    But precap is gud….

  4. Sandy17

    Woow vitharv to ajmer ?
    Nice episode ..funny to see shwerav fighting ?

  5. Aam2000

    Thank u for the comments.
    Happy to know that u r liking ShweRav and the happenings in Ajmer within 5 yrs. I really didn’t know what to write about the changes n Ajmer. So i just write something stupid which came in my mind..

  6. Jenny123

    Superb……Waiting for vitharv moments in ajmer…

  7. RAOne

    you turned KK braun Strowman……. nice keep writing but she should be u haveRoman Reigns……..who overpower KK….. keep writing…

  8. Omg these much happened in Ajmer within 5 years I am very excited for ur next episode dear ??????

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