Babies? Twinkle sat up followed by Kunj as she was so shocked by what Kunj has said.

Twinkle- We can’t have baby. We already had this discussion before.

Kunj- I know Twinkle, but at that time we just met with each other and were living in separate rooms. Now we are living like husband and wife so it makes sense to have a baby now.

Twinkle- No, I am not ready. It’s a big responsibility to have baby and we are not in love right now. Baby needs a loving family.

Kunj- We don’t need to be in love we but we can love our baby.

Twinkle- No

Kunj- Twinkle, you are being unreasonable.

Twinkle- I am sorry, I can’t.

Kunj- Don’t be sorry Twinkle, just be my wife. There was desperation in Kunj’s voice. He moved closer to Twinkle. He wrapped his arms around her and laid her back. He was now very near to Twinkle almost lying half on her.

Twinkle- I don’t….

Twinkle began to speak but Kunj interrupted saying- Just for tonight Twinkle.

He kissed her cheeks and his hands went inside her top on her waist and began to nuzzle her neck.

Twinkle’s body stiffened. She felt Kunj kissing her neck passionately. She was so shocked that she was unable to react. Whereas Kunj’s hand started moving further inside her top and he left her neck to kiss her on her lips. She suddenly pushed him off and sat up again. Kunj was now frustrated.

Kunj- Damn Twinkle.

Twinkle- I am sorry Kunj, but I can’t.

Kunj- We are married Twinkle and we can have kids. Isn’t the point of getting married to have children? What the hell is wrong with you? What is the purpose of us getting married?

Twinkle- Not all couples get married to have babies, they marry because……

Because they love each other and want to spend rest of their lives with each other- Kunj finished what Twinkle wanted to say.

Twinkle looked down uncomfortable. Kunj sat up and looked at Twinkle.

Kunj said- Look Twinkle, every businessman has kids so that those kids will grow and take over the company. It is why my father who never liked kids but had me so that I can take over his company. See Twinkle, I am trying hard to make you comfortable. If not today but later or sooner we need to plan babies.

Twinkle- I understand.

Kunj- Good. You are right now being not the time but one day…….

Twinkle- Of course, one day. Twinkle said with a fake smile on her face.

Kunj- Good. Good night. Kunj laid down but turned his back towards Twinkle.

Twinkle too laid down but she wasn’t getting any sleep. Her eyes were fixed on the ceiling.

Next morning

Mahi sat up on the kitchen table with a coffee mug in hand and was lost in her thoughts. When Kunj and Twinkle came down she didn’t even notice them.

Twinkle asked- mahi?

Mahi still didn’t respond, instead she kept looking in blank.

Twinkle tried again- Mahi?

Mahi then came out of her thought and said- Di, I need to tell you something, please don’t get angry on me.

Twinkle- Why would I be angry?

Mahi- just promise me you won’t be angry.

Twinkle- Ok I promise.

Mahi- Di, I have planned that I will join ANU (Australia National University) and I will start in the coming sessions.

Kunj who overheard what both sisters were talking about asked Mahi- Why so soon?

Twinkle answered for Mahi—Because she is already behind.

Kunj- Well then it is great. You have made a great choice to study in ANU, it is an amazing college. You know that Karan has done his undergrads from that college and planning to pursue his master’s also from that college.

Twinkle- That’s good, but Mahi why will be angry on this.

Mahi- Di, because I have planned to stay in the hostel there.

Twinkle- no, you can’t live all by your own. It is not safe at all.

Mahi- But Di, I will have a roommate and will be inside college only. I will make new friends and will get to know people.

Twinkle- I stayed at home and did my studies from home itself, I never had any problem, then why you.

Mahi- Di, this Australia and it is different here.

Kunj who was hearing all this decided to interfere as he knew that Twinkle will never agree so he said- Twinkle, I think Mahi is right. Let her go and stay there itself, first the college is in Canberra which is 4- 5 hours’ drive from here, so it will be better if she stays there and second, she will get a better experience in college rather than doing up and down.

Twinkle thought for a while that what Kunj said was right but still she was not comfortable on leaving Mahi on her own.

Twinkle- But…

Mahi- Please Di!

Twinkle- Ok, but you are visiting every weekend or sometimes in midweek also. I will also visit you whenever I want, so don’t be surprises when I just come to see you.

Mahi- Yippeeee! I am not going back to India and I will be living in the campus. Mahi hugged Twinkle in excitement and continued- Ok, I have to tell this to Karan. She said and ran upstairs to her room.

Twinkle- Karan?

Mahi- Yes, di, he has been to that college. Like Jiju said he has done his grads from there and planning to do his masters from there, so obviously he will be a great help.

Kunj who was seeing this was smiling. He knew that Karan and Mahi will hit it off. If anyone, Karan would be there to look after her after she moves in the campus. He doesn’t live there anymore but his apartment was near by the campus.

Mahi- I am going to call him.

So, Mahi and Karan- Kunj said with a grin on his face.

Twinkle- You were right. Mahi and Karan will be great together. I just can’t believe she is leaving.

Kunj- Don’t worry she will be here in the weekends.

Twinkle- Kunj, I wanted to talk to you about last night

Kunj- It’s fine Twinkle. Don’t worry about it. Kunj didn’t let her complete and left to talk to the chef about what he needed to cook for the breakfast.

Twinkle sat in the living room. The new pressure of having kids with Mahi leaving, didn’t go well with Twinkle. She was not feeling good. Her little sister is leaving and Kunj is upset with her. She could hear Mahi talking with Karan on phone. A wave of anxiety flooded over Twinkle. Kunj came in the living room and sat next to her.

Kunj- Breakfast will be ready soon. Tonight, there is a party. Uv has kept. It is an Easter party. Be ready at 8pm. Do you think Mahi would like to come? Karan will be there I invited him myself. Kunj was talking casually to Twinkle, not bothering about last night arguments.

Twinkle- Sure, she would love to come.

Kunj- Are you Ok?

Twinkle- Yes.

Kunj- twinkle, don’t worry Shaurya won’t be there. I and UV had kept an extra security and told them that by no means Shaurya should be seen near the premises.

Twinkle was not even thinking about Shaurya. Her thoughts were on the conversation she and Kunj had last night and Mahi leaving for Canberra for her studies.

Twinkle- Let’s go and have breakfast. Twinkle stood up, in a hurry to get into the kitchen away from any kind of conversation and basically to distract her from the things going on in her mind. Before she could take a step ahead, she held her head as she started feeling dizzy. She gripped the sofa to try to balance herself. She felt a strong pair of hands around her waist steadying her and calling her. She saw Kunj before darkness consumed her.

Twinkle woke up few hours later. She looked around and found herself on Kunj’s bed. The lights of the room were off.

Are you Ok? – Kunj asked who was sitting on the sofa doing some work of his.

Kunj- You fainted.

Twinkle- What, I fainted? Why? Twinkle said trying to get up from the bed.

Kunj- Don’t, don’t even think of getting up. I called the doctor. He said that it may be because of the stress. You just take it easy and relax. He said that take rest two three days and you will be absolutely fine. Also, she has prescribed some medicines for you so that you can be fully cured. Kunj said and made his way to the bed.

Twinkle- What is the time?

Kunj- You were out for a while. It is around 5.

Twinkle- What and you didn’t go to work?

Kunj- How can I? Someone should be there to take care of yours.

Twinkle skipped her heart beat listening to what Kunj said.

Mahi- Di, what happened? You fainted? Mahi heard Kunj and Twinkle talking and came running in the room concerned for her sister.

Twinkle- I am fine Mahi.

Mahi- I don’t believe you DI.

Twinkle- I am fine, the doctor also said so.

Kunj- We wil not go out tonight.

Mahi- where are we going?

Kunj- Oh, we all had to go to UV’s Easter party tonight.

Mahi- Another party! Mahi exclaimed. Twinkle winced again. Her head was aching badly.

Mahi- Oops Sorry Di. You should take rest.

Twinkle- We should go.

Mahi- No Di, you need rest.

Kunj- Actually Mahi is right. You need rest. Mahi, I think you should go. I will ask Karan to pick you and Roshni and Sid will be there and UV will also be there to look after you.

Mahi- But Di…

Kunj- Don’t worry I will take care of her.

Twinkle- Yes Mahi, go and have fun.

Mahi- Thank you Di! What I am going to wear? Should I call Karan? Oh, my God! Mahi was excited again. She quickly hugged Twinkle and ran out of the room.

Twinkle- you should also go.

Kunj- No, who will I dance with?

Twinkle blushed at the statement. She only knows how she enjoyed dancing with Kunj. She felt bad for Kunj that because of her Kunj will not be able to go to his best friend’s party.

She didn’t want Kunj to miss his best friend’s party. The least she could do was manage her headache and for him and go to the party. She slowly got up from the bed and steady herself as she was still feeling a little dizzy. She made her way in her closet and chose a designer full anarkali for her.


She wore the dress and made herself ready for the party. As it was a late-night party so she did her make up as per that only. After an hour she as fully ready. She was ready before time.

Twinkle- Kunj called her from their bedroom as he came in. Twinkle came from the washroom.

You look gorgeous- Kunj complimented her as she came out of the washroom fully ready.

Twinkle blushed at this statement- Thanks.

Kunj- But why you are ready?

Twinkle- For UV’s party.

Kunj- But we are not going anywhere.

Twinkle- Kunj, I am absolutely fine. You can’t miss your best friends party.

Kunj- No Twinkle, I can’t take the risk, as you are not well.

Twinkle- Kunj please.

Kunj hesitated as he didn’t want to deny Twinkle but at the same time he was concerned about his health also. He looked at her, she was completely ready. She must have put a lot of effort in getting ready as she was looking really beautiful.

Kunj- Ok, we will go as it would be a crime to keep you inside like this. he was smirking.

Twinkle blushed again. She was happy that they were going, and she was even more happy that Kunj complimented her about her looks.

Kunj- But seriously Twinkle, if you don’t feel good, will leave from there. I will go and get ready.

Twinkle- Ok, I will see if Mahi is ready. She said and started to move towards the door.

Kunj- Oh, she already left. Karan came to pick her up.

Twinkle- No problem, I will wait downstairs.

Twinkle went downstairs and waited for Kunj. Chef had already prepared dinner for everyone. Mahi and Kunj had already eaten, but Twinkle, didn’t had anything all day. She sat and had something. She was finishing when Kunj came downstairs.

Kunj- Ready?

Twinkle- Yes. She grabbed her clutch and stood up to leave.

Soon both were relaxing in the limo. After sometime they reached to the venue which was terrace party. Twinkle was looking at the sky scrapers and the crowd around there. Kunj along with Twinkle entered the hall of one of the sky scrapers. He took her to the elevator and reached the top floor where Kunj told the security his name.

Security Guard- Name please?

Kunj- Kunj Sarna.

The security guard searched the list and when he finally got his name. He went to the other guard to talk something. He turned back to Kunj and said- Welcome Sir, this person will take you to the VIP area.

Kunj – Thanks. Kunj said and he held Twinkle’s hand and the guard took them to the VIP area. They reached the place and the place was beautiful decorated for two reasons as first it was UV’ party and also Easter decorations were done all over city. There was dance floor, fancy lightings, buffets and the DJ were playing the hottest hits for the couples to dance on the dance floor.

UV- Kunj! He came and hugged Kunj.

Kunj- It’s so good to see you.

UV- Thank you Twinkle, you both came. Kunj told me that you two were planning to miss the party.

Twinkle- We would never. It’s so beautiful.

Kunj- UV, do you plan to stay in this glass box or are you planning to mingle with other guests too.

UV- I need some me space you know. Let’s see which lady will be fortunate today to get kiss from this lip. UV said pointing towards his lips.

UV’s eyes landed on Twinkle.

Don’t even think about it- Kunj said in mock anger whereas UV grinned innocently.

All of them left the VIP room and where Twinkle found Mahi Karan, Sid and Roshni,

Mahi- Di, you are looking really beautiful.

Twinkle- Thank You Mahi.

Kunj was looking at Twinkle only. He sat near Karan and was talking to him only but his focus was on Twinkle only. She was looking radiant and she was having a real good time. He couldn’t help but steal glances at her. He then shifted his attention on UV who was trying his luck with some girls. Kunj knew that he had just invited them because they were good looking.

Finally, after sometime Twinkle was standing alone and watching people dancing with their partners and were lost in their own world. It was almost midnight. She was actually confused at what she was watching. Some were busy dancing, some were kissing each other and some almost dived into a full make out session. She saw UV kissing a girl who was willing to. She saw Mahi and was about to go when she felt someone pulled her away, dragging her from the crowd.

So, who is the person……. another cliffhanger. Will try posting soon.

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Happy Easter to all of you.

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