JNDSD FF… Main Adhoora Tere Bina (Episode 25)

Guddi is waiting for Atharv’s frnd with the name board. A young man is hurriedly coming from the other side and they both hit each other. The juice in his hand falls on her dress. It falls down and spoils his shoes too.
Both: What the hell..!!!!!
G: Can’t u walk properly…??
Man: Oh hello..it’s not my mistake. U must have seen. U were walking absent mindedly and now blaming me…
They both fight. Finally.

G: u r disgusting.
Man: u r horrible..
Guddi picks up the name.board which has fallen down and they both part ways in opposite directions.
Guddi waits for the frnd for long and finally calls Atharv.
G: Jiju… where is he??..I’m waiting since am hour and no one came..
Ath: Didn’t he come yet???..ok fine..u come back. I’ll call him
G: ok

Atharv disconnect the call and see Vividha who was talking with some ladies. He smiles at her and signs her to come to the corner. Vividha signs no as there are many ppl around. He winks at her and send flying kiss to her. She blushes and signs him to stop. Bit finally catches his kiss and place it in her heart. She also send flying kiss to Atharv. He smiles and catches it. Sujatha come behind Atharv.
Suj: Atharv…if ur romance is over will u come with me…there are many work left.
Atharv realizes this and get embarrassed. Sujatha laughs.

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  1. Too small but it was awesome dear keep writing next episode dear ??????

  2. Sunanda12345

    Superb yarrr awesome ????last scene on atharv ????

  3. RAOne

    amazing keep writing all the best really enjoying your work……keep it up.

  4. what aromantic episode just loved it keep writing and updating

  5. Sandy17

    That part when sujata comes behind atharv reminded me of the scene in jndsd in phase 1…so romantic episode ?

  6. super but upload next episode as early as possible

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