Jiji Maa 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Uttara gets Niyati released

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The Episode starts with Zeenat talking to Falguni. Falguni gets food and water for Niyati. Cook asks Uttara what shall he make today. Suyash recalls Falguni’s words and says my friend can tell me the recipe, I will just call. Uttara doesn’t allow anyone to use phones. She says Suyash was saying so to get his phone back. Jayant’s phone rings. Suyash says dad’s phone is ringing. Uttara jokes on Jayant. Falguni comes to Niyati. She feeds her food. Niyati cries. Jiji maa…..plays….

Vidhaan says mom, I spoke to doctor, Falguni didn’t let abortion happen, Niyati is still pregnant, I have left her and ran away. Uttara says its not your mistake, I can understand this being a woman, her sister is very orthodox, everything will get fine, take rest. He hugs her and asks am I bad. He says you are my son, you are the best. She goes.

Jwala sees Falguni and Niyati and taunts on their love. She says you guys made me senti. Uttara and Shom come there. Falguni sees her. Jwala treats Uttara well. Uttara says bad people come here, I feel so bad, why do people do bad things, are they not scared of getting caught. Jwala says you should have called me, I would have come. Uttara says fine, get the file, I will leave. Falguni stops her. Uttara says you here. Jwala asks do you know her. Uttara says yes. Jwala scolds Falguni. Uttara stops her. Falguni cries. Uttara pities her.

Uttara says these people maybe poor, but they can’t be criminals, I would like to meet her sister. She goes to Niyati and says I heard a lot about you from Vidhaan, turn to me and show your face. Niyati apologizes.

Uttara says you are my would be bahu, I didn’t knew you will meet me here in this state, come on smile and turn to me. Niyati turns to her. Uttara compliments Niyati. She blesses Niyati. She asks Jwala to leave Niyati, can such innocent face girl be a drug dealer, I know her, I don’t want her to be here for a moment. Niyati gets free. She hugs Falguni. Shom praises Uttara. Niyati thanks Uttara and says I got a new mum.

Uttara does Niyati’s mu dikhai and makes her wear a bangle. She tells Falguni that she has sent Niyati to jail. She threatens Falguni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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