Twinkle- Well…. Alisha came and we talked.

Kunj- What!!! Who came?

Twinkle- Alisha, the woman you know. She came and she told me everything.

Kunj- What do you mean?

Twinkle- Alisha, the woman you know who…… Twinkle repeated.

Kunj- When?

Twinkle- While you were in bathroom taking shower. Twinkle started to tell him as she was wrapping his bandages.

Kunj- And what the hell did she told you. Kunj asked in a avery irritated voice. He was actually very irritated with the fact that Alisha came to his house.

Twinkle- She told me what you told me. Your infidelity wasn’t as severe as I thought and that night…. you thought about me. Twinkle was telling Kunj.

Twinkle- Kunj stopped Twinkle from tending his wounds, getting her undivided attention- Why did you believe her not me?

Twinkle looked down, unsure how to answer Kunj without making him angry.

Twinkle- Well, she had nothing to gain. You did.

Kunj- Meaning.

Twinkle- She doesn’t know me. I don’t know her, but she still came all the way down here and she took your side. I thought you might have convinces her to come and talk to me.

Kunj- No I didn’t. I don’t even talk to her and you have to believe me. Kunj sad interrupting her.

Twinkle- She also told me the same thing that you both don’t talk to each other and you have nothing to do with it. Kunj, I thought that you were telling me because you wanted my forgiveness but when Alisha told me the same thing I had no reasons to not believe her.

Kunj was quiet. He was also sad to what Twinkle told him- Twinkle, you believed her over me.

Twinkle- Kunj, it’s not like what you are understanding.

Kunj- She was a stranger and I am your husband. He was angry.

Twinkle- It’s because a stranger told me that’s why I believed her. She could have come here and say anything about you two, anything that you and I can never even think about it. It was very easy for her to lie about you to me taking the advantage of the situation but she didn’t.

Kunj- That doesn’t make her a good person. Because of her only the problems occurred, she made me believe that we spent a night together.

Twinkle- Kunj, you are at fault too.

Kunj- Twinkle you are talking her side? Kunj asked and he was still angry.

Twinkle- Kunj, I am not taking anyone’s side. I am just trying to tell you why I believed her.

Kunj- I have been apologizing to you since ever I told you but you wouldn’t forgive me. She came and told you the story in five minutes and you believed her and forgave me. That’s insane. Kunj said, the volume of his voice rising.

Twinkle- Kunj, why are you so angry? I have forgiven you and that’s what you wanted? Twinkle replied who was surprised to see Kunj angry.

Kunj- Yes, I wanted you to forgive me but not the way you have forgiven me.

Twinkle- I am sorry. She said feeling like she has done something wrong.

Kunj- Please Twinkle, don’t apologize. You have not done anything. I just…. I am hating the fact that she came and met you I never wanted you two to meet.

Twinkle- Can I finish this? Twinkle said pointing to the unwrapped bandages.

Kunj- Hmm. Kunj said, leaning forward and letting go of Twinkle’s hands so she could continue bandaging his wounds.

Twinkle- Are you still angry? Twinkle asked once she finished bandaging.

Kunj- No, I have nothing to be angry with.

Twinkle started to get up and go but Kunj stopped her by grabbing her arm. She looked at him unsurely, wondering what he wanted to say.

Kunj- Twinkle we should celebrate. You have finally forgiven me. Let me take you out tonight.

Twinkle smiled and increased the distance between them, pulling away from his slightly.

Twinkle- Kunj, you can barely walk and you want to celebrate. We can celebrate once you are absolutely fine.

Kunj pouted saying- You are no fun.

Twinkle laughed as Kunj was being a child again but he was cute.

Twinkle- I promise, as soon as you are absolutely fine we will celebrate and do whatever you want.

Kunj smirked and said- Any way I want. He said pulling Twinkle closer.

Twinkle- Kunj, you have a dirty mind.

Kunj- Twinkle, I was thinking to go to an amusement park tonight. I don’t know what you are thinking.

Twinkle- What, an amusement park. Twinkle asked in disbelief not understanding the joke.

Kunj- What, are we kids? We are not going to any amusement park. He said and laughed.

Twinkle- Good.

Kunj- Twinkle, are you afraid of roller coasters?

Twinkle- No…maybe.

Kunj- Well, amusement park is not a romantic date idea for me…. or maybe.

Twinkle- No! I am not going to an amusement park. Kunj laughed out loudly while Twinkle blushed.

Kunj- Don’t worry Twinkle. I am just kidding. I will think of something more romantic with just as much as adrenaline. Kunj winked. Twinkle blushed even more, knowing exactly what Kunj was hinting at.

Kunj- Twinkle stoop up, was eager to leave.

Kunj- Wait.

Twinkle- What?

Kunj- Twinkle, will you stay with me? It’s so boring being by myself.

Twinkle- Sure. Twinkle said taking a seat next to Kunj.

Kunj’s recovery went by more quickly than his doctors have expected. After two weeks Kunj was asked by his doctors that he would need to come and see him for his regular check up and see the recovery.

Kunj- Twinkle, stop worrying. I can almost walk normally now. Everything will be fine. Kunj tried convincing Twinkle on the way to hospital.

Twinkle- Why do they want to see you again then? Something must be wrong? Twinkle was worried and concerned for Kunj.

Kunj- It’s a routine checkup twinkle and to make sure that my recovery is on track.

Twinkle- Kunj, I am worried.

Kunj- Twinkle, you worry a lot. and that’s because you love me a lot. He said while laughing.

Twinkle eyes widened listening to what Kunj said- How did Kunj find out that she loves him?

Twinkle- Kunj, how did you……

Kunj interrupted- We are here.

Twinkle didn’t want to ask the same question again. If Kunj wasn’t going t make a big deal out of it, she wouldn’t either. Right now, all she wanted to focus on what will doctor say about his recovery and health.

Ahhh!!- Kunj said as the nurse examined his ankle.

Nurse- It is going to hurt a little. The nurse said while checking as she was moving Kunj’s ankle in all the directions.

Twinkle tried not to laugh as it would be rude to laugh on someone’s pain, but Kunj’s facial expressions were making her laugh. The discomfort he was feeling was all over his face and he was acting cute and childish. Suddenly, Kunj grabbed Twinkle’s hand and pulled her near hospital bed.

Kunj pouted- Twinkle, it’s hurting so much.

Nurse- It’s not going to hurt for long sweetheart. Don’t worry. The nurse said believing that Kunj was in a lot more pain than he actually was. Soon the nurse left leaving Kunj and Twinkle alone. SHe went to get the doctor, so that he can finish up the rest of the checkups.

Twinkle- Are you in lot pain?

Kunj- Yes, it hurts like b***h!

Twinkle gave a disappointed look to Kunj.

Kunj- Sorry Twinkle, I am just telling like it is. Kunj apologized for his language.

Twinkle- Can I do something?

Kunj- There is one thing you could do.

Twinkle- What is it?

Kunj- Nothing would make my ankle feel better like a foot massage.

Twinkle looked at him unsurely. Giving foot massage to Kunj wasn’t exactly her idea of a desirable thing to do. She sighed and walked to the foot of the hospital bed. She began to reach for Kunj’s feet.

Kunj- Twinkle wait.

Twinkle stopped looking at Kunj.

Kunj- I don’t really want foot massage. I respect you so much to make you do something like this that…. but I could use a kiss.

Twinkle- Kunj, doctor can come in anytime.

Kunj- So, he won’t mind.

Twinkle- But I do.

Kunj started to get up off the hospital bed.

Twinkle- What are you doing?

Kunj- Getting up. If you are not going to come and kiss me, I am going to come there and have my kiss.

Kunj grunted at the pain as his ankle hurt him as soon as he kept his feet on the floor. Twinkle felt bad. She stopped him and walked to the other end of the bed. She gently pulled Kunj back to the bed. Once he was laying down, she leaned down and kissed him softly.

Twinkle- There, that should be enough to make you feel better. She said while stepping back.

Kunj- No, I need more. He said and pouted.

Twinkle- Kunj, stop being childish.

Kunj- But…… I want to is you more.

^Twinkle cheeks were all red as she was blushing. The doctor came in at that moment.

Doctor- Well, Kunj, how are you?

Kunj- Great, I fell a lot better in just few weeks.

The doctor started checking Kunj’s ankle. He made Kunj walk across the room to check the progress. He also checked his other wounds.

Doctor- Without any doubt, you will start to walk normally by the end of this month. Your wounds are also almost healed. Your wife took quite a good care of you. Usually men of your stature will hire an army of nurse, nut I think those army of nurses also would have not been able to take care of the way your wife cared for you.

Kunj- I know, she is the best. Kunj said while looking at Twinkle.

Doctor- She really loves you a lot.

Twinkle eyes widened again in surprise. Did the entire world knows that she has fallen in love with Kunj? Kunj didn’t replied anything, he was just smiling and looking at Twinkle.

Kunj- See, Twinkle, there was nothing to worry. The doctor said everything is fine. Kunj said once they left the hospital and they were on their way to their mansion.

Twinkle- I know and am glad that you are fine. Sorry for worrying so much.

Kunj- But I like the way you worry about me and show your care towards me.

The fact was that she cared for him would be an understatement. She loved him so much that she could do anything for him. Twinkle was happy that Kunj’ recovery was going absolutely fine. At that moment she was thinking about whether Kunj knows whether she has fallen in love with him or he just said like that as a joke that she loves him a lot? She was also getting restless that whether Kunj took doctor’s words seriously when he said she loves him a lot. If Kunj did came to know that she loves him then why he is not showing or saying anything?

Twinkle- Kunj said trying to gain her attention.

Twinkle- Yes.

Kunj- I was just saying that we should plan something. We have to celebrate as the doctor said that I will be perfectly fine by the end of this month, so why not plan something to celebrate. It will be a perfect opportunity.

Twinkle- Kunj, you still want to celebrate. It’s been so many days.

Kunj frowned and said- Why, you don’t want to celebrate with me?

Twinkle- No, I would love to but is it really worth?

Kunj-Twinkle, you were angry with. We suffered, our relationship suffered so much. Finally, you have forgiven me after so long time and now you think that not worth celebrating?

He turned and looked at Twinkle who was looking down. Kunj was waiting her to respond but twinkle was thinking and was not sure why her forgiveness was so important for him. She was not mean to him just angry and they were not even living in the same room, so why he was giving so much importance to her. She brushed off her thoughts, thinking that Kunj was just a type of man who liked being like by others, so maybe because of that.

Twinkle- Ok, Kunj we will celebrate the way you want.

Kunj raised his one eyebrow- The way I want?

Twinkle- You know what I mean.

Kunj asked suddenly- Twinkle, can I kiss you?

Kunj… Twinkle shook her head in no glancing at the driver.

Kunj- I told you in hospital that I will need more and this is coming when we were in the hospital.

But… Twinkle tried to protest.

Kunj- It’s ok. I can wait till we are alone. Kunj winked at her.


Finally, Kunj is fine.

So the next chapter would be Kunj and Twinkle celebrating and lot of romance coming up.

Poor Twinkle, the whole world knows that she loves Kunj so much. How did you find the bonding between Kunj and twinkle.

Please tell me. I love to read your reviews and comments. Everyone love is in the comments, thank you so much to all of you for showering so much love. I am really glad.

Shrady, thank you breaking your silence- I am gad that you are liking my FF.

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