JNDSD FF… Main Adhoora Tere Bina (Episode 23)

Atharv is discharged from hospital.
At his home.
Suj: now for 2days u will not go to office. U will rest here. I don’t want any arguments…do u get that
Ath: but Maa…(just then he sees Vividha who was arranging his things in the cupboard) ok…I will rest here.
Sujatha leaves. Atharv smiles seeing Vividha. He is Lost in her eyes,lips, smile, innocence.
Guddi comes with medicine. She notices this and smiles. She coughs but he doesn’t listen. She slowly pats his shoulder but still no response. He is lost in beauty of his love.
G: Atharv…

Ath: hmmmm…(his eyes r still on Vividha)
G:(shouts in his ears) Atharv….
He comes out of his dream world with a jerk.
Ath: ouch…my ears..
Vividha hears the noise and asks Guddi.
Viv: wht hppnd?? Y r u shouting,??
G: nothing Di,..I was calling Atharv

Viv: like this???
G: yeah Di…coz he had lost his consciousness…in someone….
Atharv understand what she meant. He signs her to be quiet.
Viv: Atharv lost consciousness…!!!!
She worries.
G: Di…I mean he was sleeping…I was calling since long and he wasn’t waking up..so I shouted..
Ath: yeah…
G: now u habe this medicine..Di this is the prescription..give medicines according to this.
Viv: ok

Sujatha calls Vividha and she leaves. Guddi laughs at Atharv.
Ath: what’s there to laugh…I was just checking if she grew fat in 5 yrs.
G: Really???…
Ath: ok fine doctor…now stop laughing….by the by ur Di has become so serious and matured now..
G: yeah..coz her life as such…
Ath: means?
Guddi narrates how Vividha broke ties with Kailash and left Ajmer… work as teacher in Shimla…shift to Delhi.. accidental meeting with Guddi… Atharv is in tears.
G: now u rest jiju
Ath: Jiju??
G: yeah…u will marry my sister then ur my jiju
Atharv happily smiles. Guddi leaves.

Sujatha and Guddi have gone to temple. Vividha comes to Atharv’s room.
Viv: Atharv… I have prepared lunch for u..come
Atharv tearfully looks at Vividha as she sets the lunch. He goes and hug her.
Viv: Atharv…wht hppnd??
Ath: u stayed away from ur family 5 urs for me…u left everything for me..why??
Viv: because I love you
She also cries.

Viv: it’s not for u.. it’s for us..our love…I can’t live there without u…in fact I can’t live anywhere without u…I was alive but not living my life for 5 yrs. My soul was not there in me. Some times i used to curse myself…I felt like killing my self..I
Before she could speak further Atharv silence her with his lips. Vividha reciprocate. They share a deep passionate kiss. They slowly break their kiss. Vividha blushes and feels shy
She hides her face in his chest.
Viv: let’s have lunch
Ath: I hope I would be alive after having ur lunch
Viv: what do u mean??.. do I cook such horrible food??
Their cute nok jhok begins. Vividha throw
pillows on him. They have pillow fight
Finally laughs and fall on the bed.
They have lunch and feed each other.
Sujatha and Guddi come and see this. They r happy. Sujatha blesses ViTharv and give them prasad.

Precap: Atharv proposes Vividha for marriage.

Guys…pls give me a list of all pre marriage and post marriage rituals in order..

Pls do comment..the much awaited moment is nearing. #ViTharvKiShaadi

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  1. RAOne

    it is good but i don’t know anything…….. I was about ask same question………. keep going and keep writing………

    1. Aam2000

      Thank u raone…

  2. wow nice episode liked it sooooooooooooooooooooooooo ssssssooooooo much really plsss update fast

    1. Aam2000

      Thank u Aisha…

  3. Sunanda12345

    Aam it’s awesome noooo words yarrr it’s superbbbbbbb
    Pre marriage ritual -engagement, haldi, sangeet .
    Post marriage rituals -food having each other, ring ritual ,reception. Mu dikhai
    I just know this
    Hope you rockzzzzzz

    1. Aam2000

      Thank u so much for the list… Can u just explain what is food having each other….

  4. Sunanda12345

    I mean vivida feeds sweet or any dry item to atharv and atharv feeds sweet or any item to her. Like that

    1. Aam2000

      Oo..thank u

  5. Pre-wedding rituals : shagun, rokha (engagement), kuldevi ki pooja, mehendi, haldi, sangeeth….
    Post-wedding rituals : ghar pravesh, mu dikhai, suhagraath…..

    Anyway ur ff is super awesome yaar. please keep writing & update little bit fast. Wish you all the very best for ur ff….

    1. Aam2000

      Thank u so much….

  6. Thank u so much for the update
    In serial also vitharv ki shaadi and here also ?? I can’ t control my happiness ??
    Good going and all the best dear

    1. Aam2000

      Thank u Sandy

  7. Superb….Eagerly waiting for their union in your story too…Make it more sweet…All the best

  8. Nice episode, finally ViTharv marriage is going to happen just like Jndsd. Plz keep up ur hard work.

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