JNDSD FF….Main Adhoora Tere Bina (Episode 15)

Vividha collect medicines and come out of hospital. She is walking by talking to herself.
Viv: Why is he doing this? Why did not he wait?? How can he just go like that…huh..what the hell is happening I can’t understand anything.
Vividha hears a newspaper boy shouting out top news
NB: Mystery business man nominated for Global Business Man of the year. First Asian to reach this level.
Vividha buys the newspaper and reads.
Viv: this man is really amazing…it’s strange that he has never come in front of world despite being successful…
Vividha walks with her eyes set on newspaper. She collide with someone.
Viv: Oh…I’m so sorry…are u hurt…
She turns to the girl. Her face is not shown as her hair partially covers it. Her books and stethoscope has fallen down and she is picking it up. Vividha bends down and help her. She is shocked to see her face.
Viv:(cracking voice) Guddi…..
G: Di….(emotional)
Vividha and Guddi happily cries. She cups Guddi’s face and hugs her.
Viv: how r u??…you have grown up….
G: Di…how r u??? Where were u???…in these 5 yrs u did not even contact us….and what hppnd…how did u get hurt
Viv: I’ll tell everything…. U come with me.

Atharv is working on his laptop. He thinks about Vividha.
Ath: I must once call and enquire at hospital whether she has left or not
He calls. They inform that she left. Suddenly door bell rings. He open door and is shocked to see the person.
Ath: Maa….how come ur here??…come in
Suj: Why??? Can’t I come nd stay with my son.
Ath: No..I mean…all of a sudden
Suj: I was tensed about you. And see ur self…how tired u look…u don’t eat anything properly..go nd fresh up..I’ll make something…today I’ll feed u..
Both smiles.
Ath: OK….

Vividha’s house.
G: Di..tell me.
Vividha explains everything..the day she left Name…reaching Shimla….profession as teacher…searching Atharv…. living with his memories…shift to Delhi….feeling his presence…temple incident…saving from goons..
G: Di…ur really strong…u fought for ur pure nd truthful love..all alone…
Viv: No Guddi…I’m not strong….my love is strong…my lover is strong…
G: But Di if u have seen Atharv really why would he leave u and go….that too ur meeting after 5 yrs.
Viv: that’s what even I’m thinking….anyway tell..how is everyone…Maa, dadi, ……Gungun, Payal..Abdul chacha, Ankit. Nd how come u r here?
G: Di…lot hppnd in 5 yrs…I’ll tell u everything..but not now..u must take rest..
Viv: But….
G: Di…any way I’m doing my MBBS here

Atharv freshens up and come. Sujatha has made his favorite food.
Ath: Arrey waah….it smells great.
Sujatha make him sit and feed. They smile and laugh. They share their usual mother-son moments. Meri Maa plays………

Precap: Atharv tells Sujatha about his donation at a school for mentally retarded children and asks her to accompany him. Guddi tells Vividha about her visit to a school for mentally retarded children as a part of studies. She asks Vividha to come.

Pls do comment guys…ur comments keep me going. Super happy to see one more FF of JNDSD..all the best for HAK.

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