JNDSD FF….Main Adhoora Tere Bina (Episode 13)

Helloooo….so sorry for not posting epi since long…busy with exam preparation..starting on Monday…so any way no more bakbak….let’s move to epi. It would be short…pls forgive

Epi 13
Atharv is happy as ‘The girl’ (Vividha) is out of danger. He looks at her through window. She is in a peaceful sleep. Unknowingly a slight smile appears on Atharv’s face seeing her sleep. Music play………..
Suddenly his phone rings and Atharv comes out of his thought.
Ath: Hello…yeah…what??..but I have meeting with them.tmrw…ok ….I’ll reach within 30 min.
He cuts the phone in distress and then looks at Vividha. He sees the nurse coming.
Ath: excuse me….is all her treatment over?

N: Yeah…we have described few medicines…she need to take rest..
Ath: Ok..thank u.
Atharv goes to the counter and settle the bills.he buys the medicine and gives the nurse.
Ath: I need to go now…(to himself)
He take one last glance of her and leaves. As he moves out of the hospital he thinks more of the incident.
Ath: why am I thinking so much of her???

Vividha is getting conscious. She slowly opens her eyes and whispers Atharv………
Atharv who is stepping out of hospital stops. The wind of love blows his air. He turns.
Ath: Why am I feeling that some one is calling me???
Jaana Na…………….
He ignores it and moves out. He sits in his car and leave.

Vividha thinks of the incident.
Viv: Yes…it is Atharv…my Atharv…he saved me. Atharv….
She tries to get up but feels weak due to the effect of medicine. Nurse comes in and asks her to rest. She resists.and nurse help her to sit. Vividha looks around and through window. She is about to ask something. But nurse speaks.
N: Ma’am…pls don’t take stress. Ur husband just left for some urgent work. U can leave home morning.
Vividha is shocked to hear “husband”…
Viv: Husband!!!!!….

N: yeah….anyway have this food and take rest. Pls sign these papers before discharge.
Vividha is sitting confused and shocked.

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