JNDSD FF….Main Adhoora Tere Bina (Episode 10)

Vividha is happily walking as her first day at school went well. She goes home nd freshen up. She lights diya nd prays.
Viv: Bhagvaanji….thank u so much…my first day at school was really good…it’s all bcoz of ur blessings. Thank u…but there is one wish of mine which is still unfulfilled…Atharv….Pls make us meet …I have tried all means to find him…but…(tears roll down her cheeks)…I need him…it’s been 5yrs without him…plzzz….
Suddenly door bell rings. Vividha wipes her tears.
Viv: who is this???
She goes nd open the door. A lady in her mid 60s stood there.
Lady: Namaste beyond…..I’m Menka…I stay in the next villa. Came to know u r new here.
Viv: Namaste…pls come in…
Lady: no.. no…thank u…it’s my grandson’s bday…so here is some cake nd fresh jackfruit…I brought it from my village..
Viv: thank u..wish h happy bday from my side…
Lady: ok..then I will leave…by the by what’s ur name?
Viv: Vividha..
Lady: such a pyaari name like u…ok then…Namaste.
Viv: Namaste…
Lady goes Vividha closes door. She sees jackfruit nd remember Atharv’s love for jackfruit..how she prepared jackfruit dish for him which tasted horrible. Jaana Na………..
Viv: everyday some or other things remind me of u…I feel ur near me but I’m unable to see. Im tired of this hide nd seek..pls come back.

Atharv’s is driving. He gets constant hiccups. Just then his phone rings. It’s Sujatha.
Suj: helloo…Atharv…..
Ath: maa…I knew that u would call now…I was dying of hiccups…
Sujatha laughs.
Suj: Haan….then how can I not think of u…nd where was ur phone. I’m trying since morning
Ath: it was in silent mode as I was in meeting….why??? What happened???
Suj: what what happened..does a mother need reason to call her son..
Ath; ooho….I just asked…no one can win u by talking..
Both of them laugh.
Ath: maa I’ll call u later…I’m driving.
Suj: ok…drive slowly…call me as soon as u reach..and..
Ath: Maa….pls don’t take tension…u will increase my BP and urs also…bye
Suj: bye…

Vividha is walking on the road lost in Atharv’s thoughts. The climate is cool.
Viv: such a romantic climate…if u were here…
Jaana Na……..
Atharv is in the car and sees a couple walking by holding each other hands nd smiling. He smiles at the view. jaana Na…..
Ath: if I had someone special like this……

Vividha goes into grocery shop. She buys things and come out. She sees an auto coming nd stops it. She gets in.
Viv: DK villas
The auto moves. Vividha is lost in thoughts. But suddenly she realizes that the auto driver has taken a different direction.
Viv: Bhaiya..this is not the way…I guess we r at wrong path…
Dri: No madamji…this is short cut..
Viv: ok
But as the auto moved on path became more isolated. Vividha became suspicious.
Viv: Bhaiya..stop..stop…
But driver moves on. He smirks evilly at Vividha through mirror.
Viv: can’t u hear..I said stop….
Driver laughs evilly. Vividha gets tensed nd shouts.
Dri: Madamji…no one will hear u…it’s my area..it’s ally frnds..why so early?? Let’s spend some hours of this night with each other??
He stops auto nd drags Vividha out..
Viv: leave me…leave….
She bits auto driver’s hand nd runs. He catches her. He forwards his hand to remove her duppata…But someone holds his hand…
Om shreeman lakshamanaja……………
Vividha looks up nd gets greatest shock.
Viv: (whispers) Atharv…….
But suddenly someone hits her head with a rod.
Atharv sees this nd gets flashes of how he got hit in his head. Vividha falls down nd closes her eyes looking at Atharv.
Jaana Na…………….

Precap: Atharv fights with goons. Goons run away. Atharv looks at Vividha who is lying unconscious.

Guyzz I hope all r enjoying FF..but I’m really very disappointed with the no of comments. I hardly get 4_5 comments…all vitharvians plz comment
I’m planning to end of soon due to lack of comments….
Plz comment..plzz vitharvians….

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  1. Avanikamdar

    Plz dont end this ff plz plz plz

    1. Aam2000

      Thank u for the support avani…..nd happy new year

      1. Avanikamdar

        Happy new year …

  2. no no plss zz don’t end in real epidsodes they are not showing vividha atharva union maybe by this can realize fans love for vividha atharva plss don’t end I was not aware about this fan fiction else I would have seen it before it is tooooooo good when will be the next update plssss tell me

  3. I really love this serial. I hope atharv will get all his memory back and gets gets together with vividha ..but I also kind of feel sorry for Ravish as he is such a good person.. Can’t Ravish fall in love with another woman? That way he won’t be that sad about letting vividha go to artharv. Who knows, it might make a happy ending for everyone including Ravish, Vividha,Artharv and other family members…

    1. Aam2000

      Yeah…..even I feel sorry for Ravish. He is very good person and has done so much for ViTharv

  4. Wow…..great going dear….
    Really so nice….
    Finally u made vitharv meet each other.
    Simple superb…..??????????☺☺??
    Jackfruit omg …….u have good writing skills and good content, thought….
    Keep going…

  5. Don’t stop this is fabulous I love vitharv so much I love this ff keep it up

  6. Can we get ravidha’s fan fiction

  7. Super episode

  8. hey no don’t end
    ….it’s very nice. …plz continue

  9. Swetha Gyanchand

    No no please don’t end it … You’re doing a great job

    1. Aam2000

      Thank u for the support..I’ll contribute the FF…

  10. Hey awsommmme ff plz keep uploading I can’t wait for next episode

  11. Really very very super????
    Plsss dont end plsss

  12. Aam2000

    Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuu to all lovely ppl who have commented…. great to know that u r enjoying it….hope this love nd support go on lyk this….plz keep commenting..each comment is an encouragement…..one word is enough… happy to see 10+ comments for MATB. luv u guyzz????….
    Thankuuuuuu avani, Aisha,reeti, Ramya,143, Bali,pria, saf, swetha,varsha….plz keep commenting

  13. Superb….??am a big fan of VITHARV??..anyway i want vitharv only in both ff n real show..keep going yar…My 100% support is with u..

  14. Nazneen Syed

    Superb ? please don’t stop writing because we Vitharvian’s will comment.
    Thanks on my request you wrote it.

  15. Nazneen Syed

    And please show Ravish with his life partner also.

  16. Don’t stop this dearie…….this track is really awesome…..Plz do continue dear…just love this ff

  17. Super ki ooper ki ooper yaar…..

  18. Pls dnt stop ff
    Always vitharv♡♡♡

  19. Really enjoying this track plzz dnt end.

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