After Twinj’s sudden engagement and announcement of marriage, the rest of the night passed in few seconds. Kunj and Twinkle were together with each other whole night but never spoke a word to each other. They pretended to mingle with other guests who were congratulating them, though they had only one thing in their mind and that was their marriage. They both were not willing to marry each other, but neither Twinkle nor Kunj were in position to refuse their parents.


Next morning Kunj woke up with heavy eyes as he could not get any proper sleep the whole night. He was worried as what to do, but unfortunately, he very well knew in his heart that none of his plans are going to work. Kunj quickly got out of bed, took shower and thought that he will keep himself busy in work the whole day, but the luck was not in his favor. As soon as he went downstairs, Manohar called him. He saw his father and Chachu full ready, thought that they are also coming to office today.

Manohar- Kunj, tum uth ke taiyar ho gaye, chalo accha hai

Kunj- Yes Dad, kuch kaam tha

Manohar- Yes, my son, I am very happy with your decision of marrying Twinkle.

Kunj- Hmm

Manohar- Without wasting anytime, agar ham sab ready hai hi to chalo chalte hai

Kunj- Hmm

Surjeet- Kunj, puchoge nahi kaha ja rahe hai ?

Kunj- isme puchna kya hai office chal rahe hai !!

Surjeet and Manohar smiled looking at each other and then looked at Kunj who was looking them totally confused.

Surjeet- No my Son, ham office nahi, balki kahi aur ja rahe hai

Kunj who was now fully confused just gave them a questioning look, till then Manohar replied and Kunj became more shocked.

Manohar- We are heading for RT’s place to fix your marriage date (smiling widely)

Kunj was totally in shock but can’t do anything he walked with them towards the car. They reached RT’s mansion where Leela and RT were waiting for them at the door to welcome them. RT and Manohar hugged each other showing the happiness with the alliance. Leela moved towards Kunj and met him and welcomed him inside their home. Mahi was very happy to meet his Jiju again. She met him again being very excited. He just smiled looking at her.

Everyone sat on a sofa and there was a priest to fix the date of the marriage. After reviewing both of their kundalis, priest said- I have seen Twinkle and Kunj’s kundali, which is matching and total 32 gunas are matching. But as per their kundali the best marriage date for them is after 2 days.

Leela- Ye kya keh rahe hai aap pandit ji, sirf do din koi aur date nikaliye please.

Priest- Hmm, dekhta hu mein (after reviewing their horoscope priest agin said), ek aur taarikh hai lekin wo 1 saal baad ko hai

Everyone together except Twinkle and Kunj- Ek saal

Manohar- Nahi nahi hum itna intezaar nahi karenge.

RT – sahi kaha Manohar, hum do din baad ki hi date fix kar lete hai aur fir Kunj ko bhi to nikalna hai Sydney ke liye wapis

Leela- Suniye ji, lekin itni jaldi taiyari kaise hogi

Manohar- Arey Leela Bhabhiji, sari taiyariyan ho jayengi, hum sab mil ke karenge, aur hame karna kya hai ek event management ko laga do wo sara kaam hame kar ke deng

RT- Yes Manohar, sahi kaha tumne

Here every one of the family were discussing about the marriage and the preparations, whereas Kunj got another shock of his life, he has just two days left of his bachelorhood. He wanted to talk to his father but he was ignoring him and here Twinkle also became sad. First, she was now not interested in this marriage and now in just two days she will have to leave her home and family and secondly, she always dreamt of having a beautiful marriage where she will enjoy all her rituals but over here every one was planning to have everything in shortcut, just marriage and she will be in Sydney. A tear almost escaped her eyes but she managed to give a fake smile to everyone when she realized her mother calling her to take blessings from her elders. Everyone just hurried up and got busy in marriage preparations. Kunj and Twinkle did not even get a chance to talk to each other.

All the wedding preparations were done just in a day. RT and Manohar had spent a hefty amount of money for this marriage as it was a first marriage from their home and then it was all about their reputation. They paid a very good amount to dress designers and event management companies for the preparations to be done in two days and second thing he wants everything to be perfect and of course of their standard.

A Day Before Marriage

Kunj stood in front of a wide window of his bedroom and was observing sunset. The sky was painted with a mixture of yellow red and orange. It was looking really beautiful. Usually the scene always calmed Kunj but today he was feeling trapped. He was trapped in his father’s web and he knew if he will try to come out of the web then he can save himself but Twinkle will be ruined. Yes, from the time he said yes to marriage, he thought of many other plans to stop the marriage, but somewhere always dropped it thinking about Twinkle. He doesn’t want that pure soul to be hurt anymore just because of his stupid ideas.

Someone barged inside his room questioning him- Hey! What the hell is going on man? You call me out of the blue, ordering me to come to India….Why….What’s this about” It was UV who dint even bothered to knock

UV- You liar you said that Uncle had a heart attack, he is sitting fit and fine in his study room, agar meri help nahi karani thi Tahira ko patane mein to bata dena tha mein kis aur ko dhund leta.

UV was continuously blabbering and Kunj was just waiting for him to stop but seeing UV he thought that he will never stop

I am getting married- said Kunj turning himself to see the sunset again

UV was quiet and surprised to what Kunj has said and he was not able to believe what he said so just to confirm- What the hell? Is it true, u just came a week back and getting married. UV went near Kunj, kept his hand on his shoulder and whispered near his ear- Kunj, is she pregnant?

Kunj turned and was shocked to what he said and replied- UV, please stop kidding are you in your senses. UV pouted looking towards him.

Kunj again said- Dad is forcing me. He will cut me off otherwise. I am not left with any other choice.

UV- U r in a mess bro! He stood there for a moment, contemplating the situation- Have you met her?

Kunj- Yeah!! She is nice. A little traditional though, not my type” He said but wasn’t in mood to discuss anything

Uv in a very excited tone– Hey Kunj! You are getting married na, then you have to have a bachelor party!

Kunj smirked. Tonight, was the last night of his freedom. He thanked UV in his mind as the idea had not came in his mind. He deserves to have fun tonight. He turned to his best friend- Yaar UV, tu sahi keh raha hai- Kunj said with a grin on his face.


Twinkle was sitting on her bed with the bridal mehndi in her hands and legs.

HANDS- Check Here

LEGS- Check Here

She was looking all over the designer sarees lying over her bed. She always dreamed of perfect wedding ever she understood the meaning of marriage. Every girl had such big and beautiful dreams regarding her wedding. Since Twinkle has come to know about the wedding being a business deal, she has distanced herself from all wedding preparations. Anything she would do related to her wedding, it would remind of her father’s harsh ultimatum. She carefully got up from her bed and went out in her balcony not able to bear looking at them anymore.

Twinkle went out in her balcony and she was thinking about her marriage with Kunj.

Twinkle’s POV

I am getting married tomorrow, but not like this I wanted. I always wanted a beautiful wedding where I will enjoy each and every ritual of marriage but here hardly any rituals have been followed. A surprise engagement which was a shock for me and with a person who is not willing to marry me. I never expected that I will be given away to person who is not willing to marry me, just for a business deal. Oh God, my Papa, the person whom I considered will always think best for me is making me married to Kunj just for his business profits. She has tears in her eyes. Kunj, a person just met once and practically I know nothing about him. At first meet I found him sweet and caring natured guy, with really good looks. Other than that, I know nothing about my would-be husband. She smiled with tears in her eyes

Excited to be married Dii- Mahi chirped from behind

Twinkle listening Mahi’s voice immediately wiped off her unshed tears carefully as she had mehndi on her hands and turned towards Mahi and gave a small smile.

Twinkle- Bilkul my little sister ?

Mahi was totally unaware about the business deal disguised as wedding. Twinkle also kept it to herself as she doesn’t want her sister’s opinion to change for her father.

Next Scene- Kunj’s Bachelor Party

UV yelled- Yeah Man…..Party Time!!

Kunj, Uv and other of their friends entered high class bar in the outskirts of the city. Kunj smiled as UV pulled him into a bar. They cheered UV as he poured Kunj his first drink. He gulped down quickly and demanded another one, with that he had many drinks that night.

UV- Ok guys…so the plan for tonight is…get drunk as much as possible, hit the clubs and dance with the se***et women we can find, back to hotel…. with hookers. UV was already drunk and thought that night was young.

Kunj’s other friends laughed out loudly and approved the plan. Kunj just shook his head and grabbed UV’s hand to get attention.

Kunj- No hooker’s UV

UV- Strippers they are Kunj.

Kunj just laughed. He knew it would be impossible to convince his best friend to convince for an innocent bachelor party, which even he was not aware whether one existed. Kunj decided to go along with UV’s plan. They drunk hard the whole night. UV quickly found a beautiful girl to dance with on the dance floors. Kunj decided to stand aside as he was not in a mood to dance.

Hey there!!- A lady shouted because of the loud music

Kunj- Hi

Kunj saw her and she was wearing cherry red open shoulder backless bow halter dress, knee length with a slit near her mid-thigh wearing a cone heel plump. The lady came near Kunj and placed her hand on her chest. She pushed him against the wall and brought her lips near his ear.

Lady- Why don’t u let me make your night extra special and interesting for you handsome?

Kunj always liked outgoing and bold girls and she was one of them.

Kunj smirked and replies- Hi am Kunj

Lady- Nita

They were standing very close to each other but because of the loud music they have to shout and talk. Nita grabbed Kunj’s arm and dragged him to the dance floor. She placed his hands on her waist and turned and started dancing with him. Kun was enjoying and he moved his hands-on Nita’s body. He too started dancing as per the beats.

Nita- Married?

Kunj- Nope….Engaged. Kunj was well aware about the fact that the way he was dancing with Nita was not correct especially when he was about to get married the other day, but he thought that he is not in love with Twinkle. Twinkle was practically a stranger for him, so as per that he was not doing anything wrong.

While he was thinking that he realized that Nita closed the little distance they had between them and said- Engaged is not married dear and she brushed her lips with that of Kunj. Kunj immediately took a step back as he thought of Twinkle. He thought again “I don’t love her” so he moved further and pecked her lips. But suddenly moved back and left her on the dance floor. He was coming down when UV again came near him- Hey bro!! .

UV came near Kunj but after seeing Nita, passed by Kunj, he moved towards her

UV- Hey there gorgeous

Nita- Hi (uninterested)

Uv- huh..Kunj chale??

Kunj- Hmm (turning back to Nita)- It was fun

Nita- Sure, it has been. She leaned forward and kissed Kunj’s cheek.

UV dragged Kunj out of the bar and they left for the hotel. Kunj was really tired and drunk but was not ready to call it a night as he knew that UV will never allow him to do that.

Kunj and others entered the hotel room. Suddenly the lights were dim and slow and a sensual music started coming through the speakers which were kept all over the room. There was a curtain around the bed and from that a hand emerged. All of a sudden, the curtain was dropped and there were few ladies in traditional dresses dancing in a sensual way. Kunj was shocked and he turned towards UV, who was busy watching the dancers hungrily.

“Kya Kunj tumne kaha tha ki no hookers, tumne ye nahi kaha tha ki no strippers “- UV said very innocently and gave a pouted look to Kunj who was angry and was giving a death glare to him.

Here I end the episode…. I hope u all won’t be mad at me after reading Kunj’s this side, but as I already mentioned, Kunj is a sweet caring good and hot guy but a player. So please don’t get angry and also I apologize as today not much of Twinkle was shown but I promise further u all will get mostly twinj scenes only and in next episode they will be married.

Please do hit like buttons with your comments, also ignore grammatical mistakes.

See you guys soon 🙂

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