The scene started with Twinkle and Mahi at the door.

Twinkle- What are you doing here? Did you come all the way to Australia on your own? Are you ok? Twinkle bombarded Mahi with questions as soon she saw Mahi in front of her.

Mahi- Di relax!! I am here for touring college. I am absolutely fine.

Twinkle- How did you travel all by yourself?

Mahi- Of course by plane di. It was not difficult at all. I just took a flight from Delhi to Sydney direct. And when I landed here, I just told the driver jiju’s name and he knew the address. I never knew that Jiju was this famous.

Twinkle- Mahi at least you should have informed me before coming?

Mahi- Oho Twinkle…there is a word called “SURPRISE” (quoting in air) so that is what I wanted to give you.

Twinkle- Why touring college here and what’s the problem in India, there are so many good colleges?

Roshni- Oh Twinkle! Stop interrogating her. At least let her come in. Roshni interrupted Twinkle’s interrogation with Mahi. Twinkle realized that she was continuously asking questions from Mahi. Mahi came in and Mahi said in a joyful tone- Twinkle Di, the reason for selecting college here is that you are here and Jiju is here too and I loved the city Sydney and the colleges also are so good here.

Twinkle stopped asking questions as Mahi has got a point.

Mahi- Twinkle Di, your house is soo amazing and beautiful. Mahi was also amazed when she got to see the house. She was turning around and looking at the beautiful house.

Roshni- Hi Mahi, I am Roshni. Kunj and Twinkle’s friend.

Mahi- Hi Roshni Didi, I am Mahi.

Roshni- Twinkle, you never told that you have a younger sister. I am so happy to meet you Mahi. (while turning towards Mahi).

Mahi- Me too. She smiled and replied.

Roshni- So Mahi, is this your first time in Sydney?

Mahi- Yes.

Roshni- Twinkle you need to take her to the city. You should take her to Darling harbor, Circular quay and will also show her Opera house and harbor bridge. I know this great restaurant Zaffran (Indian fine dining restaurant) we can go and have lunch there too.

Mahi- Really? Twinkle Di please let’s go na. I really wanted to see these places. Please lets’s go and visit these places.

Twinkle- Mahi, you just have come after travelling a long distance. Don’t you want to rest?

Mahi- No Di, I will be absolutely fine. I will just change and come.

Twinkle- Ok.

The three girls went and enjoyed the city. In evening Twinkle and Mahi came back home late. It was almost midnight. Roshni dropped them home and left.

Twinkle, where have you been, you didn’t even inform me, I was so tensed- Asked Kunj as he saw Twinkle entering home.

Both the sisters were out with Roshni and Twinkle had not informed Kunj that she will be out also about Mahi’s visit.

Twinkle started to reply Kunj questions- Kunj, Roshni was here and…..

Kunj- Mahi? What are you doing here?

Mahi- Oh…… Surprise Jiju!! Mahi said hesitantly.

Kunj was confused and looked at Twinkle for explanation.

Twinkle- Kunj Mahi has come here for touring colleges as she wanted to study here. Roshni was already here so she suggested to take her out to see the city. I am sorry I forgot to call and tell you.

Kunj- It’s Fine Twinkle. So, you had no idea that Mahi is coming?

Twinkle- Umm no

Mahi- Sorry Jiju, I thought I will give you both surprise. I….. I didn’t think it through. Mahi confessed showing that she was sorry.

Kunj- No Mahi, you don’t need to say sorry, in fact it’s great that you are here. Twinkle have you given the tour of our home. Kunj suggested Twinkle as he was just trying to handle the situation and also not wanting Mahi to see that he was shocked to see her.

Twinkle- Hmm. Come Mahi, I will show you the house.

Mahi- Di, I hope Jiju is not angry.

Twinkle- No not at all. Come I will show you this floor first then I will take you upstairs. Twinkle said trying to change the topic.

After giving a grand tour of the house Twinkle came near Kunj’s room.

Twinkle- Mahi, this is Kunj’s room. This is the master bedroom and your room will be next to my room at the other end of the house.

Mahi- What? Your room near my room? Isn’t Kunj Jiju’s room your room. (Mahi asked pointing towards Kunj’s room)

Twinkle was confused as what to reply but before she could reply Kunj came and answered Mahi’s answer as he has heard Mahi and Twinkle’s conversation

Kunj- Of course Mahi, it is Twinkle’s room too. Twinkle meant to say that your room will be near her favorite room, as she likes spending so much time in that room, seems like she has her own bedroom. Kunj answered handling the situation.

Twinkle- But….

Kunj- Mahi, why don’t you look at the master bedroom from inside. I am sure you will like it.

After Mahi entered to see the master bedroom Kun turned to Twinkle

Kunj- Twinkle is she aware about the business deal?

Twinkle realized that Mahi was not aware about the deal and she has no intensions of telling also. Now she realized why Kunj was doing.

Twinkle- No, and I don’t even want her to know.

Kunj- Then she won’t know, all she would know is that we are happily married. We were not forced into this marriage. And this is our bedroom, yours and mine. It is simple.

Mahi- Kunj Jiju, this is the biggest room I have ever seen.

Twinkle- I thought the same. Both the sister smiled.

Kunj unexpectedly placed an arm around Twinkle’s waist pulling her close. Twinkle was stiffened in surprise. She questioningly looked at Kunj who just gave an apologetic look to Twinkle.

Mahi- But Twinkle Di, it doesn’t even look like you live in this room. No tapestries, no decorations and no temple.

Kunj whispered- She is perceptive, isn’t she? He said being slightly irritated. Twinkle couldn’t hold her smile and smiled.

Twinkle- Mahi, as per this room’s decoration it was not suiting, so I have not done here but I have kept a small temple in other room. Twinkle replied referring to her actual room. “Mahi come, I will show you your room so that you can rest. You must be tired.

Twinkle said and freed herself from Kunj and guided Mahi to her room. As both sisters wished each other Twinkle immediately ran towards Kunj’s room. They needed a good plan so that Mahi never comes to know the truth of their relationship and the truth of their family. Twinkle was angry on Mahi for not informing her before coming. She was also sure that Kunj will be angry too, but he did a great job of hiding it. As she entered Kunj’s room he was sitting on the bed and when he saw her he stood up from his place and started talking.

Kunj- Twinkle, we need to talk about this.

Twinkle- I know but believe me I have no idea Mahi will come like this. I am really sorry on her behalf.

Kunj walked over and closed the door before he spoke again.

Kunj- Twinkle, you don’t need to be sorry and it doesn’t even matter as she is here now.

Twinkle- There is one more issue, I have given her the room next to mine. She said realizing that she had not done the smartest thing Mahi might understand things as soon as she will see Twinkle coming out from another room.

Kunj- Dammit.

Twinkle- But Kunj its ok, I will shift my room to this side of the house. She will never come to know about this.

Kunj- No Twinkle, this doesn’t seem to be a good plan. She will notice some day or the other.

Twinkle- So then what should I do?

Kunj- Means, you stay here.

Twinkle- W… What, stay……here…. with you. Twinkle stammered and was not able to speak much as staying in one room with Kunj was not in her mind anyhow and especially after the conversation they had in morning she was more uncomfortable staying in the same room.

Kunj- Yeah why not? What’s the problem in staying with me?

Twinkle- There is only one bed. Twinkle said without thinking.

Kunj- Ok, I will sleep on sofa. You take the bed.

Twinkle looked at the sofa and then at Kunj. She then realized that sofa will not be comfortable for Kunj as the sofa was just for style and looking at Kunj’s height he will never be able to adjust on that sofa. She then cursed herself for speaking without thinking.

Twinkle- Mahi will be here for few weeks and sleeping on sofa is not a good idea, you will not fit into that and your back will also hurt. It will be very uncomfortable on sofa. Better idea is that I will shift in another room.

Kunj- No you will not do that. Why are you overthinking. We cannot take a chance. If you are in this room Mahi will never have a doubt on us and I will be fine on sofa.

Twinkle- Ok I will stay in the room but I will take the sofa you take the bed.

Kunj- No Twinkle not at all. Either I take sofa or we are sharing the bed. Choice is yours now but you are not sleeping on sofa. Kunj replied to her strictly.

Twinkle- Ok, tell me if your back hurts. Twinkle was feeling guilty for imposing on Kunj in his own bedroom, but she thought hiding the truth from Mahi at that time was more important.

Kunj- I will tell you.

He walked over the bed and took his pillow and got a spare blanket from his cupboard. Twinkle was watching him as shifted his bed on the sofa. She felt guiltier. Kunj went to change. Twinkle took this opportunity to get her necessary belongings from her room. She reached her room and started packing her important stuff. After packing she was about to leave the room but then she turned and went towards the small temple she had in her room picked few statues of Hindu God. She carefully peeped out of the room whether anyone is looking or not and rushed to Kunj’s room.

Twinkle opened the door and quickly closed it. She realized how fast her heart was beating. She felt silly on realizing that she was acting that Mahi was police who was after her to arrest her and she is trying to escape from her.

Kunj- Why are you so out of breath?

Twinkle- I….

Before she could say anything, she turned again not to face Kunj. She could feel the heat on her face as she saw Kunj shirtless. She was embarrassed as well.

Kunj- What happen? Kunj asked while coming closer to Twinkle.

Twinkle didn’t turn around to face Kunj. Apart from actors and beggars she has never seen a man shirtless. She also never got stuck in a same room with a shirtless man.

Twinkle- You are not wearing shirt.

Realization hit Kunj he looked himself and saw that he was not wearing shirt but then he replied- Twinkle I am sorry if you are feeling awkward I will wear it, usually I don’t wear shirt while sleeping.

Twinkle felt another guilt- Kunj, it’s absolutely fine, you sleep however, you like. She didn’t want any more inconvenience for him.

Kunj laughed and said- It’s Ok Twinkle you can turn now I am fully dressed now.

Twinkle- I am sorry Kunj, you are having so many issues just because of me. Firstly, you are sleeping on sofa, wearing your shirt and sharing this room with me.

Kunj- Then share the bed with me (he said winking and gave a mischievous smile to Twinkle).

Twinkle was shocked listening Kunj’s’ words- I…..Ummmm…I

Kunj- It’s OK Twinkle I was just kidding. Don’t’ worry am not going to do anything like this and marriage is all about sacrifice, right?

Truth was that Kunj was feeling he had been imposed upon. Mahi came without any notice, which didn’t bother him at all. He was rather fond of her. The fact that he was uncomfortable that he was being forced to give up all his comforts in his own bedroom just so that Mahi never find the truth about their relationship. Kunj was willing to share the room with twinkle but what irritated him more was she was not ready to share the bed with him. He thought once he will give her an option of him sleeping on sofa she will readily agree to share bed with him but his plans flopped. He was neither willing to force her or make complaints as he also don’t want to hurt Twinkle’s feeling.

With that they called it a night wishing each other Good Night.

Thank you all soo much for your concerns and wishes and now I am quite fine.

This is my comeback episode.

I just hope you all like this as well.

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