Kunj woke up disappointed to not find Twinkle beside him. Today was their first anniversary. He actually wanted to find Twinkle sleeping in his embrace, and he can give him a cute gift which she always wanted. This secret was actually revealed to him by Mahi and now much to his dismay he woke up alone on the bed. He reluctantly got out of the bed and got ready for the day. As far as Kunj remember, the award ceremony was about to start around 5 in the evening. Kunj decided that one surprise he will give it to her now but the other half of the surprise he will give it to her after the party, so that they won’t rush for anything. After all, it was an important day for her. Kunj went down eager to see his wife with the surprise hiding behind his hand.

Surprise- Twinkle exclaimed, spatula in her hand.

There was a large breakfast spread laid on the table. From pancakes to scrambled eggs to sausages and waffles, everything anyone can imagine was on the table.

Kunj was actually surprised as he wanted to give her a surprise first but Twinkle surprised him with such a lavish and of course all his favorites that he can get in the morning.

He anyways brought the box ahead and gave it to Twinkle. It was a golden retriever puppy in a box. He was very cute and a bunch of roses for Twinkle. He gave it to her and she was at that time very surprised to see him.

Twinkle- Kunj, you brought him for me.

Kunj- Hmm. Happy anniversary my love. He said and gave her a kiss on her cheeks.

Twinkle- Awww…. he is so cute, I really love him. Thank you Kunj.

Kunj- Thank you Twinkle, but you need to love me not him. With that he took the box and kept it aside.

Twinkle laughed at his jealousy and said- You don’t need to be jealous with him, he is a puppy and that also so lovely.

Kunj- Yes, but you but you can’t say I love you to him, only me. You didn’t even wish me back and have not also old me about the gift I gave you.

Twinkle came to Kunj gave a kiss on his cheeks and said- Happy Anniversary Kunj. I loved the gift and now tell me Mahi told you about this secret of mine, right?

Kunj smiled and started roaming his hands on her bare waist- Yes, she told me. He started to lean to kiss her but Twinkle immediately moved back and asked him to stop getting romantic and have his breakfast.

Kunj like an innocent kid followed her but before she could go and sit at the breakfast table, Kunj grabbed Twinkle’s hand and pulled her closer.

Kunj placed his hand around her waist and kissed her passionately without giving her a chance to react. Their lips were dancing together for a moment. Kunj shifted a little so that he could deepen the kiss. Twinkle’s arm also slipped around his neck, pulling him closer.

Kunj smiled breaking the kiss- I can’t wait to celebrate with you.

Twinkle stepped away from him and asked, a little distracted- What time you will be back?

Kunj- The ceremony will start at 5, so why don’t you meet me in office half an hour before the ceremony starts, we will go together from there.

Twinkle- Alright. Is there a certain dress code that I need to wear? Twinkle asked, as they walked towards the front door.

Kunj smirked and said- s*xy.

Twinkle gave a disappointed look to Kunj.

Kunj- Ok, I am just kidding. Dress in something formal.

Twinkle opened the door, waiting for Kunj to leave. Kunj quickly looked this right and then his left. The way was clear for him. He leaned forward and gave Twinkle a quick good-bye kiss. Twinkle looked at him in mock anger, but Kunj quickly ran out of the door.

Happy Anniversary- UV wished as soon as Kunj entered his office.

Kunj- Why are you so happy? It’s my anniversary.

UV- Why so bitter so early in the morning?

Kunj- I wanted to stay with Twinkle all day, but no. I had to come in ad finalize these stupid deals and then that stupid awards ceremony at five. The day is gonna suck. Kunj pouted.

UV- Yeah, but you get to spend the day with me, and I am way better that Twinkle. UV chuckled.

Kunj replied bitterly- You just keep telling yourself that.

UV frowned- What do you have planned anyway.

Kunj smiled and said- I am not telling.

UV- What? Why the hell not? I am your best friend! UV said in disbelief.

Kunj- You might tell Twinkle or you might tell Chinki and then she will tell Twinkle. You are a hazard.

UV- But…. but I wanna know. UV sank down in one of the chairs and put on his best pouty face.

Kunj smiled and said- Sorry UV, but I am not telling you.

UV- Fine. You are still going to help me though, right?

Kunj- Of course, I wouldn’t miss it.

They got busy getting some work done. Kunj was determine to finalize everything that needed to be done before four, otherwise it would have defeated the purpose of leaving Twinkle and coming to office. He had even worked through lunch, ordering in and eating at his desk. He thought about the amazing breakfast that was prepared by Twinkle in the morning as her anniversary surprise for him. At several points throughout the day he just wants to leave everything and go back home to his wife, there was just too much that needed to be done.

Finally, it was four and Kunj had one his tuxedo dry cleaned and delivered to his office. He rushed off to put it and get ready before Twinkle arrived. When he stepped back into his office, he saw Twinkle sitting in his chair at his desk. He walked in and moved closer to his desk. He walked in and moved closer to his desk. The chair was turned to the side and Twinkle hadn’t noticed he’d come in yet.

Kunj cleared his throat, getting Twinkle’s attention- Excuse me, Ma’am. I hope I am not bothering you.

Twinkle gave him a confused look by how formally he was speaking to her.

Kunj continued with his joke- I am here to apply for the position of manager position. Your secretary didn’t inform you?

Twinkle caught quickly- Are you qualified for this position? She asked giving him a cold look like a strict boss.

Kunj- I think I am.

Twinkle- You think you are? You don’t know? Twinkle said in mock anger. Why do you want this job?

Kunj answered- To pay the bills?

Twinkle- That’s it?

Kunj added slyly- Well… there is one more reason. I’d always dreamed of having a beautiful boss.

Twinkle blushed. She tried to cover up her smile.

Twinkle- Well, let me tell you that I am happily married.

Kunj- Well damn, your husband doesn’t have to know. Kunj said smirking. He took a step closer to Twinkle.

Twinkle- Now, you just wait right there or I will have my husband who will beat you.

Kunj walked around the desk. Twinkle slowly stood up, wondering what he intends to do. He pulled her closer to him and wrapper his arms around her.

Kunj- Well, it’s a good thing I can’t beat myself. He said kissing her.

He stepped back to see what Twinkle was wearing a black net saree with gold zari embroidery on the border of saree and on the veil of her saree. Her blouse was sleeveless with thin straps.


Twinkle usually never wore sleeveless blouses which surprised Kunj. Kunj smiled. Her outfit would go great with another present that he was about to present. Kunj reached into one of his drawers in his desk. He pulled out rather a big velvet jewelry box and handed it to Twinkle.

Kunj- Happy Anniversary once again Twinkle.

Twinkle looked confused again- A present again, you already gifted me such a beautiful gift in the morning and I was expecting some surprise, but after the ceremony.

Kunj- Surprise and celebrations are still there to go. Morning gift was your choice, but this is something I wanted to give you. Open it and wear it for me.

Twinkle opened the box and was speechless by its contents. There was an expensive diamond necklace in the box. It looked like it cost a fortune. It was the most exquisite piece of jewelry that Twinkle had ever seen.


Kunj…. it’s…. – twinkle was at loss for words.

Kunj said excitedly- Put it on.

He took the necklace from the box and moved around Twinkle so that he was standing behind her. He fastened the necklace and walked back around to see how it looked.

.Kunj- You look perfect.

Twinkle turned and kissed him on his cheeks and said sincerely- Thank you so much Kunj. This is so beautiful.

Kunj- Well, Twinkle, you know, it was quite difficult to find something like that, something that would leave you speechless. And it was really very expensive…. so, I think I am going to need a better thank you than just a little kiss on my cheeks.

Twinkle- Hmm, let me see what I can do for you.

She moved as close as she could to Kunj, pressing her body up against his. His hands found her waist. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, letting their lips move together. Kunj together took control, over powering Twinkle, He leaned forward forcing her to take step back. The kiss grew more passionate and fervent.

Kunj let’s go. We are gonna go…. oh- UV walked in and paused at the sight before him.

Kunj and Twinkle broke their kiss as soon as they heard UV came in and Twinkle stepped away immediately from Kunj.

Sorry- UV said sheepishly. He didn’t look sorry at all. He was grinning.

Kunj- Great timing, UV, as usual.

UV- Woah Twinkle! Look at this saree. It’s s*xy. UV walked up to Twinkle and started examining her outfit, much to Kunj’s dismay.

Kunj stepped in front of Twinkle- Hey! Just get away from her.

UV- Oh My God! I was just admiring her dress.

Kunj- What the hell? Are you a girl that you are admiring her dress?

UV- You want me to check out your wife? Well, ok. UV said figuring that if women were the only ones who admired outfits, then men checked them out.

Kunj- Don’t you even dare to do that.

Twinkle giggled at Kunj’s jealousy. She knew that UV was always kidding when he made comments about her like that.

UV said changing the subject and said- We are going to be late. He looked at Twinkle and then at Kunj- Maybe we should go separately.

Kunj- Why? We all are going to the same place.

UV- I know you two lover birds are going to make out or maybe even get down dirty in the back of limo. I just don’t want to make it awkward for you, but if you are ok with me watching, I am ok.

Twinkle’s mouth dropped open in surprise. She turned red and even Kunj was surprised with the bluntness UV showed in front of Twinkle and he couldn’t understand what to say on that- What the hell are you talking?

UV grinned at them, making the couple wonder whether he was kidding or actually serious.

Kunj declared- We are going separately.

What? I was just kidding- UV’s face fell.

Too late, you planted the idea in my mind. Now I can’t stop thinking about getting dirty in the back of limo.

Twinkle looked at him incredulously. There was no way in hell she was about to let anything happen at the back of the car, even if it was their anniversary.

UV- But…… But.

Kunj- I am sending one limo to pick Chinki up from her place ad you are going in the same car, so that you have your own privacy with her and you are welcome.

UV’s face lit up. He knew exactly what Kunj was insinuating. He was always looking for some privacy with Chinki and now Kunj was giving it to him. UV engulfed Kunj in a hug.

UV- You are the best. He released Kunj and turned to Twinkle and said- Twinkle, give this man a kiss. He deserves it.

Twinkle burst out laughing.

Kunj- You know he had a point.

Twinkle- We will be late, come. Twinkle said, walking out of Kunj’s office.

Nothing even close to getting down and dirty happened in the limo on the way to the award ceremony’s venue. Twinkle did give Kunj a kiss for being so nice to UV and Chinki as per UV’s request, but she didn’t let the kiss go out of hands. Kunj repeatedly assured that the glass between them and driver gave them the utmost privacy and they could do whatever they want without him ever knowing, but Twinkle wouldn’t relent.

Oh my God Di, what a lovely saree and such a beautiful necklace! Mahi exclaimed upon lying eyes on Kunj and Twinkle. Kunj had invited her along with Karan, thinking that Twinkle would enjoy seeing Twinkle after s long.

Twinkle- Thank you Mahi. How are you? You never visit often anymore. Twinkle said hugging her little sister.

Mahi- College is hard di.

Twinkle- You will be ok.

Mahi’s face broke out into a huge smile- Jiju and Di! It’s your anniversary Happy Anniversary! Mahi exclaimed nearly jumping up and down in joy.

Thanks Mahi- Kunj and Twinkle replied together.

The four of them walked in and found their table. Roshni and Sid were already there chatting with UV and Chinki, who by some miracle had reached before Kunj and Twinkle. The venue was a large ballroom, with over twenty large round tables. There was a stage and podium at the front of the room. The press had gathered outside in the front of the room, but Kunj had already asked his driver to drop them off at the side entrance, as he was not willing to deal with the press. Everyone in the hall were very formally and well dressed, but there was not much of mingling. Waiters started serving them with starters and wine. Kunj felt restless. He was glad that all of his friends were able to make it to the event but all he wanted was to spend alone time with Twinkle.

When the award ceremony started, Kunj was relieved, that the ceremony will last for couple of hours and then only he and Twinkle. But boy he was so wrong! The announcer was plain and boring and lacked personality. Every single person who had received award gave some speech, but Kunj had not prepared any speech, as he was so busy in preparing surprises and gifts for Twinkle.

And the last award of the evening is for excellent community service here and abroad in India. This individual had founded several foundations that work to help underprivileged women reach their full potentials, whether they are mothers in need of support or independent women that just need a helping hand. It is noble effort that deserves some recognition, I believe. This individual is a successful businessman, who is sincere and generous enough to spend millions to help others. I’d like to present this award to Mr. Kunj Sarna- The announcer said.

There was the usual sound of polite applause as Kunj went on the stage to collect his award. Suddenly his table erupted in a loud round of cheers, led by UV, of course. Kunj felt himself redden, embarrassed by his friend’s actions. He quickly composed himself as the announcer handed him his award. He went near the podium to give his thank you speech. He took a deep breath and found Twinkle’s face in the crowd.

Kunj- I would like to thank the board of this foundation for giving me this award. The first agency was started by my father many years ago, and I decided that an agency that aims to help women should be expanded so that help can reach every woman. Sadly, I am not able to help every woman, but I sure can try. I would like to thank my best friend UV for being my business partner, without him, I wouldn’t have been able to reach such great heights. I would have been able to expand these agencies and help so many women. I’d also like to thank my wife Twinkle. Kunj locked eyes with twinkle. She looked shocked to be mentioned in his speech.

Kunj continued- I am not sure whether she realized or not, but she had made me a better person. Today is our first anniversary. When Kunj announced everyone is the hall applauded as a way of congratulating him.

Kunj- I wasn’t going to come here tonight, but I promised my wife I would be a good boy and do whatever she wats, and she wanted me to come here and accept this award like a gentleman. Helping people feels amazing, but it feels better knowing that someone you love is proud of you because of it. Twinkle, I love you so much. Kunj finished his speech and everyone gave big round of applause, this time not out of politeness. They were impressed by Kunj’s heartfelt speech. Almost everyone stood up to give Kunj a standing ovation. Twinkle remained sitting. She either applauded for Kunj nor smiled at him as he made his way back to the table. She had tears in her eyes. She couldn’t believe what Kunj had just said. She stood up once Kunj had made it back to the table and kissed him in the presence of everyone, not caring about the on lookers. All she cared about was Kunj.

Twinkle- Thank you for saying all of that. She whispered breaking the kiss.

Kunj wiped away a tear that had fallen down her cheek.

Kunj smirked and said- If you liked that, you will love what I have planned after this ceremony.


Anaya- Belated Happy Birthday, I am sorry, I really wanted to post it on your birthday, but because of my schedule, I couldn’t. I have tried my best possible to give a long episode.

Now read the episode and tell me, whether you like it or not.

Kunj is soo sweet na. The final surprise is still not revealed and yet their anniversary is going on so well. Anyways Kunj has planned the day so well for Twinkle and next chapter will contain Twinkle’s final and big surprise, so be prepared it will be an extra long chapter as I have to explain a lot of things.

I hope I have not bore you all with this chapter.

Please comment and tell whether you all liked or not.

Love to all my readers. 🙂

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