Divorce!! Even if Kunj and Twinkle had not known to each other still Twinkle would never want a divorce. Ending a marriage was never in Twinkle mind for whatever the reason was. So that means Kunj don’t want her and her father will the break all the ties from Twinkle after the marriage was broken. That means she will have to leave Kunj and then she will all alone for all her life, no Kunj, no family nothing for Twinkle. After listening the word Divorce Twinkle could not focus further what Kunj and her father were discussing but she was thinking about all this. While thinking she moved out of the room and left.

Kunj who was busy talking to his father in law about the blunder he was about to make didn’t noticed Twinkle leaving. He was actually shocked at the fact that his father in law Twinkle’s and Mahi’s father is not worried at all about his daughter’s life but his business deals were important for him, no matter what happens even if he is making marry Mahi with much older guy and even if he ruins her life. Kunj was thinking when RT countered Kunj.

RT- Kunj, listen to me. Twinkle won’t be able to handle a divorce. She will break down and you will be the one to break her heart. RT was trying make Kunj feel guilty and Mahi married Shaurya and Kunj doesn’t even leave Twinkle.

Kunj- Twinkle will be absolutely fine. We are talking about Mahi here. Don’t try to change the topic.

RT- Mahi is mature enough to get married and she will handle it. She is ready to get married.

Kunj- No! She is just 18 barely and adult and you are making her marry to a guy who is 30. Is the age difference not too much for you. Now you tell me what kind of business deal you have worked out with Shaurya’s father?

RT- Why should I tell you?

Kunj- Do not forget that my father and Chachu are also your business partner.

RT- So, it’s something my official thing and why should I tell you? Your father and chachu are my business partner and not you. RT replied rudely.

Kunj- Yes that is true they are your business partner but let me tell you that I am going to take all his responsibilities by next month as they both are retiring next year and then you cannot sign any deal without my approval as I will be major holder then. Kunj replied in the same tone that RT had. He was only aware about his Chachu and his father’s retirement plan and also all the responsibilities handing over to Kunj so that by the time they announce their retirement he has taken over all the responsibilities properly and then he will never allow Mr Raminder Taneja to sign any deal with the Shergills. He played his trump card and played very well.

RT- What? No….I will have…. Twinkle divorce you. He tried to counter.

Kunj- So what? You know very well that Twinkle was ready for this marriage you forced her even I was not. Kunj just replied casually but n his heart he just hoped that Twinkle wouldn’t be forced to divorce him even he never liked to be a married man. He would be able to survive divorce and alimony but what bothered him was that Twinkle would never be able to take this and will be broken.

Finally, RT said- Kunj you cannot divorce Twinkle. You can’t do this.

Kunj- I can do this and I will. Mahi is not getting married to him and she will join the Uni here, but I will send her back if you want. I will take the full responsibility of her marriage. As you son in law this is the least I can do it. Kunj smiled victoriously

Twinkle’s father gave in and said he will allow Mahi to stay there for some time but do send her back to India. Kunj was happy that finally he got success in stopping something that was very wrong for Mahi. He kept the phone and went down searching Mahi and Twinkle. He found ahi first sitting at the countertop in kitchen He went to her and seeing Kunj Mahi jumped from the counter to ask him the details and whether he got any success or not and she ran to him.

Mahi- Jiju! What happened? How did it go? Did you get any success?

Kunj- Relax sister in law. Yes! Your Papa agreed to let you stay here and not get married to Shaurya or anyone.

Mahi- Yes!! Thank You Thank You Thank you Jiju. Mahi was so happy that she was jumping in excitement.

Kunj just held her and said- However Mahi! You will have to go to India soon.

Mahi- Why?

Kunj- Because your Papa is missing you. You still have some time to stay back here. I have taken the responsibility of your marriage so if you Papa forces you to marry some other creep you can tell me I will handle it.

Mahi- You are the best Jiju. She said side hugged Kunj.

Kunj- Ok now tell me where is Twinkle?

Mahi- I don’t know Jiju, she was there with you only.

Kunj- Ok I will check her upstairs.

Kunj moved to check his study room to find whether Twinkle was there or not, couldn’t find her, then he checked his room but couldn’t find her, then Mahi’s room and after checking few more rooms, he started to get worried now.

Kunj- Twinkle. He called her through the hall way so that she can listen and tell him where she was. He then opened one room which was at the end of the hall way and was surprised to see her gazing out of the large window. Her back was turned towards the door so she couldn’t realize Kunj’s presence. The room was quite dark when he entered the only light coming was from the window. He closed the door and quietly walked towards her.

Kunj- Twinkle, what are you doing here and why all the lights are off? Kunj asked her and switched on the light. He looked at Twinkle who was trying to hide her tears.

Kunj- What happen Twinkle and why are you crying? He asked and quickly walked closer to Twinkle.

Twinkle didn’t answer but took a step closer to the window. Kunj held her shoulder and made her face him.

Kunj- Twinkle, please talk to me. Kunj was holding her through her shoulder and this time she didn’t moved away from him.

Twinkle- You…. As Twinkle started her voice got choked again as tears started to fall from her eyes again.

Kunj- Me? Have I done something wrong?

Twinkle- You…want a divorce. Somehow Twinkle managed to say this sentence and burst put crying after that. Kunj took her into his arms and allowed her to cry on his shoulder.

Kunj- No Twinkle. Why are you thinking that? Kunj was trying to calm her down pulled her away from the hug and wiped her tears.

Twinkle- You…… said that…… on… phone. Twinkle was stammering and was looking down.

Kunj- Twinkle, that I said only to threaten your father. I am never going to leave. I don’t want a divorce, honestly. Kunj said and wiped her tears again. After wiping her tears, he again pulled her into his embrace.

Twinkle blushed. She was embarrassed. Here she was shedding tears like a small baby and other side Kunj never wanted to divorce her. She had not realized it before but at that time she was realized that she can never imagine her life without Kunj.

Kunj- I am sorry. Kunj again apologized and pulled back from the hug but Twinkle wanted more to be in his arm to get the warmth of his body.

Twinkle- No, I am sorry I overreacted without even knowing the truth.

Kunj- It’s ok. It’s nice to know that you care so much. Anyways let’s go downstairs otherwise who knows what will Mahi think that what we are doing?

Twinkle- Ok. Twinkle followed Kunj silently. Twinkle was feeling butterflies in her stomach. Kunj closeness was making Twinkle nervous. She knew that she was falling for him but she had to control herself.

Mahi- Di!! Jiju is brilliant! Guess what who is not getting married any time soon? This girl. She said pointing to herself.

Twinkle- You seriously convinced Papa?

Kunj nodded his head in yes and said- Yes, but it was very difficult to change his decision and I am still sorry.

Mahi- About what? Di what did he do?

Twinkle- Nothing Mahi.

Kunj- Really Mahi, I am innocent.

Mahi- Ya Ya, sure you are.

Kunj- Ok Ladies, I have to tell you something and it is we are going out tonight.

Mahi- Where? Where? Where we are going Jiju?

Kunj- A party, in one of the party’s hottest nightclub, that has been rented out for an event.

Twinkle- No we are not going. Nightclubs is not for us.

Mahi- Di! It will be so much fun.

Twinkle- It’s just an anniversary party of my friend and nightclub is just a venue, no wild party. We have to go.

Mahi- Yes Di, please let’s go na.

Twinkle- Ok, but Mahi you are not going to stay out late and you are also not going to drink any alcohol.

Mahi made funny faces to Twinkle which was enjoyed by Kunj a lot. Being with both the sisters was so entertaining for Kunj.

Mahi then very excitedly asked – What are we going to wear for the party tonight?

Twinkle also got concerned now and asked Kunj- How fancy is the party?

Kunj- Not like last time.

Mahi- You have already been to one of the fancy party here in Sydney?

Twinkle nodded her head in yes. She never got a chance to go for an outing when in India, not much outing with her friends too, so, in short, she was a person who loved staying at home only until she came to Australia.

Mahi- I am so jealous of you di. She turned herself to Kunj and asked- Jiju, we will go shopping and buy new dresses for us.

Kunj- Ok.

Now Twinkle was concerned as last time she did shopping for the party last time and Kunj didn’t like it so this time she was in no mood. Kunj noticed her expression and understood but said nothing.

Twinkle to avoid it- No we don’t need to go shopping as we just went.

Mahi- But Di, we didn’t buy any party clothes. I am going to get an off shoulder short dress, in which I am going to look super-hot.

Twinkle- No Mahi you are not.

Mahi- Oh Di, this is Australia where we can wear all these dresses and look hot. Right Jiju, Di will look hot na in a short off shoulder dress.

Kunj on hearing this can’t stop himself from imagining Twinkle in short dress and was very happy but his thought came to an end when he thought his wife in short dress in front of n number of men in the party in nightclub which didn’t go well with his thought. On the other side Twinkle was blushing.

Kunj- She will definitely look hot.

Twinkle blushed more.

Mahi- Then it’s fixed then me and Di are wearing short dresses.

Twinkle- No, I am not.

Mahi pouted but said- Don’t worry if you are not ready still I will make sure, you look hot today. She winked at Kunj and Twinkle.

Twinkle- Mahi…

Mahi- But Di please.

Twinkle- No Mahi, no more arguments now. You go to your room and I need to talk to Kunj.

Once Mahi left Twinkle turned to Kunj and said- Why you have make her all excite, now she will wear that short dress only and will make me also wear what she wants.

Kunj- I didn’t knew she would want to buy that because you never bought something like that. Kunj defended himself.

Twinkle- Mahi is different she is more outgoing as compared to me.

Kunj- Mahi is just a teenager, let her enjoy.

Kunj had a point, Mahi just being a teenager should have fun as when she will be in India, will not get a chance to wear short dresses and allowed to go nightclubs. Twinkle felt bad for her sister that she might not enjoy like that in India as Mahi always like to be an independent girl which she will not in India.

Twinkle- You are right. I should let her have her freedom.

In the evening in Mahi’s room

Mahi- Di, just have a look at me. I am looking so hot. Mahi said admiring herself in the mirror Mahi dressed in orange off shoulder dress till her knee with matching stilettoes. The dress has some self-shining work and the dress was like a second skin to Mahi as the dress was perfectly fit. Twinkle didn’t like the dress much but didn’t say anything to Mahi as she was very happy and excited.

Mahi- Di go and show your dress to Jiju.

Twinkle cheeks were red on thinking that how can she show the dress she is wearing to Kunj? She was wearing a baby pink printed saree with sleeveless blouse and it was backless (showing her full back).


Twinkle wore on Mahi’s insistence but she was not very comfortable as it was showing a lot of skin. She said Mahi that she is not willing to show her then Mahi showed her side and pushed Twinkle out of the room. twinkle having no option moved towards Kunj’s room. She was about to move when Mahi shouted from the door- Di, all the best, you are looking so beautiful that Jiju will fall in love with you all over again.

Twinkle simply smiled as she and Kunj only knew how much they are in love and left for Kunj’s room Outside Kunj’s room she knocked. After hearing the knock Kunj asked her to come in. She paused gathering the courage to show Kunj her outfit and cautiously opened the door and entered the room. The venue asks for the provocative dress otherwise she would have never worn it. She anyhow decided to get Kunj’s approval before going in public wearing the dress. She was still on the door thinking when Kunj said- Are you not coming in? He was looking in the mirror fixing his collar. Kunj turned around and his eyes travelled from the bottom of the saree, slowly up on Twinkle’s face.

Kunj- Wow, you look great. I am having a hard time believing that you are wearing saree.

Twinkle blushed. She took a step further in bedroom.

Twinkle asked shyly- Is this alright?

Kunj- Ya, it’s great. You look beautiful.

Twinkle- I mean is it alright if I wear this?

Kunj- Yes of course. Why? What’s the problem in this?

Twinkle- Well…… it’s…… Words were coming out of her mouth so instead of telling she turned around exposing her full back to Kunj.

Kunj saw her with full attention and his eyes widened and surprised that how she is comfortable wearing such outfit. He swallowed hard and he had to admit that Mahi was one hell of a persuader and Twinkle was looking amazing.

Kunj- Umm…. I… are you ok wearing that? Kunj asked and started walking closer to Twinkle.

Twinkle- I…. don’t know. Mahi wanted me to wear this and I can’t say no to her.

Kunj stopped right in front of her. He leaned in and took the pallu of Twinkle’s saree that hung over her shoulder which made Twinkle nervous. Kunj close proximity made Twinkle nervous and she wondered what is in Kunj’s mind but she didn’t shy away from his advance. Kunj took a step closer. He then walked around back and brought the saree around so that its’ wrapped around Twinkle’s other shoulder. Her back and waist were now concealed.

Kunj- Better. Kunj said quietly, practically whispered. He hadn’t moved away from Twinkle and still stood close.

Twinkle nodded her head in yes. She took the end of her saree out of Kunj’s hand and clutched it tight. Her breathing grew uneven as she noticed Kunj coming closer. There was hardly any distance left between their faces. Kunj’s nose gazed against Twinkle’s cheek. Twinkle was blushing. She wanted to turn away but found herself frozen. Twinkle gasped when Kunj’s hand found the small of her back. He gently pushed her forward so that there was hardly any space left between their bodies and their lips were only few centimeters away.

Kunj was not sure what has gotten into him. Something about Twinkle seeing dressed in backless saree triggered some desire in him. He suddenly realized the thirst that he was feeling ever since he got married. Right now, at this very moment he just intended to satisfy his thirst.

Oops sorry for the cliffhanger……so what you all thing whether Kunj will get his first kiss or not. Let’s wait till the next episode to know that. So, finally Twinkle and Kunj’s relationship is progressing.

I know I am making you all wait a lot. I am sorry for that, I am trying my best possible to give you the updates as soon as possible.

Hope you all will this episode and more dramas coming.

Please ignore any grammatical mistakes.

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