A thunderous sound erupted from the alarm clock that was near the side table, interrupting both Twinkle and Kunj’s sleep. Twinkle slammed her hand and shut the alarm. She sat and adjusted her eyes and got surprised as she found unfamiliar things surroundings her. She then recalled that last night she shifted in Kunj’s room because of Mahi. Her eyes then drifted to sofa where she found Kunj sleeping. She got up from the bed and went to wake Kunj up.

Twinkle- Kunj, wake up……Kunj

She patted Kunj’s shoulder to wake him up. Kunj who was sleeping soundly didn’t moved. Twinkle stepped closer to wake him. She hesitated in moving closer to him. Now Kunj and Twinkle were very close. Twinkle again spoke softly- “Kunj, please wake up.” He rustled in his sleep but didn’t open his eyes. Twinkle then sat on her knees and again called him a bit loudly- “Kunj” and tapped his face softly. Kunj moved a bit and unintentionally held Twinkle’s hand which was on his face and brought near his chest and pulled her hand resting on his chest. She felt her cheek grazing on his chin. Kunj’s eyes fluttered open. He paused, assessing the sight before him.

Kunj- Twinkle? What are you doing? He asked in his sleepy voice.

Twinkle looked down as she felt Kunj’s chin moving against her ear as he spoke. She wasn’t comfortable being so close to him. She left Kunj’s hand immediately which was held by him. Kunj also looked at their hands and released it.

Kunj- Sorry. He said and sat on the sofa where he was lying. Twinkle also stood up and took a step back looking down.

Twinkle- Your alarm……I….actually was trying to wake you up.

Kunj- Oh ya!! Thanks, I have a very important meeting today. I need to reach office early.

Twinkle yawned and Kunj asked her to sleep and apologized for the alarm. Twinkle went back to bed and slept. Kunj smiled looking at her and went to get ready for his work. He soon left for work and Twinkle continued sleeping.

Twinkle’s sleep was broken by a knock on the door. She got up to answer. Sun lights peeped into the room. Kunj had left hours ago. She realized that she overslept. She opened the door to see Mahi there.

Mahi- Diii!! U sleep too much. She said while walking in the room.

Twinkle- What is the time Mahi?

Mahi- Almost 10 di.

Twinkle- Oh, I overslept. Sorry Mahi.

It was unlike that Twinkle sleep so late. Kunj generally use to leave around 6 in the morning and Twinkle use to sleep till 8. She didn’t know why she let herself stay in bed so late.

Twinkle- So what she we do today Mahi?

Mahi- Di let’s make breakfast first or should I say brunch now. Does Jiju come for lunch? Did he say what he wants to have for dinner? Mahi was asking all questions.

Twinkle- Mahii!! Twinkle said trying to get Mahi’s attention.

Mahi stopped talking and looked at Twinkle waiting for her to continue.

Twinkle- Kunj doesn’t let me cook.

Mahi- You don’t cook? But you do love to cook. Mahi asked being shocked that Twinkle don’t cook.

Twinkle- The chef cooks. The maids are there to clean. I don’t do much of the household stuff here.

Mahi- Hmm, when you are wife of someone so important, it would make sense for you not to do chores. In India we use to do everything though we were daughters of a great businessman.

Twinkle laughed- You are silly Mahi.

Mahi- Di!! Can we go for shopping?

Twinkle- Shopping, why?

Mahi- Oh common Di, we are in Sydney and it is so fashionable. There is so much here we can do that we can’t do in India. I can wear so different type of clothes that I wasn’t able to wear in India. Pleeease let’s go shopping Di. She said being very excited.

Twinkle- Ok, we will go shopping but first let’s have breakfast.

Mahi – Thank you, Di. She jumped and hugged Twinkle in excitement.

After having breakfast, both the sisters were ready to leave. Both were ready in a simple churidar and kurti. Mahi opted for a sleeveless suit whereas Twinkle opted for a modest suit. Twinkle was getting ready only when Mahi came in her room without knocking.

Mahi- Di hurry up!! She said while jumping on Kunj’s bed.

Twinkle while wearing her bangles- Wait Mahi. Give me a minute.

Twinkle while placing dupatta on her shoulder paused for a moment and said- Mahi I should ask Kunj also.

Mahi- Oho Di, he won’t mind.

Twinkle- But still…. I will call him.

Twinkle took her phone and called Kunj.

Kunj- Hello

Twinkle- Kunj, I hope am not disturbing you.

Kunj- Not at all Twinkle. Tell me what’s going on?

Twinkle- Kunj, I and Mahi wanted to go shopping. Can we?

Kunj- Of course you can Twinkle. You don’t have to ask my permission to go anywhere. I am not the type of husband who wants to control his wife’s life. Any way’s Mahi will feel really good. Take the limo and go. Twinkle you just called me to take permission.

Twinkle- Umm…yes.

Kunj- Hmm, ok. However, if you can tell me are you both planning to coming late home?

Kunj was speaking whereas Twinkle was blushing. She was happy that Kunj was allowing her every kind of freedom and he trusted her also to let her go out alone. She was also happy that she had her back turned towards Mahi otherwise she would have seen her red cheeks.

Kunj- Twinkle, you there?

Twinkle- Oh Yes, Sorry and thank you. We won’t be late.

Kunj- Ok, I will anyhow come home early but you and Mahi can take your time.

Twinkle- Today you will be home early?

Kunj- Umm yes, as I don’t have much to do here.

Twinkle- Ok I will be at home before you come.

Kunj- Whatever you want Twinkle. Hey my credit card must be somewhere on my office desk, so you can go and take that as well.

Twinkle- Ok I will find and take that as well.

Kunj- Sure, Bye Twinkle.

Good that Kunj reminded her as it never came in her mind that if she is going she will need Kunj’s credit card also, for shopping. She was grateful to him for reminding her.

Mahi- Di, what he said?

Twinkle said with a smile- Nothing, he said we can go and we need to take his credit card. I will just go and get it from his office.

Mahi- See, I told you not worry. Jiju is so nice and cool.

Twinkle- yes he is. Ok Let me find his credit card and then we will leave.

Twinkle went to Kunj’s home office and started searching his credit card on desk. She had only been to Kunj’s office twice. First when she arrived and had a look at the house and secondly when gave a tour to Mahi. She was not comfortable in touching Kunj’s papers as she was afraid she might misplace any important documents regarding his work. She carefully touched each and every file but was not able to find the card. While searching the card she dropped a file and with that the card also fell. While picking up the card, also the file she read the name on the file “Sheesh Mahal Hotel and Resorts” and with that few photos also dropped which was of an old haveli. She kept everything back carefully and took the card with her. While walking she was continuously thinking about the photographs of haveli which she couldn’t identify but was trying to remember where she saw this haveli.

Di, where are you taking me? – Mahi said interrupted her thinking.

Twinkle coming out of her thought- Hmm, there’s a boutique in the city they have best Indian attires. Let’s go there. I know the place where we can find nice Salwar kameez, we can find few for you. Roshni really likes Luxe but I don’t think so we will find much clothes of our choice.

They were talking while they reached the limo driver opened the door for them and they settled themselves in the limo. Mahi who was listening all these said after listening Twinkle’s plan.

Mahi- Sarees and suits, I can wear them in Indian also Di. I want western wear only. We are in Australia and we can wear jeans sundresses, evening gowns and all.

Twinkle- Mahi, what would Papa say?

Mahi- Oho Di!! Come on. You will look great in jeans. Just imagine Jiju seeing you in Jeans and with figure that you have he will definitely love you in that avatar. She said being excited and tried to convince her.

Twinkle- Mahi you can buy them but I am not wearing it.

Mahi didn’t argue further. She was well aware that how hard she tries Twinkle will never be convinced wearing modern dresses. She was very strict about the way she dresses her up since she was a teenager. Mahi doesn’t want anything but just wanted to be modern, but Twinkle couldn’t care less.

Twinkle stopped by the boutique and she bought her few Indian dresses. Mahi gave in. Twinkle then called up Roshni to ask her for the modern dresses boutiques for Mahi. Roshni suggested them few and they were in the shops to but western wear for Mahi. Mahi was really excited. Twinkle was selecting for Mahi.

Mahi- Di how is this one?

Twinkle- Mahi these jeans is very tight you are not buying this one.

Mahi- Di you are not even looking.

Twinkle- I know they are very tight. You better get a bigger size.

Mahi scrutinized the jeans that she was wearing and she loved it but Twinkle was not liking it at all.

Mahi- Di I think I will take these.

Twinkle- Ok, but get a size bigger. Twinkle said as she had a power of card. Mahi couldn’t do anything but buy

Mahi- Di I think I will take these.

Twinkle- Ok but get a size bigger size.

Mahi has to listen to Twinkle and Twinkle was happy with her victory. They finished their shopping and headed towards home. In car they were discussing about the amount they have spent.

Twinkle- We did a lot of shopping today?

Mahi- Yes Di.

Twinkle- How much you think we have spent today?

Mahi- Few thousand dollars, but why are you asking Di.

Twinkle- No, I am just a little worried.

Mahi- Oh don’t worry Di Jiju won’t say anything. He is a millionaire.

Twinkle- No Mahi we shouldn’t take advantage of his money.

Mahi- Ok I will ask Papa to pay him back, if it is big deal.

Twinkle said sarcastically – Oh, and how you will feel Papa paying for your skimpy short dresses?

Mahi turned with wide eyes- Di the dress is not skimpy and it is not that short, Ok and I have purchased bigger size jeans also. She said to defend herself.

Twinkle- Ok Ok Papa won’t need to pay anything. Just relax.

Twinkle and Mahi smiled. Though Twinkle has not approved Mahi’s choice of clothes but Mahi was sure that Twinkle will never tell their parents anything regarding this. They have this much of understanding amongst them. Twinkle’s marriage deal was the only this that was hidden from Mahi by Twinkle and she never even wanted to disclose it to her as well.

Both the sisters were back home after shopping and Kunj was not home yet. Twinkle was happy that she came home before him.

Mahi- Di I am going to try that bigger jeans, I just hope it fits and you also try that designer saree on you. It is very fancy for you but it was looking really good on you.

Twinkle- Thank you so much Mahi, you can always dampen my mood.

They rushed towards Kunj’s room. Mahi went in to try her jeans and Twinkle her designer saree. It was designer saree gown which was golden in color and was sleeveless and off shoulders as well. Twinkle came out as well looking gorgeous.

Twinkle- See the bigger size jeans is also looking fab on you.

Mahi didn’t say anything she was just looking at Twinkle and gave her a wide smile.

Twinkle- What are you looking at?

Mahi- Di, the saree is amazing and you are also looking really amazing in this saree gown.

Yes, you do- Said Kunj standing at the door looking straight into her eyes.

Twinkle turned towards Kunj their eyes got locked but she immediately lowered her gaze felling shy.

Kunj saw her blushing, smiled and turned towards Mahi- Wow, Mahi that’s quite a nice outfit and modern too.

Mahi- I know. I am so fashion forward na Jiju.

Kunj looked at Twinkle again and asked- Where are yours?

Twinkle- My…What?

Kunj- Jeans?

Twinkle- I….I don’t…. Twinkle again stammered.

Mahi- I knew it. I knew Jiju will ask. I told you also Di that Jiju will love to see you in Jeans. Jiju, I also told her the same, I mean she has such a great figure, who hides it under the saree all the time.

Twinkle gave an angry glance to Mahi- Mahi…

Twinkle turned and said- I am going to change.

Kunj giggled. Mahi- Don’t worry my sweet Jiju I have purchased one for her. I know you will make her wear one day.

Kunj- How do you know?

Mahi- Obviously, because she cares for you. Don’t tell her. She will wear them because she can do anything for you.

Mahi said confidently and went back towards her room.

Kunj was astonished. The Twinkle Kunj knew and the Twinkle Mahi knew were different. She won’t do anything for him. She doesn’t want to have his kids. She will not wear evening gown for him. She won’t wear jeans for him. He was sure, of it. Kunj was in his thoughts when Twinkle came out of changing room wearing her normal churidar kameez which she wore earlier.

Kunj- Twinkle, will you do anything for me?

Twinkle adjusting her duppatta- It depends.

Kunj- Will you do anything for Mahi?

Twinkle- Of course.

She answered Kunj’s queries but was not sure why he was asking this type of questions.

Kunj- Good, because Mahi wants us to go out tomorrow night on a date. Kunj lied.

Twinkle was confused though because Mahi never told her anything about her wanting to go on a date. Now she will have to go on a date with Kunj otherwise she will become suspicious.

So Kunj and Twinkle on a date….excited??? .

So, what do you think Mahi will try to get Kunj and Twinkle closer once she comes to know that date idea was hers.

Please like and comment. I am really happy that you all are liking it.

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