Kunj- This night couldn’t get any longer. I thought that after the last award they will let us leave, but no, they want to feed us too. Kunj complained as the dinner for the evening was getting served.

Twinkle bit back a laugh.

UV- Oh Common Kunj! Look at the food, it looks yummy. UV commented, his mouth watering at the sight of chicken in front of him.

Mahi- Yes Jiju, why you want to leave so early. It feels like we are at Oscars. I never want this night to end.

Kunj looked at Mahi wide eyed. He wanted this night to end as soon as possible. He looked at Twinkle, who was looking amused by the whole situation. It looked like that she was enjoying Kunj’s suffering. Kunj sighed and accepted defeat. He decided the best thing he could do in this situation was be cordial, instead biter. Maybe actually being open and enjoying the rest of the evening will make the evening pass by quickly.

Kunj silently ate his dinner. He glanced over Twinkle and was surprised to find her eyes on him. He held her gaze for a moment before leaning over and whispering to her.

Kunj- Are you Ok?

Twinkle- I am fine. She said looking away and continued eating her dinner.

Kunj continued to watch her. She seemed normal, but something about her was off. Maybe she also wanted the night to end quickly so that they can celebrate their first anniversary properly, or maybe she was upset that he hadn’t done more to commemorate such an important day in their lives. Kunj sank deeper and deeper into thought, and the more he convinced himself that Twinkle was upset with him. She contributed very little to the conversation, which would have been common in any other business party but she always talks with Mahi, but tonight she was quiet.

UV- Kunj! Hello! Yooohooo!! Come back on earth Kunj. UV tried to get Kunj’s attention.

Kunj- Yeah, what! Sorry. Kunj said breaking his chain of thoughts.

UV- Where are you lost? You are missing such an important conversation.

Kunj- Sorry, what conversation? Kunj said giving undivided attention.

UV- Do you think I look better in suits or casual?

Kunj- What?

UV- Kunj, it is a serious question. Chinki says suits, but I think casual. Be the tie breaker.

Kunj said half-heartedly- Ummm… I think suits.

UV- Wow! What a friend I have, always takes Chinki side UV whined and turned towards Twinkle- Twinkle, you tell what you think?

Twinkle- Suits are much better but my favorite is tuxedo. Twinkle said all while looking at Kunj.

Kunj looked down at his tuxedo and smiled at Twinkle. She knew how to make him feel better. He noticed UV’s changed expression, once he looked at the grey suit he was wearing. UV looked up at Kunj’s tuxedo.

UV- Maybe I should have worn a tuxedo. He said and Chinki kissed him on his cheeks.

Chinki- You are so cute, no matter what you wear.

UV- Only cute. UV pouted crossing his arms over his chest

Everyone at the table burst in laughter. UV always knew how to make people laugh around him.

Mahi- Dessert. Mahi exclaimed, after all their courses had been served. Dinner had been going on for a little over an hour.

Kunj- No thanks. Kun refused any type of dessert being offered. He took Twinkle’s hand and stood up and said- Well, we are leaving Thanks for coming everyone, but some of us have an anniversary to celebrate.

Kunj pulled Twinkle along with him as he hurried toward the door. He could barely hear UV protest on his early departure as he rushed to the exit.

Kunj- That was the longest dinner ever! Kunj commented once they reached outside. He looked around for the driver.

Twinkle- We didn’t even have dessert.

Kunj smiled squeezing her hand and said- Don’t worry my darling Twinkle. I will make sure you have your dessert. Kunj chuckled.

They found the limo and sat down.

Twinkle- Are we going home? She asked once the driver started the limo.

Kunj- Nope.

Twinkle- Then, where are going?

Kunj smiled and said- It’s a surprise Twinkle.

Twinkle complained and said- Oh no! It’s always a surprise.

Kunj- Yeah, so by now you should not ask.

Twinkle sat back defeated. She no longer pestered Kunj about where he was taking her.

Twinkle- Will I get wet again?

Kunj- You might.

She looked down at her expensive saree and then looked back at Kunj in horror.

Twinkle asked- Might?

He looked over her and said bluntly- There’s water where we are going.

Twinkle leaned over and rested her chin on one of Kunj’s shoulders. She moved closer to him so that her lips brushed against his earlobe as she spoke- Kunj, please tell me where we are going. I will give you treat of you do. She whispered. She ran her hand down Kunj’s arm and gently kissed his neck.

Kunj shivered. His body stiffened. He wasn’t expecting this from Twinkle. He shook his head slowly.

Kunj- No way Twinkle. Kunj said putting some distance between him and Twinkle and said again- I am not telling anything.

He took a deep breath trying to stay strong. Twinkle pouted and slid all the way to the other side of the car. Kunj smiled at how childish she was acting. He knew she would love tonight’s surprise that he had store in for her. He didn’t want to ruin it by telling her in advance.

By the time Kunj and Twinkle reached their destination, it was dark outside. Twinkle hoped that they wouldn’t be stuck celebrating outside in the cold at night.

Kunj exclaimed- We are here.

He didn’t wait for the driver to open his door. He threw his door open and quickly rushed around the limo to Twinkle’s side, opening the door for her. He took her hand and led her down as they made it to the end of the dock. She suddenly stopped, tugging Kunj by hand, stopping him too.

Twinkle- We…… are we…… we are not jumping in, are we?

Kunj looked at her in disbelief and said- What kind of celebration is that?

Twinkle- Well I don’t know. You always plan something out of the box.

Kunj asked sadly- So, you don’t like my surprises?

Twinkle- I love them but I don’t know what to expect, that’s all.

Kunj pointed out at the water and said- That’s the surprise.

Parked in the water was a large luxurious yacht.

Twinkle asked looking at Kunj- A boat?

Kunj frowned as he didn’t like his yacht to be referred as boat- Twinkle, it’s not a boat.

Twinkle said as she has never seen anything like this- It’s a really big boat.

It was a large and white in color with several tiers. Twinkle could make out Jacuzzi and several sofas laid out on one of the decks. There seemed to be bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen as well as diving board off the side for those who wanted to do surfing. It could easily cater dozens of people, but Twinkle was sure that she and Kunj would be alone.

Kunj- Twinkle, please don’t call it a boat, it’s a yacht. Come on.

He excitedly pulled her on the edge of the deck they were standing on. The yacht made its way closer to the edge of the deck.

Twinkle now asked as she was completely in awe of the magnitude of the yacht- Is this yours?

Kunj- No, 75% is mine.

Twinkle- What?

Kunj- UV and I share it. I own 75% of it and UV owe 25% of it. I paid 75% of the money and rest was paid by UV. That’s why, but it’s ok as I will use it more anyway.

Twinkle- But you never told me about it. She never noticed Kunj using this yacht ever since they were married.

Kunj- it’s new, that’s why.

Twinkle- How new?

Kunj- I bought the next day when you told me that you love me.

Twinkle- What? But why?

Kunj- I needed somewhere special to celebrate our first marriage anniversary. UV just wanted to own it, so I let him own a part of it.

Twinkle was shocked and loss of words. Something like this so luxurious and which would probably cost millions of dollars and Kunj bought just because he wanted celebrate their anniversary somewhere. It was not worth that he had spent so much of money just to surprise Twinkle.

Twinkle- You…. but…… you should have talked me about it first?

The yacht was in front of them ready to be boarded. Kunj paused. He never thought that Twinkle will ever oppose how he sent money.

Kunj- Are you mad, if I would have told you, it would have ruined my surprise.

Twinkle- But it’s irresponsible.

Kunj- Who ever said that I am responsible? Kunj countered just to lighten the mood.

Twinkle- Kunj.

Kunj- Twinkle, we are not in any financial trouble at al. Profits are bigger and better than last year. This is not going to give us any kind of setback. And I have always wanted to buy a yacht. Don’t you like it>

Twinkle- It’s wonderful. I just…. you don’t need to buy yacht just to surprise me. Twinkle said revealing her concern which Kunj smile.

Kunj- I don’t mind, I will do anything to make you happy.

Twinkle smiled back at him. He offered his hand. She took it, and both of them boarded a yacht. Kunj took Twinkle to the highest deck. The yacht started pulling away from the dock and heading out in the sea. The sight was breathtaking, the city, skyline could be seen from afar. The lights from the city illuminated the sky. The dark blue waters proved to be the perfect contrast. Soon, they were far enough out in the sea that the city lights were also no longer seen.

Kunj sat down on one of the sofas out on the yacht deck. He pulled Twinkle onto his lap and kissed her. He laid down, pulling her on top of him. Their kiss deepened. Kunj’s hand snaked around Twinkle’s waist. Kunj wanted to flip them over so that he can be on top and could have more control on the kiss, but he knew if he will try to do that they will fall down. Kunj broke the kiss and sat up, moving Twinkle from on top of him so that she was now sitting beside him.

Kunj exclaimed- Dessert!

Twinkle complained- Kunj!

Kunj chuckled- You said you wanted dessert. You can have anything you want. He knew that Twinkle was getting into romance, and he purposely was making her wait.

Twinkle rolled her eyes and said- I want a sundae I guess.

Kunj- Coming right up. Kunj stood up and disappeared. Kunj returned with woman following him. She had a cart with several types of cakes and brownies on it. Another woman appeared from the interior part of the yacht, holding ice cream sundae as Twinkle’s requested.

Here you are my beautiful wife! Your sundae! – Kunj said, handing Twinkle ice cream sundae.

The women left, leaving the cart of desserts with Kunj.

Twinkle- Are there other people on this boat? Twinkle asked as the women leave.

Kunj- Just the people who are working for me. The captain who is driving this yacht and there’s a chef and waitresses and a maid.

Twinkle thought they would be by themselves and asked- Can they see us?

Kunj- No, not at all. The kitchen is in the interior and the captain is on the other part of the yacht. And there are no cameras or anything, Twinkle. Don’t worry.

Twinkle started to eat her sundae, while Kunj started eating brownie. He then moved on to a piece of cake. Twinkle had only eaten half of her sundae and she was done.

Twinkle- Kunj, you are going to gain weight, if you eat so much of sweets.

Kunj smirked and said- Hell, no. I am going to work out tomorrow. Don’t worry Twinkle, I know how much you love my body.

Twinkle blushed. She never once revealed how much she admired Kunj’s nicely sculpted abs and his large muscles, but it was true. She loved his body.

Twinkle- Um… Kunj, I think you have had enough cake. Twinkle said taking away the plate of cake that he was eating.

She moved closer to Kunj and started nibbling his ear. Kunj mouth was still full of cake, stared at her in shock. She was being extremely bold tonight, and it was extremely s*xy!

Kunj- Damn. He exclaimed under his breath, after swallowing his cake. He kissed her enveloping her lips with his. Kunj forced her mouth open, tasting every part of it. Twinkle felt Kunj moving forward, forcing her backwards so that she was lying beneath him on the sofa. Their kiss became more and more passionate. Twinkle eyes fluttered closed as her senses guide her. Suddenly, she heard something in the sky. She opened her eyes to see a burse of color light up the dark night sky.

Fireworks! – Twinkle said breaking the kiss with Kunj.

Twinkle sat u and watched the fireworks, working what the occasion was. She felt Kunj’s arm around her. She propped her feet up on the sofa and leaned into Kunj, resting her head on is shoulder as she watched the sky light up with colors.

Twinkle- I wonder what this for is.

Kunj- me too.

Twinkle- Oh my god! There are words as well. Happy. Twinkle said as the word “Happy” appeared in the sky.

Twinkle- Anniversary.

She paused and turned to look at Kunj and then turned around to look back up at the fireworks.

Twinkle- She finished as the last word appeared in the sky.

Happy Anniversary Twinkle- Kunj repeated the words that had just illuminated the sky.

Hey friends! How are you all?

So the final surprise is here.

Kunj is so sweet. Buying yacht and fireworks and sweets for Twinkle. He is just behaving as a perfect husband.

So the next chapter will be the most awaited episode, that you all are requesting it to write .i.e they will consummate their marriage. I dont know what I will write and how will I write.

Just hope that it should be good enough that you all enjoy.

Kiya- The episode is for you, my dear friend, on your request.

Please like and share you views.

Love to all my readers. 🙂

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