Warning: Mature Content Ahead (People who are underage and uncomfortable reading, please don’t read).

Twinkle- That was so beautiful. I just can’t believe this.

Kunj- Well believe it. Kunj said kissing her softly. Come with me. He took her hand and stood up and started to pull to another part of yacht.

Twinkle- We are not staying out here?

Kunj smirked and said- No we need some privacy.

Twinkle- What for?

Kunj- Wait and see.

He led her downstairs into the interior part of the yacht. There was a luxurious living area and leather couches and bar. Kunj quickly walked through the living area straight to the very large and romantic bedroom. He felt a tug on his hand.

Twinkle- Kunj, I don’t…… They had stopped walking and stood in the doorway of the bedroom.

Kunj asked confused- What’s wrong Twinkle?

Twinkle- What are we doing here?

Kunj- We are going to spend the night here. Isn’t it romantic? Kunj answered, gesturing to the dimmed lighting, king size bed with silk sheets and a bucket of champagne resting on the bedside table.

Twinkle- Yes, it is, but I think we should go home.

Kunj didn’t like the idea and frowned. He turned to Twinkle, looking at her carefully and asked- Why, are you ok?

Twinkle- Yes, I am fine, just want to go home.

Kunj- Twinkle, are you not enjoying yourself? Kunj asked but right now he had become so confused. He thought that Twinkle would love to stay here and spend night on the yacht, but here she was trying her best possible to leave as soon as possible.

Twinkle- Kunj, I am enjoying and also, I loved your surprise, but…. Twinkle tried to console Kunj but she was sure that by saying this she was hurting his feelings, but she knew that once they go home, he would be happier than he’s ever been. She was sure of it.

Kunj after listening that Twinkle wants to go home become sad and asked- Why do you want to go home?

Twinkle- I… I just want spend night at home not on the boat. Twinkle said knowingly also she knew she was hitting a soft spot. Kunj hated when she referred his precious yacht as boat.

Kunj had now mixture of feelings. He was angry, he was sad and was irritated, and all of it was visible on his face- Twinkle, you don’t need to be afraid. It’s not going to sink or anything when we are asleep and hell we are not going sleep tonight. And it’s a yacht not a boat. Kunj spent so much of money and put so much of effort into making this night perfect and all Twinkle was asking him to do is go back home and he was not prepared for it.

Twinkle now very innocently- Kunj, I am not afraid, it just that I don’t want to spend night here. I want to go home. It’s our anniversary, Kunj, shouldn’t I get whatever I want?

Twinkle was not happy to what she just said to Kunj, but she needed to convince Kunj to take her home.

Kunj- You are right. You should get whatever you want today as it’s your anniversary. Let me just call the driver.

Kunj was sad which was visible on his face, also was no longer enthusiastic and sounded very stiff.

Twinkle also sighed and followed him upstairs. He just needed to wait till they reach home.

The limo ride was silent for the most part. Twinkle tried talking to him but Kunj wasn’t that interested. It’s not that he was angry on her or being mean or rude. He did answer all what Twinkle asked or whatever she was talking, he was just replied in a one-word answer either yes or no, but he replied nonetheless. He didn’t touch her at all which was very uncharacteristic of him.

Once they arrived, Kunj flung the door and got out of his limo, while the driver hurried and open the door for Twinkle. Twinkle followed Kunj to the door. He opened it and waited for her to enter before closing it with a slam.

“Kunj”- Twinkle wasn’t able to say more than that. Kunj kissed her roughly, pushing her up against the front door. It was a dominating kiss which surprised Twinkle. She let Kunj overtake her with ease, feeling guilty that she made him take her home. He kept his hands situated on her waist, not letting them wander. Soon, he broke the kiss, leaving Twinkle breathing heavily.

Kunj said in a whisper- Let’s go upstairs. He started walking up the stairs towards his room. Twinkle hesitantly followed him. She watched him as he opened the door of his room.

Kunj stopped short. He looked into the room and looked back at Twinkle, a smile playing at his lips and said- Now I understand why the hell you were so eager to come home.

Twinkle and Kunj’s room had been completely transformed into a scene straight out of a romantic movie. The bed sheets had been replaced with the red silk ones and rose petals spread about in the shape of with two swans made of towel kissing each other. There were candles all over the bedroom. There were decorations and flowers spread everywhere and a transparent canopy made over the king-sized bedroom completed the scene.

Kunj- We don’t have to (after a brief pause), don’t feel obligated just because it’s our wedding anniversary.

Twinkle smiled and said- I want to.

Kunj smiled at her. He understood what Twinkle had in her mind. Tonight, was the night when they would consummate their marriage. He took a step forward and kissed her as he led her into the bedroom and closed the door behind him. He made sure he locks it even though they were the only two in the mansion. Kunj attached his lips with Twinkle’s lips again, resting his hands on her waist. She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss.

Suddenly she pulled away smiling and said- You know how you’ve never got a chance to take off a saree.

Kunj nodded and was at loss of words.

Twinkle- Well now is your chance. She smiled deviously.

Kunj- Shit. He said under his breath and kissed her again more roughly and urgently this time.

Kunj hands move to the drape of Twinkle’s saree, tugging it off her shoulder. The fabric fell off easily revealing her sleeveless blouse underneath. He held it firmly in his hand as Twinkle stepped away from him. His eyes followed her, slightly bewildered. She moved further back and then slowly turned around. Her saree was coming undone. Kunj caught on quickly and began pulling at the fabric in his hand, speeding up the process as Twinkle continued to turn around in full circles. Soon, the fabric gave way, leaving Twinkle in just her blouse and underskirt. Her blouse was cropped to show the extent of her midriff for which Kunj was grateful. He walked up to her and caressed her bare waist, capturing her lips with his once again. He felt Twinkle holding the buttons of his shirts. He quickly stripped off his tuxedo jacket and then allowed Twinkle to unbutton his shirt.

Kunj stepped back, looking down at his bare torso and looked back at Twinkle- I think this is not fair.

Twinkle- What?

Kunj said pointing him- I am shirtless and you are not. He finished and smirked.

Twinkle’s cheeks burned. She looked down immediately. She leaned down to pick her saree, turned and began to walk away. Kunj reached out and held her hand, pulling her back to him. He let his other hand travel to her back to her bare lower back, working its way up. Twinkle’s eyes closed and her grip tightened around her fabric that she had just picked up. She felt Kunj unfastening her blouse as it grew looser and looser. He pulled at her blouse, opening it completely, exposing more of her back. He peeled her blouse further off her shoulders gently. Kunj unzipped her side of the blouse, reaching around to pull it down. He kissed her neck, sucking it lightly. Kunj opened his eyes and turned around Twinkle and she smiled shyly at him.

Kunj kissed her backing her up against the wall. Twinkle felt him removing her blouse. She felt a brief panic, feeling the need to cover up, but Kunj’s affection was obscuring her senses. She let his lips travel lower down her neck, sucking at her sweet spot. His tongue licked at her skin as he moved lower to the space between her br***ts.

Kunj fingers mover over the fabric of her b*a, causing a sweet sensation in her chest causing a sweet sensation in her chest. In a swift movement, Kunj tossed aside Twinkle’s blouse. His tongue began to explore her bust line, dipping into the space between her br***ts. Twinkle tried her hardest to suppress a moan. Kunj skillfully undid Twinkle’s b*a using a single hand. Twinkle gasped and took a step back holding her b*a in place before it had a chance to fall. She turned around quickly. Kunj stood straight and carefully walked around the room, blowing out all the candles and dimming the room lights, so now there was a dim light in the room, Kunj made his way back to Twinkle. His fingers lightly ran down her completely bare back. He sprinkled kisses down it before pulling her towards bed. Kunj moved the comforters to cover up them both. He didn’t even brush the rose petal and kissed her with sudden urgency. The kiss was so passionate. His tongue licked her lips, waiting for an entrance, and immediately seeking that his lips started massaging Twinkle’s. While kissing he could feel his best chest rubbing against Twinkle and kiss became more fervent. Kunj flipped Twinkle so that she was on top of him, a position he would never allow but to see what she was capable of once given control. Twinkle hesitated first but then gained confidence to kiss Kunj down his chest and down his abdomen. Her fingers brushed against the waistband of his pants, making him curse. She paused for a second. Kunj took advantage of her hesitation and got rid of his rest of the clothes. Twinkle now laid beside him and he propped himself on one elbow and reached over to cup her cheek and kiss her again.

Kunj- Touch me Twinkle.

Kunj moved Twinkle’s hands and pressed them against his chest guiding them lower and lower until they disappeared under the covers to explore the part of a man’s body most foreign to her. Kunj moaned in pleasure. Twinkle’s heartbeat quickened as she grew more anxious. She was reaching unfamiliar territory. She’s never been this intimate with Kunj before. Kunj grabbed her stopping her hands from pleasuring him further. He loosened her underskirt under the covers and slid it down revealing her long and beautiful legs. He had never seen Twinkle’s legs as they were always hidden under her long sarees.

Kunj moved a little bit to see the beauty lying in front of her. He kissed her neck again, licked and sucked it leaving a red mark on her neck. He nipped at her lips attempting to distract her again as he ran his hand over her flat stomach and hooked a finger to pull down the only cloth left on her body, Twinkle pulled to covers over her chest and shifted to allow Kunj to remove the last piece of clothing she had on easily.

Kunj licked down her neck and moved the covers lower. He took a deep breath and flicked his tongue on her right ni***e and rolled her left ni***e with his thumbs and index fingers.

Twinkle- Kunjjjjjj. She moaned loudly.

Kunj- You like that Twinkle? He asked huskily as he continued rolling and sucking like a baby.

Twinkle again moaned his name wanting him to stop. Kunj looked at her and smirked. He knew he was driving her crazy. He leaned and pressed his body into her. Twinkle gasped when she felt the extent of his arousal.

It’s going to hurt at first- Kunj explained.

He felt Twinkle beginning to sit up.

Twinkle- Hurt?

Kunj- Just a little and then I am going to make you feel such intense pleasure that will driver you wild.

Twinkle looked down unsurely and Kunj could sense her nervousness. He gave her a gentle reassuring kiss and said- Twinkle, I love you.

Twinkle- I love you too. She said lying back down and pulling Kunj on top of her.

Kunj smiled and removed the comforter. Kunj moved down and kissed her inner thigh. Twinkle shivered at his touch but screamed his name in pleasure when he slipped his finger inside her. After sometime Kunj started to kiss and sucked her there. She was continuously moaning and getting the pleasure. Kunj slowly moved away, went up and kissed her again.

Kunj- I think now you are ready.

Kunj  positioned himself and slowly entered her. Twinkle let out small gasps and moans as he entered her completely.

He looked at Twinkle with worry, when Twinkle said- I am ok Kunj.

Kunj smiled but waited for two minutes for her to adjust and then started thrusting her. At first it wasn’t that pleasurable for Twinkle but later she also started feeling good and started moaning in approval which made Kunj to speed up his thrusts. Kunj started sucking her br***t while making love and the only thing that was coming out of Twinkle’s mouth was Kunj’s name.

Kunj and Twinkle’s love making was intense, intimate and extremely sensual. They climaxed together and Kunj fell on top of Twinkle.

Kunj- This was beautiful and you are beautiful Twinkle. I love you so much.

Twinkle- I love you too Kunj.

Kunj- Are you ok? Did I hurt you?

Twinkle- Yes, am fine but I am tired Kunj.

Kunj chuckled. They both cuddled and kissed for a while and slowly fell asleep in each other’s arm thinking the same thing, about how today was the best day of their lives.

Finally! Twinkle and Kunj consummated their marriage.

I don’ know what I have written and how, I just hope you all will like it as I have never written a stuff like this. I hope it is not vulgar.

Tell me how you all like the update.

Thank you to all those who commented on my last episode.

Please comment and share your views.

Love you all!! 🙂

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