KUNJ SARNA– A businessman whose name is enough to send waves in the business world. He is a very successful famous business tycoon residing in Australia who never mixes his professional life with his personal life. A multi-millionaire who loves to live luxurious lifestyle esp. after looking at his collection of designer suits, his collection of big lavish cars (limos, Mercedes Benz, sports cars), his pent houses and his mansion where he loves to spend a lot of time, anyone can envy him and tell that he never thinks before spending as he is well aware about his status and bank balance.A reigning king of Australia.

He loves partying, flirting, a very handsome man who is 6 feet tall with black hair, lovely black eyes with cute dimple fare complexion and dashing personality, anyone can fall for him and we can say that he is quite good at that, just by his looks he can attract any woman towards him and make her fall for him.

Kunj is in a bar sitting and watching his best friend Yuvraj (UV) trying to flirt with a pretty aussie girl but unfortunately no luck. Kunj and UV decided to visit a premier night club. Kunj’s felt that every woman in the club was eyeing him but he was busy watching his best frnd UV trying to flirt with all the girls present there but no one was paying attention or showing any interest in UV because of which Kunj was quite amused and was smiling.

UV came back to Kunj and sat at the chair next to Kunj ordered a drink.

Kunj (yelled) – Any Luck

UV (yelled as they are in night club)- No Yaar!! None of them responded, but the ladies don’t know what r they missing. and he smirked.

Till then a pretty young woman wearing a short sleeveless black dress wearing stilettoes coming towards Kunj and UV, but her eyes was on Kunj. She ignored UV and came very close to Kunj and spoke in a very seductive way.

Girl- Hey There !! eyeing Kunj in a very seductive way

Kunj smirked looking at her – Hi

Girl standing near Kunj turned a bit and ordered herself a vodka shot from the bar again turned facing Kunj – Kelly, my name

Kunj- Hi am Kunj

UV- and I am UV

Kelly just gave a glance at UV and before UV can speak anything else she turned again towards Kunj

UV- giving a pout look to Kunj which made Kunj laugh and he suppressed his laugh and UV continued- U Know Kelly….Kunj is a good dancer

Kelly – Oh…is it (looking at Kunj) dance with me then, and she dragged Kunj with her on the dance floor.

She started dancing with Kunj in a sensuous way, she was almost on Kunj and places his hands on her waist. Kunj also started moving his body with her also his hands to started moving on her back. She turned around, now her back was hugging Kunj’s chest and both were moving their body as per the music. Kunj was enjoying and his hands were moving on her waist and travelling up and down.

His phone started vibrating, he took the phone out from his pocket and saw the caller.

Kunj- Kelly….I need to take this call

Kelly nodded and he started moving out of the club so that he can talk.

Kunj- hello

Other side- Kunj u need to be back to India immediately, its urgent please.

Kunj- But Surjeet Chachu I can’t please.

Surjeet (tensed) – Kunj…Its urgent u need to be here for ur father

Kunj – Chachu!! Is everything alright, u seem to be very tensed

Surjeet- No Kunj!! Nothing is right u just come to India tomorrow I want to you here in Amritsar.

Kunj- Look Chachu, tell me wats the matter if possible Ill sort ot out from here only

Surjeet – Kunj, U r not trying to understand, ur father, he had major heart attack, we need you here please son come down as soon as possible

Kunj- Whaaat!!! N u r telling me now, I’ll come there immediately. U please relax.

Surjeet- Yes son.

Kunj keeps the phone and sighs.

Kunj the only heir on Sarna industries is not very close to his father but to Surjeet. In India the business is handled by Kunj’s father and his brother Surjeet.

Surjeet is a very kind and polite guy and very emotional, he has a son whom he had disowned as he was a womanizer and never cared for anyone and never paid any attention. Kunj being a only person was always close to his chachu rather than his father, first he was a busy businessman who never cared for his family even after his mother’s death Manohar always maintained a distance from him, also another reason became a very strong reason for disliking his father was that Kunj came to know that his father cheated on his mother, so Kunj just talks to his father for business purpose but otherwise it was his chachu only who took his care like his own son with his son. Because of this distance Kunj hardly pays any visit to his father and don’t wants to go India, but let’s c what fate has stored in for Kunj in India??

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