JNDSD FF….Main Adhoora Tere Bina (Episode 14)

Epi 14
Vividha is shocked hearing the word “husband”. Before she could ask something the nurse had left.
Viv: My husband!!!??!!!….
She feels dizzy so she keep the file aside and drinks some water. She holds her head due to pain and lie on bed to take rest. Soon she falls asleep. But as her eyes closed her mind went backwards…

Vividha is sitting in her room reading a magazine. She finds an article on girls adventure. She reads about girls who perform bike stunts.
Viv: Waah…..how exciting would it be to ride a bike…but..I don’t know how to ride…(she makes a sad cute face)
Suddenly her face lit up like 440 volt bulb. She looks out through balcony and find Atharv busy with Gungun and Payal. She goes to him.
Viv: ahem..ahem..(she acts coughing)
Ath: Vividha!!!!..what r u doing here now? It’s night..11:00 PM.
Viv: What??… should I take appointment to meet my boyfriend.
She goes near him and put her hands around his neck. He smiles and grabs her along her waist.
Ath: ok…U need not take appointment..but u will have to pay extra fee.
Viv: what do u mean??
Atharv passes a naughty smile and get closer to her. She gently pushes him and runs.Atharv runs behind. Vividha climes on to Atharv’s bed. He follows her. She tries to jump from bed due to excitement. Atharv holds her and pulls. Both fall on bed with Vividha over Atharv. They share an intense eyelock.
Jaana Na…………

Vividha gets up and sit.
Ath: by the by why did u come?
Viv: I want to learn bike ride….now…
Ath: What???? R u crazy?? U want to learn bike ride…that too late night.
Viv: Plzzzzzzzzz…..plzzz….I am in good mood to learn.
Ath: Vividha…if I start bike now all will wake up…it’s night…
Viv: ooho….u can take the bike out of the gate by pushing. Once we r out u start the bike. No one will pay attention. We can go to park behind the temple.
Ath: u r growing naughty day by day….

Viv: what to do….it’s influence from my naughty boy friend.
Both smile. They go to park. Atharv make Vividha sit in front and ride. She gets scared. He holds her from behind (same as in JNDSD)
Viv: ok now I’ll ride alone
Ath: ok..be careful
Vividha rides slowly. Suddenly she looses balance and fall. Atharv runs to her.he scolds her for being careless and cares her wounds.

It’s morning. Vividha thinks of the past and smiles.
Viv: u could not bear a single scratch on me. Today I’m hurt badly and u r not there.
The Dr comes and checks Vividha.
Dr: ur fine now. U can go home today. Pls take rest for few days. I have prescribed some medicine. Collect it before discharge.
Viv: Ok
Dr goes. Vividha slowly gets up. She asks nurse where to pay bills.
N: Ma’am …bills are settled. You can go home.
Viv: what??? …..who paid?
N: ur husband.
Someone calls nurse
N: Ma’am I have to go..pls sign these papers before leaving.
Viv: by..but..I…wait..
Nurse left. Vividha quickly open the files. She reads it.
Viv: Patient’s name- Mrs Vividha Atharv Sujatha..
She is shocked, happy,….tears flow down.her cheek
Viv: So I was right…now I am 200%sure…it’s Atharv..but where is he? Why did he not wit???
Jaana Na……..

Precap: Vividha collides with some one. She tells sorry and turns. She is shocked. Atharv is in his house. Some one rings bell. He opens door and is shocked.

I know its dragging…so sorry…I will make ViTharv meeting soon

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