The scene starts with a morning. Bright sunlight entering Kunj’s big bedroom, which wakes him up from his deep sleep. He sat on his bed with a hand on his head as his head was aching. He drank a whole bottle of a very expensive whiskey which he found in his father’s bar in home. He was just upset and the hangover from last night was not helping him. He just moved a bit to find a file kept on his side table that he reviewed last night and groaned.  He remembered everything after seeing the file that why was he upset, why he drank so much last night- The reason was that his marriage is fixed and that also arranged by his father for a business deal.  


“Chote Sahab” an old servant entered his room with a tray in his hand that had breakfast in it and all delicacies were Indian. Kunj looked at the breakfast tray and was not a happy man after looking the breakfast. Kunj since he moved to Australia had made a lot of changes in his lifestyle. He never liked Indian breakfast, he found it to be very heavy and oily. He always liked Indian food to be made for him in dinner and that also on occasions not everyday thing that he can eat.  

He quickly asked the servant- What else you have? 

Servant- I am sorry sir? The servant asked him in confusion. 

Kunj in a very irritated tone- I don’t want to eat this, get me something else. Better make some eggs for me. Kunj said almost shouting at the servant  

The servant just bowed his head down and said – I am sorry sir. U will get eggs only for breakfast. Ill just prepare it.  

Kunj then started preparing himself for taking a shower. He entered the shower and let the cold water pours on his body. Below the shower he was making plans on how to avoid this marriage. He was thinking of several ways to refuse for this marriage so that he is saved from this marriage the blames do not comes on him. He finally thot that he would convince the girl to refuse for the marriage and thought the best way will be if the girl refuses herself, then neither his Chachu nor his Dad will be angry on him and he would be a free bird. He thought this to be the best idea and he started making plans in his minds. 

Kunj’s POV 

Kya karu…..kaise karu ki wo larki hi mujhe mana kar de…. (What to do that girl only refuses to marry me) 

Hmm, yes ye best rahega agar mein usse keh du ki mein kisi aur se pyaar karta hu tab to wo mana kar hi degi (He patted himself on his back and a mischievous smile came on his face) 

“Wait Wait wait Kunj…Boss tune ye to socha hi nahi…agar usne apne ghar me ye keh diya ki mein usse kaha hai ki mein kisi aur ko pasand karta hu to Dad to mujhe maar hi dalenge.”  

He cancelled this plan as well and thought – “Yes I should tell her the real reason only. I will ask her to simply refuse as I don’t want to get married, basically not ready to take such a big responsibility. And Yes, I will not lie also like this and will convince her that if she will get married to me forcefully then I might not keep her happy and also, I will give her some more reasons not to marry me. 

He finished thinking all this in shower but his mind was continuously making all these devilish plans. 

While thinking and planning he got dressed in his expensive Armani suit (https://i.pinimg.com/736x/b7/b5/67/b7b5670cc0fe2faa0a64aef934f02d80–armani-suits-armani-men.jpg) and he nicely set his thick black hair. He was looking so much better than he felt. His last night hangover was getting the best of him. 


Kunj started feeling hungry and opened the door to find the same servant standing on his door with a smile on his face. The servant has a tray which has eggs, toast and hot hazelnut latte for him that he told him to get. 

Kunj- “I was just coming down only” said with a slight smile on his face. The mild ludicrous face of the servant made him almost laugh but he dint. 

The servant who was smiling just started fading away and said- Sorry Sir, I thought that you will like to have it in your room only, as you came from a very long journey” 

He apologized and made his way to the dining area, while Kunj followed him. 

Kunj- It’s okay- said Kunj placing a hand on his shoulder – ” I will just have it downstairs only as I have too many things to be done rather than having breakfast in bed, anyways Thanks for the concern. And by the way I dint mean to shout at you this morning. I was quite upset and last night was one hell of a night.  

Kunj genuinely apologized the servant. 

Servant- No Sir, it was not your fault. 

By then both reached downstairs and servant served him breakfast. 

Kun- Thank you….mmmm What’s ur name by the way 

Servant- Rakesh 

Kunj- Thank you, Rakesh 

Rakesh was not able to understand, he was happy but surprised too as no one ever had apologized and said thank you to him. Kunj never treated his servants badly in Sydney and never ever liked ordering them, though he was a rich spoilt brat but not like other rich and spoilt ones. He always liked treating servants in a well manner and felt bad when he saw the way, they were treated at his Dad’s place. He is firm believer of Karma. He always believed that if people are treated badly it brings bad karma. 

Kunj- Manohar called in his stern voice with Surjeet standing next to him  

Kunj who was calmly having his breakfast ignored his voice. 

Manohar again called him while he was calmly finishing his breakfast whereas Surjeet was getting tensed that if Kunj won’t listen to Manohar again, he will get angry and another fight will start which he never wanted, and Yes Surjeet was right with every call for Kunj Manohar’s temper was rising. 

Finally when Kunj ate he thanked Rakesh again and went to his father 

Kunj- Yes Dad 

Manohar- What were u busy doing that you can’t come to me immediately  

Kunj- I was having my breakfast  

Manohar- Ok….Kunj you have to attend few meetings today before tonight’s party and make sure you are there on time. Also make sure that everything is taken care of” Manohar in a very bossy and stern without looking at Kunj- I want his deal to be finalized today itself. Is that clear’. 

Kunj didn’t appreciated the way Manohar spoke to him. He just thought- I am capable of taking my own decisions why he needs to act so bossy, but just replied to Manohar- Yes Dad.  

Kunj and Manohar never had any father and son talk, whenever Manohar wanted to talk about any business purpose or deal, they will talk otherwise whenever Kunj wanted to talk about his personal feelings and any personal related things, he always found Surjeet next to him. Kunj had lost any hope that Manohar and Kunj will have any father son talk. 

Manohar- Aaj ki raat hamare business ke liye bahut important hai. Raminder ki nayi companies ki launch party hai aur tum apni hone wali biwi se milne wale ho, to mein koi garbad nhi chahta. 

Kunj- Hmm and Manohar left Kunj, Surjeet didn’t utter any word but just patted on Kunj’s back and showed him thumbs up  

Kunj- Tonight will be the night when that Taneja girl will refuse me and nothing. With that he smirked and left for work  


Mahi- Dii! You will look so b’ful in this saree….wear this one please. 

Twinkle just looked at the saree…It was a very heavy royal blue saree with very heavy embroidery. Twinkle didn’t liked the saree and turned her face. 

Mahi showed another one to her – What about this one ( A bright Red with whole zardozi work on it)  

Twinkle said- Mahi, what are you doing? Party is tonight not now and I am not going to wear this heavy saree. 

Mahi in a very excited way- What di, you are going to meet my sweet Jiju tonight for the very first time, you have to look best after all you have to make a great impression. 

Mahi continued shuffling Twinkle’s closet. 

Twinkle- Mahi, do I really have to make any impression, we any how are getting married? 

Mahi- But di what if…….what if he is not…..good….for…..you (Mahi’s voice becoming low and hesitation was there) 

Twinkle- Means 

Mahi in a very serious and concerned tone- What if he is not good for you…. not good looking or not a good-natured person like a jerk or arrogant or something. 

Twinkle in a very calm and composed way- Mahi don’t worry papa will never choose anyone like this for me, I am 100% sure he will choose the best for me. She said and made Mahi calm a bit who was getting hyper in tension. 

Mahi- I don’t know di, but I just thought that ok Papa would never choose a bad guy for you but what about if he is not good looking, what if he is ugly?? 

Twinkle- Mahi, it does not matter to me whether he is good looking or not. It is not a big concern for me. He just should be caring and loving but, in her heart, she was hoping her future husband to be really handsome and good looking. Every girl dreams of obviously. 


The party was going on in full swing, RT’s all business delegates were there and Manohar’s too. 

All the guests were dressed in their best attire. Servers were serving champagnes and starters to all the guest. The hall was decorated in a very luxurious way (Like This) All the guests were eager for the guest of honors to arrive. 

Kunj coolly sat in his Mercedes Benz and fiddled his bow. He was wearing one of his fancy tuxedo. He was continuously fumbling his fingers and was getting angry on him as to why he’s getting so nervous. 

Kunj- Why Kunj why…. why are you getting so nervous? You are just meeting a girl whom you have to convince her to reject not that you are going to meet your future wife. 


Twinkle has just arrived in the large banquet hall with her family. RT and Leela were walking in the front and their two daughters were behind them. The crowd present there gave them a big round of applause once they entered in hall. A person announced the arrival of the guest of honor. 

Man- Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together as our first guest of honor has arrived with his family. Please welcome Mr Raminder Taneja and his family !!!! Twinkle was really happy the way her dear father was being welcomed by everyone. RT and Leela were meeting and greeting their business colleagues and delegates and Twinkle and Mahi were walking behind them. 

Twinkle started adjusting her pink georgette saree, that her mother gifted her for the day’s special occasion 


(https://i.imgur.com/ysvAcYs.jpg) and she was looking gorgeous in it. Her face was glowing because of the light as well and secondly she was very happy about the things going to happen in the party and in her life. Twinkle was busy in her saree when she heard another round of applause from the crowd and his father started moving towards the door when the man again made an announcement.  

Man- Ladies and Gentleman….We would like to welcome Mr. Manohar Sarna and Mr. Kunj Sarna….another guest of honor for tonight’s party. Twinkle just strained to see who has arrived 

RT- Manohar, my friend – RT hugged and shake his hands with Manohar. Twinkle saw the man whom her father was meeting. He was tall and lean, well dressed with few grey hair and few black hairs. She was looking at him when her eyes fell on the man standing next to Manohar who was really handsome with chiseled masculine features, his jet-black hair and his beautiful eyes with a smile on his face and has dimples too. He was a well tall handsome man wearing a designer suit. She was continuously looking at him when she remembered that It won’t be appropriate to look at a man like this, as when her marriage has been already fixed. 

RT waved his hands to call Twinkle and Mahi near him.  

RT- Manohar, My elder daughter Twinkle and my younger daughter Mahi. Leela se to tum mil hi chuke ho and he is my very good friend (turning towards Mahi and Twinkle). He called Twinkle near him. 

Twinkle came forward and bent to touch Manohar’s feet. 

Manohar- “Always Be happy, my child”. Manohar blessed her placing her hands-on twinkle’s head. “This is my only son Kunj” Introducing Twinkle and Kunj with others also, asking Kunj to come forward. 

Kunj and Twinkles eyes locked but Twinkle looked away. Kunj smiled at her and forwarded his hand waiting for her to shake, but Twinkle hesitated and she just folded her hands and said “Namastey”. 

Kunj who just obliged her and answered her by folding his hands and said “Namastey”, but did not liked it, as he felt the gesture a bit rude but he just let it go. 

Kunj looked Twinkle from top to bottom and was surprised with the outfit Twinkle was wearing. He looked at her and then at his father. He found Twinkle wearing a way too traditionally dressed, like “who wear’s saree” and while looking at his father who was busy communicating with RT and Leela thought… 

Kunj’s Thought- This is my father’s choice…. A way tooo traditional…Kaun saree pehenta hai aisi party mein….aur uske upar haath bhi nahi mila sakti….Isse bura ab aur kya ho sakta hai”. He just shakes his head and let it go. 

Twinkle who was glancing at Kunj, found him really handsome and god looking but he was way too modern as compared to Twinkle. She just thought- “Thankfully Mahi ki tension door hui, Kunj kaafi attractive aur handsome hai” she thought and blushed secretly so that no one catch her blushing. 

Mahi who went behind Kunj and waved her hands to draw Twinkle’s attention towards her gave her a sign of thumbs up and lipsed that she approves him to be her Jiju. Twinkle was surprised with Mahi’s act and her childishness. She was almost jumping and making funny facial expression showing that she was really happy and excited that Kunj will be her future Jiju. Twinkle laughed while watching Mahi. Kunj eyes immediately felt in her direction and Twinkle’s heart skip a beat. 


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