Kunj in tension exited from his chartered plane once it landed in Amritsar. After 20 hours of journey from Australia to Amritsar was quite tiring for him, but keeping all things aside his mind was only after the well-being of his father. After gathering all his luggage, he quickly made his way out, there he met his father’s manager who was there to receive him. Kunj just sat in his AC car as the driver placed his luggage in the car. He fought the urge to fall asleep right there in car due to jetlag, as he was aware that once he will reach home, he will have to rush for his father from hospital to home and many other places and he wouldn’t be able sleep in peace. After about half an hour of journey, Kunj reached his home, he hurriedly went inside the house and to get a shock of his life.

In the hall when he entered what he saw was actually shocking for him.

His Surjeet Chachu was discussing something with Manohar and after seeing Manohar anyone can say that he was healthy and nothing had happened to him.

Kunj was totally in shock. In that state he realized that both his Dad and his Chachu who he believed so much has lied to him.

He was very angry and literally shouted in his mind “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS HAPPENING AND WHAT THIS DRAMA WAS ALL ABOUT”

Surjeet saw Kunj and smiled, gets up and say- Kunj!! My Son….its soo good to see you, am soo happy that I am seeing you after a long time.

Surjeet was really happy to see Kunj. He immediately went to Kunj and hugged him. Kunj with all his shocked face hugged Surjeet back but was looking towards Manohar who was healthy and smiling seeing Kunj. Kunj was so much shocked that he was not able to make out why both the brothers lied him to call him here.

Kunj- Surjeet Chachu!! (a bit loud) …ye sab kya hai??

Surjeet- Beta..I know you are shocked…but we will tell and explain you exactly why we have called you here….U need to….

Before Surjeet could go ahead and tell him the matter Manohar interrupted him and said- Kunj….hum jaante the ki hum tumhe bulayenge to tum aise aoge nahi…isliye tumhe yaha bulane ka yahi ek tarika tha (Kunj we were well aware that if we will just call you, you wnt come that easliy, so this was the only way)

Kunj- Dad, but

Manohar showed his hand to him to stop speaking- Kunj, I have some important news to discuss with you. Replied Manohar

Kunj- Like this and now…….Can’t you tell me on phone, why you all lied to me?? Kunj was really angry and do not want to listen what Manohar and Surjeet want to tell him.

Manohar- KUNJJJ….u r talking to your father and I don’t need to give you any explanation.

Cont.- You have been called here as I have arranged your marriage with daughter of a good friend of mine and you are meeting that girl tomorrow- Said Manohar in a strict tone.

Kunj got another shock of his life – WHATTTT?? The word hit Kunj for a while, unable to wrap around what Manohar just said to him.

Manohar in a very calm way- I have arranged your marr”

Kunj- I heard you what you said!! What the hell you were thinking? I AM NOTT GETTING MARRIED…said Kunj in a loud and irritated tone.

Manohar- YES U ARE (loudly)

Seeing the situation what it leads to Surjeet interfered- Kunj beta, u must be very tired, go to your room we will discuss it later.

Kunj- But chachu, I don’t want to discuss anything, its final and am not getting married.

Manohar- KUNJ

Surjeet- Bhaiya and Kunj…please hum baad me baat karte hai, please Kunj beta tum apne room me jao (We will talk later, please Kunj go to your room)

Kunj like an obedient son went in his room. But yes, he was angry. Kunj remembered how forcefully he was asked to join business and that also after a lot of insistance and emotional blackmailing from Surjeet. Kunj had to join business and he successfully handled it and started quite a few of his own companies. In exchange Kunj was given utmost freedom both in his personal and professional life. He just asked Surjeet to ask his father and persuade him so that he can establish himself outside India which was readily agreed by Manohar as they both told him that he will establish Sarna Industries outside India and will establish their name outside India as well.

Kunj who reached room was not a peace and immediately ran outside again to both Surjeet and Manohar- Dad, chachu…Mujhse nahi hoga please (Dad Chachu….I can’t pleassss) almost pleading to them.

Manohar (sternly)- Aur wo kyu?(And why not?)

Surjeet- Kunj beta…Manohar again stopped him and Surjeet being an obedient brother stopped.

Kunj hesitated while looking towards Manohar and esp. Surjeet. He knew that his father and esp. his dearest Chachu will never understand. He knew that both his Chachu and father were unaware of his Casanova lifestyle and if he will mention it, his Chachu will be very hurt, which he never wanted to.

Surjeet- Kunj beta…. She’s a very good girl. We know her and her father is a very good friend of ours. She will keep you very happy. She will be perfect wife for you.

Kunj out curiosity- But why my marriage has been arranged? If you want me to get married, why can’t it be with a girl I choose.

Kunj very well knew that his Dad and Chachu both have been forward-thinking man then why are they behaving so old fashioned?

Manohar- Raminder Taneja is the owner of Taneja industries. We know each other since we were young men dreaming of the lives that we are leading today. He is launching few international companies, few will be in Sydney. We thought it would be a great idea if our kids get married.

Kunj- Chachu, please you try to explain Dad

Surjeet- Kunj, my son, do you think I will easily accept the girl who will be entering your life, she is a very good girl, I have met her personally, perfect for you, believe me my son

Manohar- Kunj, it’s a business deal and you have to marry his daughter as a part of business deal

Kunj was now again furious. He knew his dad will never understand. HIs father is a very shrewd businessman just like Kunj has become- “Thanks to my father’s genes”(thinking in his mind)

Kunj understood that a good businessman will do anything in his power to close a good deal, but this was too much for him, as how can his father ask him marry any girl just for the sake of business.

Manohar- She is absolutely right for you.

Kunj- Right for me? Like seriously, you know nothing about me and you decided what is right for me and what is not.! I am not marrying her or anyone else.

Kunj just said and walked out and walked up the grand staircase and then to his room. He slammed the door behind him, picked up a vase and threw it on the wall.

Surjeet came in Kunj’s room and Kunj immediately saw Surjeet and hugs him

Kunj- Chachu…sab kuch jante hue bhi apne mujhse jhut bola (Uncle…intentionally you too lied)

Surjeet- Beta mein janta hu…tumhe is tarah se bulana thik nahi tha, lekin tumhe bhi pata hai Bhaiya ke agey mein bhi kuch nahi bol pata hu aur beta…. (emotionally while keeping his hand on his head) tujhse milne ka bara man kar raha tha mera bhi (Son I know that calling u like this is not correct…you too know even I have no say infront of Bhaiya and son was really wishing to meet you)

Kunj who sees emotional Surjeet just hugs him and says- Chachu, mein bhi aapko bahut mis kar raha tha (Uncle even I was also missing you too)

Surjeet- Kunj, mein zada to kuch naho bola sakta kyu ki ye bhaiya ka final decision hai, par ha mein tujhe ye zarur bata sakta hu ki tere liye jo life partner chuna hai wo bilkul sahi hai, nahi to mein khud kabhi nahi manta, apne chachu pe is baat ka bharosa rakh ( Kunj I can’t say much coz it’s Bhaiya’s final decision, but I can assure you that ur life partner who is been selected for you is right else I would have never agreed too, please trust on me)

Bhaiya ne ye file dene ko kaha hai…iske andar kya hai tum khud dekh ke samajh jaoge aur pura mamla bhi ki ye shadi kyu zaruri hai (Kunj, Bhaiya has asked me to hand over this file to you…Once u go through this u will understand the whole matter, also why this marriage is important)

Kunj takes the file and Surjeet just leaves from Kunj’s room. Kunj started reading the file carefully. Inside were the reports and projections detailing the amount of profit that was expected from the deal and merger with Taneja Industries and Sarna Industries. Kunj just smirked thinking that his father is quite clever and trying to bribe him into this marriage.

He just decides that he will this girl as there is no harm in meeting a girl, also if chachu is also insisting so much.


Twinkle simply blushed a deep red as her father explained that he has arranged her marriage with one of his oldest friends’ son. She looked down. She felt shy discussing marriage matters in front of her parents. Leela beamed behind her and her sister Mahi was just trying to tease her and suppress her laughter after seeing Twinkle blushing badly. RT discussing things with Leela about marriage and Mahi secretly teasing Twinkle. Twinkle could not take all these things anymore and just got up and rushed to her room blushing badly. She went in her room closed the door and stood just resting her head and back on the door keeping her hands at her back. She just smiled being a wife. She was continuously smiling, closed the door and lied on her bed, taking a teddy in her arms.

Twinkle loved the idea of marriage. She always dreamed being a perfect wife. She imagined herself cooking breakfast for her husband, tying his tie before he leaves for office, cooking dinner for him once her husband was back from work. She dreamed of falling in love with her husband and having many kids and lead a happy married life.

Love is so idealistic, meant only to happen after marriage for her. Twinkle shyly brought her head up and bit her lip, smiled and felt that she’s ready to fall in love.

RT told Twinkle that she will be meeting her future husband tomorrow night at a launch party of his international companies also announcing mergers with her future husband’s companies. Twinkle started imagining how her future husband would look like (in mind)- Will he be handsome, nahi bhi hoga to bhi chalega!! Twinkle thot- I just want a sincere and caring husband who will value me.

Someone knocked at the door bringing Twinkle out of her thoughts. She got up from her bed knowing who is there on the door.

“Diii! I can’t believe you are getting married! I bet Jiju will be too hot! Mahi blurted as soon as Twinkle opened the door

Twinkle’s eyes grew wide. “Mahi” she shouted “Tujhe bilkul bhi tameez nahi hai” (mahi u don’t have any manners)

Mahi in a very serious tone- Twinkle Dii, are you happy…with the marriage?”

Twinkle- Of course Mahi, I know Papa will choose the best for me.

Mahi- Mein kabhi akele nahi rahi hu Twinkle Di….her eyes getting teary.

Twinkle’s eyes also welled up with tears. Twinkle and Mahi are very close to each other or you can say inseparable. Twinkle was aware that this day would definitely come when she will have to leave Mahi, not only Mahi but her entire family. Now she was also aware that she will have to leave India and settle in Australia with her future husband. Twinkle looked at Mahi who was sobbing slightly similarly like Twinkle who was trying to hide her tears from Mahi.

Twinkle- Mahi, mein hamesha tere sath hi hu, Kuch bhi nahi badlega, hum hamesha soul sisters rahenge, koi farq nahi parta meri shadi kisse hoti hai(Mahi, I will always be with you. We will always remain soul sisters, no matter who I marry)

Mahi while crying – I know Twinkle Di

Twinkle- Accha Mahi, promise me one thing

Mahi- Kya

Twinkle- Tum kabhi bhi apne Jiju ko hot nahi bulaogi (You will never call your Jiju hot ever again) and laughed

Mahi- Ohooo Twinkle Di getting possessive!! and both sisters laughed out loud

Twinkle knew she will miss these moments, once she gets married, her whole life would change after getting married.

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