Twinkle- WHAT?? Twinkle was shocked after listening to what Liam told her. Kunj wants to take her and the condition he kept is if I will agree then he will give them 40% of share. What does he think of himself. I will never agree to this kind of disgusting condition. I need to talk to him.

Twinkle turned towards Mr. Liam and asked- Liam, if you don’t mind, I need to talk to Mr. Sarna.

Liam nodded and left from his cabin to call Kunj.

Kunj on the other side was smirking thinking about how he made a deal with Liam and kept his conditions. Though he was quite happy that Liam thought about Twinkle, but he anyhow wants her back in his life and for that he will do anything.

While he was thinking about all this when he saw Mr. Liam returning back but alone, Twinkle was not with him. Kunj smirked in his mind that finally he will get a chance to talk to Twinkle alone. Liam walked towards Kunj.

Liam- I told you Mr. Kunj, she is a very genuine person and she will not agree easily.

Kunj just smirked and said- I don’t need listen anything right now, tell me your answer.

Liam- You want Twinkle, she is in my cabin, go and talk to her. I think your proposal of giving me 40% is going to fail.

Kunj- We will see. With that Kunj walked out to go to Liam’s cabin.

He opened the door only to see Twinkle sitting on a chair waiting for him in the cabin, her back towards him. As soon as Kunj closed the door, Twinkle got up and turned to see him.

Twinkle- Kunj. Twinkle was getting really emotional, but still stopped her tears to flow down as she don’t want to show herself weak in front of Kunj.

Kunj- Nice to meet you Twinkle. Kunj said but kept a decent distance and kept his back to the wall. Kunj also did not expressed but he knew how he had stopped himself by not embracing Twinkle tight. He had his name from her mouth after so long time.

Twinkle- Kunj, I will come directly to the point, why do you want me to come and work in your company. Let me tell you before you say anything else- my answer is no, I am not ready to work with you.

Kunj smirked- You have changed Twinkle, I can see that. You are not that old Twinkle whom I met and got married to. Anyways, you just gave me an answer, but still I will give some time to think. Your answer will still remain no, if I say that am not ready to hear that answer. Ms. Twinkle, I will also come directly to the point, if your answer is no, then be ready to see this company locked.

Twinkle was shocked to what Kunj said and angrily said with her voice raised- You can’t do that.

Kunj- I will do that and make sure each and every loses his job and your dear Liam will be left with nothing.

Twinkle – How can you stoop so ow Kunj? How can you do this? She said shouting.

Kunj- C’mon Twinkle, at least I am letting you know, not like you, leaving people without any reason.

Twinkle turned at Kunj and said- Don’t drag our past in this. I am not coming with you and I will resign from this company, then you cannot do anything.

Kunj- I am liking this Twinkle, you are challenging me, try and be ready to face the consequences.

Twinkle- If you are trying to blackmail me, then forget it I….

Kunj- Listen Ms. twinkle, I am not interested in all your stuff, you just have to agree with me, else you don’t know me, I can do anything. Kunj said in a very serious and dangerous tone which made Twinkle a little afraid.

Twinkle tried her best not to show Kunj that she was afraid and spoke not making any eye contact- What is the deal?

Kunj- Cool, so now listen, you have to work with me as my PA till this project is going on, but if you plan to leave in the middle of the project then the 40% so share that I am offering will be taken from this company and also you will have to pay the bond amount which you will have to sign.

Twinkle- Bond amount? What is that?

Kunj- Yes Twinkle, I am a businessman and I know how to take care of all my deals. The bond amount will be in the deal papers which you will have to sign.

Twinkle- Hmm. Twinkle was quite sad as to what had happened today and then she thought and said- Kunj, whatever you try I am not going to come back to you.

Kunj- Don’t give so much importance to yourself Twinkle, whatever you did in past I hate you for that. What you thought that you will just leave divorce papers and walk out of our marriage and I will back after you to take you back, then you are wrong. I will show you what hell is, did you get that.

Kunj said as he got really angry, he did not want to bring this topic but his anger overpowered him and seeing him this angry Twinkle got afraid but also was shocked that blamed her for their broken marriage, was he not to be blamed to what he did.

Kunj broke her chain of thoughts and said- Let’s go, everyone must be waiting, especially Mr. Liam.

Twinkle was disappointed and this was seen by Kunj. He knew that he shouted on her, yes, he was angry but he also felt bad and it was more important for Twinkle to be near him, so that he can win her back and get to know the reason that why she left him all of a sudden.

Twinkle left for the day and reached UV’s and Chinki’s house where she saw them to be waiting for her.

UV- Her Twinkle, how was your day?

Twinkle- Hmm good. She thinks- I need to tell this to them as it is really important for them to know.

Twinkle- UV, Chinki, I need to tell you something really important

UV Chinki together- We are listening Twinkle.

Twinkle- The company TK’s owner is none other than Kunj and from day after tomorrow I will be going to TK office as Kunj’s PA.

UV and Chinki- What? But why you agreed?

Twinkle- He made the situation like that, I had no other option. She told them each and every detail whatever happened in her office.

UV- Hmm, Kunj is very stubborn, anyways let’s see what happens.

Chinki- I will murder him, how can he do like that with you?

UV- Chinki!!

Twinkle- Chinki, please don’t even think like that, I still love him a lot.

Chinki- Even after what he did to you, never, I hate that man.

Twinkle- Chinki please.

UV- Chinki, think maturely by murdering him, we will be the one in trouble and please he was my best friend, so don’t even think like that for him. I still care for him. UV said sternly on which Chinki didn’t say anything as she knew it won’t be good for her.

Twinkle- Chinki, rather than thinkin all this stupid stuff solves the problem I am in now.

UV- Twinkle, there is no solution, you have signed the bond and now you have to go to his office.

Twinkle- Not that UV, about boyfriend.

Chinki- Once there will be a need we will arrange that also.

Twinkle- Actually, I have to tell you something else also…… b….because of Eureka’s and TK have collaborated so there is a party and he has asked me to come with my boyfriend. Twinkle said and pouted.

UV and Chinki both together- Whhaatttt!!!

UV- Now this is a problem.

Chinki- I have an idea.

UV- No Chinki, please don’t use any of your ideas.

Twinkle- UV please, am already nervous, don’t make me more.

Chinki- At least listen to me please.

Twinkle- Please tell me, I am listening.

Chinki- Twinkle, my cousin is here for a visit and I will ask him to act like your boyfriend.

UV- No ways, you are mad.

Chinki- Do you have any better idea then tell otherwise do what I am doing.

Twinkle- I am with you Chinki.

UV- You guys are not understanding, he would have been really jealous.

Twinkle said but sadly- UV, I know he would be jealous, if he loves me, but unfortunately, he never loved me.

Chinki- Ok, I am calling him. Twinkle you don’t need to be sad for person who never loved you. We will teach him a lesson.

Chinki- Hello, Naman. Chinki called her cousin and said over the phone.

Naman, I need your help, please come over my place.

Twinkle- Chinki, I am with you but do you think it will actually work…. I mean, I don’t know him and…

Chinki- Do not worry Twinkle, he is good looking, handsome and s*xy and on top of that committed, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

Chinki, Twinkle and UV came forward and started planning to what they need to do so that Kunj is assured that Naman is her boyfriend and they need to tell him that Twinkle has moved on from Kunj.


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