More jiya…meh kya tere bin (remembering dehleez) os

Continuation: ??? swadheentha entrance in sinha house more jiya playing adarsh is seeing her summit asks adarsh to catch swadheentha in bridal style doing the grah pravesh. but he says.. he says please bhaiyya my wish he says not to do emotional blackmail he is and lifts swadheentha in one go. jiya re… Sochuh meh tujhe chaand raaton meh jiya re khoya meh rahu teri baaton meh jiya re.. jiya re.. plays all are happy swadheentha reaches the room along side adarsh. he puts her down .they have an eyelock they remember their promises the vows ?? hesays he would be with her they smile. he asks her is she hungry she says yes.i will change and yaa I have to set my things back again I guess. He smiles. They have their snacks. Everything is there. They set the room.e everything is set. They smile it doesn’t look it will take time omg it did yaa it’s 10 now adarsh. jaya calls them for dinner. All are at the dine. Swadheentha promises to cook and help in kitchen from next tym. Jaya smiles saying objection my lord u and maa are busy at law it would b better to leave this to TheY all smile. Jaya jaydev decorate swadarsh room. Everyone disperse. Swadarsh r happy to b together. They hug.adarsh says I can understand u want some time.ya she says. He says wat about a longdrive no adarsh yaa it’s better to have a tym here. They side hug. Jiya re Sochuh meh tujhe chaand raaton meh jiya re khoya meh rahu teri baaton meh their moments together. ?? Tear fell from swadheentha eye . Adarsh worries. Robinhood don’t be iam ok . He smiles says meh best husband sab bansaktha huh. Accha yaa he says tickling her. She falls on bed laughing he on her. jiya re khoya meh rahu tere baaton meh jiya re………..

Huh huh I Think unko tym milgayi ???? dehleez conquered all our hearts just took them away!! I have attached to it by my bestie #riya And we usually end up talking as adarsh and freedom;! Coming tostory#scene1:adarsh sees freedom in asangeet!! the moments their attiretheperfect Jodi #scene2- their danceAdorable then goes the climax herdream to b lawyer and adarsh mom being a lawyer her inspiration a thinking adarsh b a flirt it all ended with each other loving then the bomb blast track of course beautiful moments in the marriage??? and today’s episode just blowed away ? emotional it was! But I expect it to b a way romantic atleast satisfying fans to be. If u guys want me to write or continue from wer I stopped do comment and it’s a random Os hope u smiled ?? lotzzz of memories are there with this swadheentha adarsh bonding. It’s always in the heart. More jiya……jiya re.!! ? Thanks to my freedom riyu again!!?? For such a serial hugs???

Credit to: Tomboy (sindhu)

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  1. Finally published but mistakes I guess first line it’s simmi not summit!! ?

  2. I miss Dehleez like hell….the first serial whose each epi I watched. I missed no epi. Missing it so much….

    1. Tomboy

      Ohh seriously it’s hurting to miss it right??? But yes same timing I will upload new episodes I promise I will write trying best reaching ur level. keep reading!??

  3. Dibya

    Umahhhhhhhh my sindhu Dr thanks for this lovely os it’s amazing awesome fantabulous fantastic Adarsh n freedom ???? …. ….
    Miss u so much……..
    No no sindhu ji hum kabhi miss nahi
    Karenge cause tumko pata hai ……..

    1. Tomboy

      ?????? I know that dr. Hum kabhi miss nahi karenge if u want iam ready to n ur Robinhood kabhi bhi???????? thanks for commenting my freedom my Jaan. Loads of love

  4. Please continue with your story, it’s very well written . . . And moreover it will lessen the pain to a small extent atleast . . . It’s too hard to believe that Dehleez has ended . . . Cannot get over Swadarsh . . . Missing them so badly

    1. Tomboy

      ?????? yaa swadarsh uff of course iam going to continue it plzz read the updates till 11 I will update pakka

  5. Go on,plz.I love this serial a lot. U know i was think to request someone fr continue this.Thanks fr that..

    1. Tomboy

      Thanks for commenting umama yaa sure check it daily before eleven.

  6. Plzzz cntinu it

    1. Tomboy

      Pakka dr thanks for commenting tashu ?

  7. ShinyGeorge

    Ya continue
    I am very much disappointed as they finished the serial soon
    Missing u so ooooooo much swadarsh??????

    1. Tomboy

      Ohh it’s sad obviously we all r missing swadarsh????? thanks for commenting shiny.

  8. I just miss that show like so much that I hoped it would stay some time it just had two track nothing more

    1. Tomboy

      ??? yaa Sukanya

  9. Plz bring back that serial

    1. Tomboy

      It’s not possible as of now. But expect starplus to pity on us as of now. Stop closing serials at a stage ???

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey awesome sindhu I miss dehlezz already yaar u have good writing skills love your writing skills dear keep writing love u 🙂

    1. Tomboy

      ????? thank you for commenting fatarajo. Love u too. Keep reading.??

  11. I want back dehleez in star plus

    1. Tomboy

      It’s not possible but yaa we can expect starplus to give some support now??

  12. We will miss u dehleez..this show part of my life..

    1. Tomboy

      Yaa it is kavitha???

  13. Sindhu pls continue it was nice and missing dehleez very much ha one more thing even my name is sindu

    1. Tomboy

      ?? woww same pinch dr sindhu.

  14. Gulcheher Phil

    I can’t really believe that Deleez is finished,surely that can’t be true! I used to watch rubbish like Balika Vadhu and Sasural Simarkar and I was so happy to find something really good like Deleez,has it really finished? Please someone reply to me!

    1. Yes,dear.Dehleez is end.I’m so sorry to say that.It’s d bitter truth fr dehleez fans.So angry on star plus fr this.Missing it so badly..

    2. Tomboy

      It is finished dr???????

  15. Yes dehleez was ended but I don’t think it was proper end to serial

    1. Tomboy

      ?????, u r right sindhu

  16. Tomboy

    Thanks for commenting guys. Plzz check out ff continuation parts. Read enjoy if possible comment ????? love u all

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