more jiya (dehleez os)


This is an os on dehleez , it is continuation of the last episode .
Swadeentha enters the house . she sees the house decorated wid flowers .she is overwhelmed . she says mom what is all this . suhasini says we know in what situation u left this house ,we did not even do ur grahapravesh . that is why we wanted to welcome u in a grand way . swadeentha smiles .

After seven months
Swadeenta is seen cooking in the kitchen . adarsh comes from behind and hugs her , swadeenta says adarsh chodo na . adarsh leaves her , swadeenta falls . she says adarsh .adarsh smiles , swadeenta says wait and pours water on him . adarsh says u ….and pours water on swadeenta also , swadeenta says adarsh , adrash and swadeenta laugh seeing each other . suhasini comes there , she sees both of them , and asks what is this and laughs . suddenly they hear somebody screaming . it was simmi , she was screaming in pain . the whole family takes her to hospital . after some time the nurse comes wid the baby , she says ladki hai , all get happy . suhasini takes the baby in her hands , she says her nose , see her nose and eyes , they r exactly like abhay’s and gets teary eyed , swadeenta says mom now u should cry abhaya is wid us no . suhasini says wow swadeenta this name is very good . swadeenta smiles , suddenly she sees things getting blur , she faints , adarsh and all the family members get shocked , adarsh carries her to doctor . doctor asks adarsh to be outside . adarsh waits outside , doctor comes out and says congratulations mr.sinha , ur wife in expecting . suhasini says wow and hugs adarsh . jaya says congrats adarsh , adarsh smiles .
After three months .
Swadeenta is seeing mirror , adarsh says sach toh yeh hai ki tum moti ban gayi ho . swadeenta says adarsh , I am not one , we r three , then I will be fat na . adarsh says yesterday only reports came , that u r bearing twins , I felt so happy . swadeenta says han adarsh , I am not able to believe that we r going to become parents for two kids at the same time .

After seven months
Adarsh is going to office , he kisses swadeenta and says bye to her . simmi comes there with abhaya , jaya comes there she takes abhaya in her arms . simmi says bhabhi leave her , u should not lift heavy things , u r one month pregnant now . jaya says ok baba and leaves abhaya down .
The next day swadeenta is admitted to hospital . all r waiting for the good news , adarsh is very tensed , he is not able to see swadeenta in pain
After some time nurse comes out wid two babies in her hands . adarsh gets teary eyed seeing his babies . nurse says here is ur baby boy and girl .adarsh says boy and girl , wow

After some days
Suhasini says swadeenta give adarshaa to me (aadarsha was one of the twin babies , , swadeenta named her aadarsha ) . swadeenta says mom she is not coming to anybody , she only wants to stay wid adarsh . suhasini smiles , she says give me abhay (yes u guessed it right , abhay was the boy baby in the twins , adarsh had dearly named him abhay ). Swadeenta says leejiya . abhaya comes walking there . swadeenta says tum yahan ao and takes abhaya in her arms , jaya comes there . swadeenta says bhabi u tell me , u want baby boy or girl . jaya says I want boy only . suhasini says han swadeenta , we two girls already , abhaya and adarshaa . but only one boy abhay . jaya says han han . abhaya goes near water . suhasini says yeh kisis se nahi darti . simmi says bilkul abhay ki tarah. All get sad . simmi says why r u all becoming sad , abhay was a brave man , he died saving our country , we should be proud of him . swadeenta says ek selfie banti hai and takes a selfie wid abhay, abhaya , aadarsha and jaya .

In her room swadeenta is clicking selfies wid abhay and aadarshaa . adarsh comes there . adarsh says include me in ur selfie gang . swadeenta takes a selfie wid , adarsh ,adarshaa and abhay . her family was complete now wid abhay, adarshaa and adarsh . she sees adarsh and smiles , adarsh smiles back (jiya re plays )

Credit to: varshini

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    So..nice..Varshini.. i like it..yaar

  3. Its really nyc .cute kids abhaya,abhay,aadarsha,etc

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