do jism ek jaan by Anu (Part 1)

hey!! how r u all….i m back with ejdj?….itni jldi aane k liye plz thnks mat bolna. mereko sharam aati h ??…..

ridhi di here is your surprise that finally apki ummede kam kar gyi?…..

i m back with first part of do jism ek jaan……??


a room is shown…the room is dark no light is there only sun of ray of coming from window….

some voices r coming….

a 24 yrs girl is seeing playing with a doll…sitting beside bed…..

girl is seen cleaining the doll nd is making her hairs…..

girl- wow my baby is looking so beautiful….i will send u to Schul.also jb aap bde hojaoge…..chlo ab khana khalo….

she take the food plate which is beside her nd try to make that doll eat food…

girl- eat na…are why r u not eating….r u angry on na baby…

the girl starts crying…

girl- kk…u dont want to eat na then i will also not eat…

she throws the plate on the gate..

the gate opens nd one boy come inside….

seeing him the girl get scared nd try to hide herself behind the bed..

girl( slowly)- baby dont speak…he will take u from me…he will seperate us..he wants to kill me…dont speak ha…

boy listen it…nd feels bad..

boy comes near the bed..nd bends down..

boy- i will not do anything to u nd your daughter…pkka..come outside nd plz have some food…

girl- no i dont want to have it

boy- u want to send your daughter to Schul na..u want her to be successful na…

the girls nodes like a child..

boy- then u need to have food…if u will not eat then how will u get energy? will u send your daughter to schul?..ow will u take care of her??

girl- if i will have food then my daughter will go to Schul?

boy- yes she will….she will become a very successful women…

the girl smile nd come out…

boy- gud girl…chlo now eat it!

he makes her eat with her hand…..

boy- chlo now sleep for sometime…

girl- no no if i will sleep who will take care of my baby..if anyone will take her away from me then…

boy- no one will take your baby away from u…i m there na..i will take care of us…

girl- pakka…pinky promise…

boy(smiles)- pinky promise…!!

the girl sleep by hugging that doll..boy cover her with blanket…

boy come out of room..nd lock it from outside

boy(thinks)- what i have done to u SWARA..(the girl was swara nd i know many of u have guessed it already .i m too intelligent na?)….becuase of me today u r in this condition..i cant forgive myself for this…..that incident changed our life..that incident take u away from me…from your family from your baby….?????….thinking this he starts crying…why u leave your Sanskar in this state swara (he was sanskar)

suddenly a crying voice come…he stands up nd wipes his tears…

sanskar goes in his room nd take a 2 months old baby in his hand who was crying…..

end of part 1…..

huh! finally compelted it…chlo now tell how it was??…did u like it??..

nd one more i m telling i will be irregular..nd if kisi ko koi doubt ho ya confusion ho.. toh Merese phuchne ki koi zarorat nhi?…acga zyada force kar rhe ho toh phuch lena but Mereko uske badle kch dena

dedicated to #Ridhima kappor aka ridhi di…nd #kriya sarna aka Gorilla di…


Credit to: Anu


    • Anu


      |Registered Member

      Thnks dear☺..nd i m not di yaar…..i m only 15 years ka cute innocent bacha….nd secondly dont call me anu….call me with my real name that is samaira….u can call sammy or sam whatever u want to…i will not mind

      • Divyanshri


        |Registered Member

        u r younger than me ..
        Okay I will call u Sam….. n how can I know ur real name….. u urself wrote anu na….. ….???

    • Anu


      |Registered Member

      Hehe…i have writen anu…but see na in update it was written sammy also?…i m a condusing personality.. but u didnt tell me your age?

  1. ansa

    Hey it’s season 2 ? Y sanskar was saying like that aaah lots of ques r running in my mind khair good epi

  2. Tooba

    Wah Sammie awesome!!! Waiting for next episode but I don’t understand who was the child that Sanskar was having maybe they were twins and the daughter died….

    • Tooba

      Forgot to say mai pehli baar mai hi pehchan gayi thi k Tu Sammie he hai kunke itni innocent batain Tu he karti hai ??? Yeh le kissy ?????

      • Anu


        |Registered Member

        Hehe tooba..u know na how innocent nd pyaara bacha i m?….kahi dekha h mera jaisa innocent bacha…btw thnk u tuna?….tu bhi le kissi???…

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