Jiji Maa 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Uttara makes a good impression on Niyati

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The Episode starts with Uttara making Niyati wear the bangle. Falguni thanks her for help. Uttara offers lift. Falguni says we will go ourselves. Jwala asks her to go. Uttara says I will be glad if you come. They go with Uttara. Shom’s wife does the puja for her daughters’ marriage. Heera and Panna make the pots fall and argue. Their mum scolds them and sends off. Everyone sees the big car. Uttara says lane is narrow, how do you stay here, its fine, its because of deeds. She asks Shom to get car cleaned. She tells everyone that Niyati is innocent, does she look a drug dealer. She tells about the punishment. Falguni asks Niyati not to cry, they have come back home. Uttara says yes, but everyone will humiliate her, they didn’t help her, its good I reached there and helped her. She boasts of herself.

She says you all came to me to complaint, I saved Niyati today, every rich person is not bad, I request you all to help each and do neighbor’s duty. She asks Niyati to take rest, she will meet her later. Niyati goes.

Uttara admits her plan to answer Falguni’s threatening. Falguni gets shocked. Uttara says you threatened me of police, it was a big mistake, I have sent her to police, just decide and never threaten me again. She leaves.

A man greets Suyash and says I thought to meet Vidhaan. Suyash says he will be in cafe or club. The man says he is not meeting at cafe, he stopped talking, this time he didn’t tell about the girl. Suyash says he is not at home, thanks, I will talk to him. Niyati cries when the bangle falls off her hand. Falguni cries seeing her.

Uttara and Shom come home. Shom praises her. She says even water has sweetness today. He says you did a good work to save Niyati. She laughs on him. He says you have enmity with Falguni, why did you send her sister to jail. She says Niyati is like a door bell switch for us, Falguni’s life gets spoiled. Falguni gets toys and talks to mum. She says I have to divert Niyati’s mind once again. Niyati helps Falguni. They laugh. Jiji maa…..plays…. Shom scolds Heera and panna. He boasts of himself. He goes to Uttara. He praises Uttara to make Vidhaan hear. Vidhaan hears him. Shom says you saved Niyati’s life by helping her.

Vidhaan says you were framed in drugs case by Falguni, she is jealous of you. Niyati asks him to stop it and breaks the relation with him. Falguni looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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