The flight landed in Sydney late at night. Twinkle who was sleeping throughout the flight got up as soon as the plane bounced the tarmac before jerking to a halt. She looked at Kunj, who seemed like hadn’t slept all night. He looked tired as what she felt. The pilot thanked them and allowed them to get down the plane. The air hostess in the flight came to thank them politely. Kunj got up from his seat and helped Twinkle to get up from her seat, till that time a guy came to get their luggage. All the staff of the flight thanked and wished them. Soon Kunj and Twinkle were out of the flight and were moving out of the Sydney airport after all the checking and migration process. Twinkle as soon as moved out of the airport saw the sight and was not very impressed, she has never been to Australia, but yet she was excited. She turned to Kunj who was standing next to her waiting for the driver and his car.

Twinkle- Kunj

Kunj- Hmm

Twinkle- Kya hua, Chale?

Kunj- Kuch nahi, car to a jane do Twinkle (told her with a very blank expression)

Both were waiting for the car, twinkle in Sydney, she was excited as a child in a candy store.

Car finally came and after instructing Twinkle to sit in car, Kunj helped the driver to load all the luggage in. Twinkle who was not able to see much because of the darkness around was eager to see the beautiful city, as she has always heard Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Twinkle was eager to watch the sights as soon as the car started moving out of the airport but fatigue got the best of her and she slept in the car. She adjusted herself on the seat of the car and slept.

“Twinkle……Twinkle”- Twinkle heard someone whispering her name. She fluttered her eyes and saw Kunj beside her calling her name. She noticed that car has stopped and is standing under the porch. They must have arrived at Kunj house, she thought. She was clutching on to Kunj’s arm, she immediately backed away as soon as she realized. Kunj got out of the car and asked the driver to get the luggage. He opened Twinkle’s door and held out his hand. She took it as she exited the car.

Kunj- Ye mera ghar hai, well ab se hamara ghar

Twinkle mouth fell open as she saw the mansion. She has seen mansions in India but Kunj’s mansion was whole on a different scale.

Kunj’s house’s link-


Kunj led her inside the mansion and. The house was dark and Kunj didn’t bothered to turn the lights on. The main entrance only took Twinkle’s breath away, she was so much impressed with the mansion- high ceilings, marbled floor, grand staircase and of course since she has met Kunj, she has observed that everything he does is, done in a very royal and elegant way, so his home’s interior decoration was too done in a royal and luxurious way. Kunj led her upstairs and stopped in front of a door.

Kunj- Waise to mere, maids aur servants yaha nahi rehte kyuki mujhe apni privacy pasand hai aur waise bhi mein ghar mein kam hi rehta hu. But while coming from India told them to prepare the house.

Kunj explained as few servants were lifting and moving in a room to keep Twinkle’s luggage

Twinkle- Prepare the house?

Kunj- Ha…I mean clean the house and make sure everything is ready for you

Twinkle was confused what he is trying to say but didn’t questioned him further. Kunj moved ahead and opened a door for Twinkle and led her in. The room was larger than her room in India and had a big bed. Everything anyone could need in a bedroom was there. There was seating area, a lounge and an OLed TV hung on the wall with beautiful ceiling and designer walls and an expensive walk in closet and an impressive en-suite bathroom that could be found behind the two of the three doors in bedroom. Third door led out to terrace. Twinkle noticed that the bedroom was specially decorated to give a look of honeymoon suite with roses and marigold hung all over the bed and walls. Kunj had specified the staff not to put any flowers on bed. He didn’t want Twinkle to get wrong ideas. As Twinkle was taking a round in the room Kunj was watching each and every expression of her ad he found her to be elated.

Twinkle- “This is beautiful”, twinkle looking around the room

Kunj- I am glad that you liked it. Tumhara sara luggage closet mein rakh diya gaya hai. Rest now and unpack tomorrow.

Kunj turned to leave but he stopped at the door and turned around and said- Twinkle

Twinkle- hmm, turning her gaze towards Kunj

Kunj- Twinkle, I am really sorry

Twinkle being puzzled- Kyu, aap sorry kyu keh rahe hai ?

Kunj- Har cheez ke liye, for everything…..hamari shaadi, yeh merger, you are here away from everyone……just for everything

Kunj looked away from Twinkle. He was guilty about their marriage throughout the entire flight to Sydney. He was very well aware that Twinkle is a good and clean hearted person. He really wished, if he would have met her in different circumstances, then they would have been really good friends but now the situation was very different.

Twinkle- It’s not your fault, don’t say sorry please.

Kunj was leaving the room when Twinkle again said- Kunj,……aap….kaha ja rahe hai? (She asked hesitantly)

Kunj- Twinkle, this is your room, mera ghar ke dusri side hai. He said before walking out of the room and closing the door behind.

Twinkle looked around the room again and she said in her mind- ” I am married. I am here in Australia and I am all alone. I was seriously worried about the living arrangements. Kunj itne bhi bure nahi……Mein aur Kunj bilkul strangers hai. Ek saath ek hi room me mujhe khud bhi kuc thik nahi lag raha tha. I am happy that Kunj is considerate enough to have my own room. I should thank him, but abhi nahi in morning.

With that she went to sleep.


Twinkle being an early riser woke up. She took a hot and long shower and made her way to the closet where her luggage was kept. She took one of her bag and searched for a sari, her eyes finally fell on a red colored simple sari which was over all red in color with georgette material with a simple golden lace border and the blouse was a bit on heavy side with golden work on it.

Twinkle’s Sari –


She decided to wear that, as she thought it to be the best color for a wife to wear as it was her first official day as a wife. She quickly went down after getting ready and went towards kitchen, which was not very hard for her to find. She thought to surprise Kunj with a breakfast and not to ruin it by waking him up. After spending two hours in the kitchen a perfect Indian breakfast for Kunj was ready. Though she was not sure how Kunj was able to sleep with the noise of stove and utensils that she was making. She finished up cleaning the kitchen when she saw an elderly lad standing in front of her. She was really afraid of seeing her and so was the lady.

The elder lady- Who are you and how come you are here in the kitchen?

Twinkle- I should ask you the same question, who are you and what are doing here? Twinkle was really afraid but tried to compose herself and asked her confidently. She thought to inform Kunj anyhow as there was an intruder in the house, but the thing calmed her down was how can she have the key to enter the house.

The lady replied- I am Bebe, that’s what Kunj calls me. I am the head maid and care taker of this house. While speaking Bebe was continuously looking at Twinkle and the breakfast kept in the bowls

Bebe- U prepared all these dishes but why, the chef must be coming to prepare the breakfast for Kunj.

Bebe kept on speaking as she too was afraid and she was not giving a single chance for her to speak.

Twinkle (a bit loudly to make Bebe quite)- I am Twinkle, Kunj’s wife. I didn’t know that. I have already made it.

Bebe (after realizing)- Oh…. Kunj told me that he would be coming with his wife, I am sorry I didn’t realize that. Bebe smiled after realizing and she said –I am sorry, I didn’t know that you will wake so early.

Twinkle- Bebe, it’s alright.

Bebe stood there quietly and she asked – If you want any help you can tell me.

Twinkle after thinking, hesitantly said- Ummm Bebe….can you please contact the rest of the staff and give them a day off?

Bebe- Yes, I will do that, but are you sure?

Twinkle smiled – Yes, thank you.

Bebe- Ok

Twinkle liked Bebe, she thought her to be a sweet lady. She waited for Kunj to wake up. She again thought to wake Kunj so as the food doesn’t get cold, so she decided to better wake Kunj up. She asked Bebe and headed towards Kunj room. She was about to knock the door when it opened and Kunj appeared.

Kunj- Good morning!! With a bright smile

Twinkle- Good morning, I have prepared breakfast for you as a gesture to thank you for the room.

Kunj- Its Ok Twinkle, you dont need to thank me for such a small thing, as to what I want only is that you are comfortable.

Kunj and Twinkle came down while talking and Kunj was about to sit on breakfast table

Kunj- Oh (was all Kunj could say, once he saw what Twinkle had made. All Indian breakfast which he hated. He hated Indian breakfast)

Twinkle- U don’t like it, I will prepare something else for you.

Twinkle quickly started moving ahead kitchen when Kunj quickly grabbed her wrist and said

Kunj- Twinkle…… Its Ok….It’s true that I don’t like Indian breakfast but…it looks great and I would like to have it

Kunj quickly served him the food that was made by Twinkle and looked over Twinkle and said- Twinkle, will you not join me?

Twinkle just sat down next to Kunj’s seat and served some of the dishes in her plate, but she was not interested in eating but she was more interested in whether Kunj was liking the food or not.

Kunj- That’s delicious!! I have never had such delicious Indian food in my life

Twinkle- Thanks, I am happy that you liked it. She couldn’t help but blushed a little

Twinkle- But I promise I won’t make any Indian breakfast for you as you don’t like it. She said with a smile.

Kunj (relieved)- Thank you!!

Twinkle (in hesitation)- Kunj…….ummm….I

Kunj- What happened Twinkle, is everything alright?

Twinkle while looking down- Kunj, I hope you won’t mind…. I gave your staff day off today. Please don’t be angry.

Kunj being surprised- Really? Well, whatever you want, I don’t mind, but because you have given an off to chef, so you will have to cook both lunch and dinner for me. He said with a smirk on his face.

Twinkle just smiles looking at Kunj.

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