JNDSD FF… Main Adhoora Tere Bina (Episode 24)

Guys I’m back after quite a loooonggg time….so sorry….
Recap: FF started with 5yr leap after ViTharv separated by Kailash. Vividha left Ajmer breaking all ties with Kailash. She works as a teacher in Shimla. Atharv is a big business man who is known as mystery business man as no one has seen him. He has lost his memory due to the severe head injury. He lives in Delhi with Sujatha. Vividha shifts to Delhi. Vividha feels Atharv’s presence everywhere and Atharv get unclear flashes of his past. Vividha coincidentally meet Guddi in Delhi. they meet and Vividha is shocked to know Atharv’s condition. But after a series of events Atharv
gets back his memory.

Epi 24
Vividha is in her house and thinks of Atharv and smiles. Jaana Na….
Her phone beeps. It’s Atharv’s message.
” Come to my house… quick…it’s really urgent… waiting…”
Viv: wht hppnd to him??…
She worries and runs to his house. (Guys.. ViTharv are neighbors so their houses are one wall apart)
She rings the bell but no response.
She calls out Atharv… Chachi….but no response.
She slowly opens the door and goes in. It’s all dark…
Viv: Atharv…where are you??..it’s all dark..come out…
Suddenly the lights are on and rose petals fall on her. She is surprised and smiles. The house is all decorated with ViTharv photos. Atharv comes and hugs her from behind. She smiles and turns to him.
Viv: U did this for me…it’s beautiful…
He smiles at her happiness. He holds her hand and sit on his knees.
Ath: Vividha…we both have faced a lot in these 5 years….but still our destiny brought us together…now I can’t afford to loose you….will u marry me….????
Vividha happily cries and nods her head for yes.
Atharv puts the ring in her finger. They both hug. Jaana Na………
Guddi and Sujatha clap and come from either sides.
G: Congrats Di and jiju…
Sujatha blesses them.
Ath: Maa..I have one more announcement… Engagement will take place tmrw…and all other functions will take place….in…Ajmer…
All are shocked hearing this.
Viv: Atharv…..
Ath: Vividha…I know u have challenged Kailash Kashyap that you will marry me in front of him.
Viv: but…I don’t want to risk it life again….no…
Ath: Vividha..it’s not just about your challenge…it’s time for me to answer him back..I’m adamant…
Suj: Atharv…he can do anything…
G: no…pls don’t go to him…he is more dangerous now….he…
Before she could complete Atharv stops her.
Ath: Guddi…don’t try to stop me…it’s final…don’t worry..he can’t do anything now… Now start preparation for engagement. Even my best friend in college is coming tmrw….

It’s night
Vividha and Atharv are unable to sleep due to excitement. They think of each other and smile. Vividha goes near the window and try to see Atharv. She sees all blanket covered.
Viv: how can he sleep like this…I’m dying of excitement and he is sleeping peacefully….
She turns to go and some one holds her hand. She is about to shout but he closes her mouth.
It’s Atharv. He is at her window on the ladder.
Ath: I think my darling is unable to sleep thinking of me….
Viv: nothing like that…
Ath: o really…
He pulls her closer and touches her face. She smiles and blushes. They romance…???

It’s morning.
All are busy with preparations for engagement. Atharv is also there but his eyes are searching for Vividha. Guddi goes to him
G: she is bathing..wait for 5 mins. She will come…
Atharv blushes.
G: waah…u know how to blush also…
Ath: ok fine leave it…u have to do one help for me…my frnd is coming…can u go and pick him up from airport.
G: but how do I know…
Ath: his name is Ravish. U just catch a nameplate and stand there..he will know. I have told him.
G: ok…
Ath: Thank you….
Guddi leaves to airport. She waits with the name plate.
Suddenly she hits a young man and his juice falls on her dress.
They look at each other.

Precap: ViTharv engagement….

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