Twinkle- It’s on our anniversary day

Kunj- Not only our anniversary Twinkle, but our first anniversary.

Twinkle- We can celebrate it afterwards Kunj.

Kunj- Twinkle, you are the woman in this relationship and you are telling me this. You should ask me special and luxurious gifts from me and tell me to do something really amazing, but you are telling me to go to an award ceremony that is on our first anniversary day. Kunj complained.

Twinkle- I now Kunj it’s our special day but you have to go to this award ceremony, that is more important. I know you are planning something big, but we can always celebrate it later. And regarding the luxurious gifts, rather than that I will be happier to be with you and a simple gift will also work for me, as it will be given by you with all your love.

Kunj pouted- Twinkle, it won’t be the same if we celebrate afterwards.

Twinkle- Kunj, stop being a child.

Kunj- Twinkle, we will skip it.

Twinkle- No, we will not. Kunj, try and understand they are awarding you for the contributions in the society. It won’t look good if the person whom they are awarding won’t be present there to take the award.

Kunj- But Twinkle, I don’t want to.

Twinkle- Kunj, please attend the ceremony. For me please.

Kunj- Fine, whatever you say. But I am not happy.

Twinkle- I can live with that. She said pecking his lips quickly.

Twinkle finished making the bed and was about to go downstairs to have breakfast when Kunj grabbed her from behind unexpectedly just as Twinkle approached the stairs. She let out a surprise gasp and instantly grabbed the railing. Kunj spun her around and practically dragged her into the bedroom, closing the door behind.

Twinkle looked at him, clearly annoyed by his actions. She waited for him to explain, but Kunj started walking closer to her. Twinkle stiffened but didn’t move back. He leaned in closer. His eyes travelled from her face down to her body and up again. Twinkle’s gaze also followed his. He started walking around her, making a full circle before facing her again.

Kunj- I don’t like what you are wearing.

Twinkle- What? I always wear sarees.

Kunj smirked and demanded- Take it off.

Twinkle gasped at Kunj’s bluntness. She took a step back, hoping he wasn’t planning on helping her take anything off.

Kunj- Twinkle said unsure what to make of his demand.

Kunj- You are too covered up. Kunj said referring to her long sleeve blouse and skillfully wrapped saree that revealed absolutely no skin.

Twinkle was nervous- I….

Kunj- I want to see more of you. Kunj said enjoying Twinkle’s discomfort immensely.

Twinkle- Ummm. She was at loss of words.

Kunj- I thought I told you to dress in something s*xy for me. Are you really going to disobey your husband? Kunj challenged her and stepped closer and trapped Twinkle between his body and bed. He placed each of his arms onto the bed and leaned forward kissing Twinkle neck and biting her cheek.

Twinkle- Kunj.

He stopped to look at her. She was smiling mischievously.

Twinkle- Ok, I will dress in something s*xier.

Kunj was surprised she had actually agreed. He was just teasing her.

Twinkle- Just remember one thing. She brought her lips near Kunj’s ear and said- You are not the only one in the house looking me in that dress.

Kunj cursed under his breath. He had countless members of his staff in his house today. Twinkle knew that Kunj’s jealousy would get the best of his. He wouldn’t be able to stand the thought of others seeing her dressed more provocatively.

Kunj- Damn, Twinkle, you have become so good at this. Kunj said at the comment Twinkle gave, moving back as Twinkle can have more room.

Twinkle laughed walking away from Kunj- I think I am spending too much time with you.

He grabbed her hand and pulled her backward. She slammed hard against his body.

Kunj- I differ to what you said Twinkle. I don’t think that you are spending much time with me.

Twinkle smiled at Kunj. He let her hand go, allowing her to finally go downstairs to have breakfast.

Kunj broke the silence at the breakfast table and said- Twinkle, let’s go for a trip on our anniversary as a late honeymoon.

Twinkle frowned and shook her head –No, I don’t want to travel.

Kunj- Twinkle, I don’t want to go to any fancy restaurant this time as we always can go there and it is sought of boring.

Twinkle- Kunj, whatever you will plan will be amazing, I know that.

Kunj- Ok, let me buy you a restaurant or a luxury car.

Twinkle- No, you are not going to spend money like this.

Kunj- Twinkle, I am a millionaire and spending money on luxurious things is in my nature, my lifestyle. Kunj defended himself.

Twinkle- Kunj, if you are going to spend that much of money then I will feel guilty. Do you want that. Twinkle said with a cute pout.

Kunj- If you are going to make faces like this, then I am definitely going to come there and kiss you in front of everyone. And by that I don’t mean a peck, but I will give you a lingering, passionate, wet kiss that will make your heart race and your cheeks will be red like a tomato. Kunj smirked eyeing the maids, who were just out of the earshot.

Twinkle’s eye widened and she couldn’t stop herself from blushing. She thought to answer back to Kunj, but she kept quite as she was afraid that he might actually come to her and kiss her in front of every staff.

Twinkle- Kunj, you should leave as you are getting late for office. She said getting up from the table.

Kunj- I can never be late Twinkle. Don’t forget I own the company. Kunj smiled.

Twinkle- Bye Kunj. She said in a hurry to go upstairs.

Kunj- Hey! Where is my good-bye kiss? Kunj asked sadly.

Twinkle stopped immediately and slowly turned to face Kunj. She looked around, there were so many people around them. Before she could say anything Kunj grabbed her hand and took her into the kitchen.

Leave- Kunj said simply.

The staff in the kitchen were confused. They paused for a moment, not sure whether to continue with their work but the chef started shouting for everyone to leave. He looked at Kunj and Twinkle, trying to hide his smile.

Once they were alone Kunj took the control and pushed Twinkle back a few steps so that she was against the counter. Twinkle stood on her tip toes and pressed her lips to his. He leaned a little lower so she wouldn’t have to strain so much to reach him. He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer and deepened the kiss. Twinkle felt Kunj trying to enter her mouth and she broke the kiss immediately.

Bye Kunj- Twinkle said blushing.

He looked at her with his pleading eyes, wanting to kiss her more but Twinkle walked away out of the kitchen and back upstairs. Kunj watched his wife go, knowing if he will follow her then he will have to break his promise with UV. He looked his watch and sighed thinking uV must be waiting for him. He left for his office, wanting nothing else but to spend the whole day with his wife Twinkle.

Finally, you are late- UV said as Kunj stepped inside his office.

Kunj- Though, I am here.

UV- We need a plan.

Kunj- UV, tell me honestly, do you actually need a plan to impress her. I think it won’t change her answer and I know her answer will be yes, believe me.

UV- I don’t know, I want her to be impressed. Don’t you do big things for Twinkle just because…. you are you.

UV had a point, Kunj had just offered Twinkle to buy gifts which were worth millions of dollars. He booked a private beach for her without a second thought. Chinki better get used to grand gestures and expensive outings because UV and Kunj are exactly the same when it comes to romance a woman.

Kunj- Well, yes, you’re right? So, did you ask her parents for hand in marriage?

UV- Do people actually do that, like asking hands in marriage? UV asked giving a shocked expression to Kunj.

Kunj- UV calm down and tell me have you ever met her parents? Do they live here?

UV- Yes, I met them when they visited her. They live in India. Should I fly over and ask permission?

Kunj- Umm, yes, you can do that. Kunj said, obviously asking permission was a considerate gesture. UV would have no problem. Something like this should not be handled over phone.

UV- Another thing to do is- Pigeons.

Kunj- What the hell, why pigeons?

UV- Oh, I can have the pigeons fly after I propose her, like in movies.

Kunj- What the hell yaar, what if they fly in wrong direction or what if they attack her?

UV- Ok, now pigeons, but what about flowers?

Kunj- Perfect.

UV- What red or white?

Both- Kunj and UV said in unison. Why not, UV can afford everything- Kunj said.

Kunj- Most importantly tell me how you are going to tell her? Kunj asked after they discussed few more details about the venue.

UV- Chinki, I love you. Will you marry me?

UV replied without looking up.

Kunj- That’s so old fashioned. Come on UV, be a little bit more romantic. Tell her what she means to you and if she wont be in your life, how your life will be without her.

UV- Ohk, I should get an arranged marriage like you did.

Kunj- UV, I got lucky with Twinkle. I love her now, but when I married her, at that time I had a fear of her. We lived apart from each other despite being under the same roof. Not in love with her and getting into forced marriage drove me to make the biggest mistake of my life. Now that I have realized that I have fallen in love with her after almost a year of our marriage. I couldn’t be more happier but you are lucky than I am. You are going to marry the woman you know and love her. When you will see Chinki as your bride, you will fall in love with her all over again and you will be really happy that you are going to spend d life with the woman you love.

UV- I think I am going to cry. He said looking like he was holding back his tears.

Kunj punched him lightly on the shoulder and said- Common UV.

UV- Kunj, am I going to end up as happy as you are after I get married.

Kunj- No UV, you are going to be much worse. Kunj said laughing on which he got offended look by UV, but then both broke into laughter.

UV- Ok, give me your phone. UV said and took Kunj’s phone which was in Kunj’s coat pocket.

Kunj- Well, UV why you are taking my phone?

UV- Hello Twinkle, it’s UV and I need a favor from you.

Kunj asked from back- Why the hell are you calling Twinkle.

UV- Aww, thank you so much Twinkle, seems like Kunj can’t keep any secrets. UV looked at Kunj and stuck his tongue out childishly.

Kunj- It wasn’t a secret. Kunj replied though he knew that he was not talking to him.

UV- Well, now you know everything, can you please invite Chinki at your place and ask her about her dream ring, please.

Kunj- Using my wife for your gain, huh.

UV- But Twinkle, please make sure that she doesn’t know anything, as I want it to be a big surprise for her. UV continued ignoring Kunj’s comment.

UV paused as he was hearing what Twinkle was saying from the other side and then replied- Of course Twinkle, he is helping me.

On listening Twinkle’s reply from the other side, he mouth was open and he was completely in shock. he regained composure after a moment.

UV- Thank you so much Twinkle, you are a life saver. Talk to you soon, Bye. UV said and hung up the phone and handed over the phone back to Kunj.

Kunj- What did she say? Kunj asked wondering why UV was looking so surprised at that moment.

UV- She asked me if you were helping me out in my proposal and I said yes.

Kunj- So, what she said afterwards?

UV- She said that if you are helping me then Chinki will never see it coming because you are the king of surprised. Kunj, what kind of surprises is Twinkle talking about? UV asked suspiciously.

Kunj knew that Twinkle was hinting at their dates and celebrations along with the surprise presents he’d periodically given her. She saw none of it coming.

Kunj- I don’t know what you are talking about.

UV- Surprises… like turn the lights out and hide behind the plant kind of surprised, or ten surprising ways to heat up your s*x life kind of surprises? UV asked making his eyebrows dancing.

Kunj couldn’t even keep up with than sentence. He thought for a moment about what UV was insinuating.

Kunj- No, the first one, definitely the first one. I took her out and where we were going was a surprise for her. God UV! Get your mind out of the gutter.

UV who was trying to hold back his laughter- I was just asking.

They were talking when they heard the knock on the door.

UV- Come in.

UV’ secretary came in and said- Sir, these are few papers that needs to be signed urgently and needs Kunj’s sir signatures as well. She said turning to Kunj as well.

UV sighed and Kunj smiled. No matter how much they hated it, but they have to go back to work.

Twinkle called Chinki as soon as she got off the phone with UV. She was excited that UV wanted her help. She wasn’t sure about any plan and exactly how she was going to ask her about her dream ring. Chink was free today and was on her way over.

She was thinking all this when she heard a knock on the door and she rushed to open the door even before the butler could reach to open the door.

Chinki- Hey Twinkle! How is it going?

Twinkle lied- Terrible.

Chinki asked taking a seat in the living room- What happened?

Twinkle just said without thinking- It’s Kunj.

Chinki- WHAT!! Did that jerk cheat you again?

Twinkle- No, no. I forgave him for that, but this morning…….

Chinki – What this morning?

Twinkle after thinking for an excuse and also, she was hesitating as Kunj was really good this morning. She was simply thinking of some excuse that she can give to Chinki, or any idea that can help her getting to know Chinki’s dream ring, when her eyes landed on Kunj’s credit card.

He…. he….. he called me fat. Twinkle said pouting.

Chinki- Twinkle, but you are not fat at all, you have a better figure than me leaner as compared to me.

Twinkle- I am so angry at him. Twinkle tried to fake anger.

Chinki- No worries, go back and hurt his ego, call him impotent. Tit for tat.

Twinkle- I have a better idea, I think I will buy myself some diamonds, courtesy of Kunj. She said standing up and picking Kunj’s credit card.

Chinki- Are you sure. I doubt Kunj will care if you spend his money. He has millions of it, but I am ready for shopping. Maybe I can convince UV that I am mad at him and won’t forgive him until he buys me a pretty diamond ring.

Twinkle smiled widely as her plan was working.


OMG!! WHat is Twinkle getting herself into, Kunj definitely will not call her fat.

Kunj and UV are so cute, I love writing about them.

Anyways gear up friends as Twinkle and Kunj anniversary is coming up.

Few more chapters to come as I really want to show Kunj and Twinkle special moments before they consummate, so wait for few chapters.

Vibhu- Wish you very happy birthday girl. God bless you dear. 🙂

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and likes.

Please keep reading and share your reviews.

Love to all of you. 🙂

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