Jiji Maa 8th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Niyati confronts Falguni

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The Episode starts with Uttara saying you are marrying Vidhaan, I asked Falguni’s hand for my elder son, Falguni agreed, maybe she wants to give you surprise or she didn’t get a chance to tell you, be happy now, how is Falguni now. Niyati says she is fine, she has some pain. Uttara sats ask her to take medicines. Niyati sees Falguni sleeping.

Suyash thinks of Falguni. He gets sad. Vidhaan comes and asks him to have tea. He cheers up Suyash. Suyash says I have to keep myself busy to forget someone. Vidhaan asks who. Suyash says contracts, I don’t want to miss any contracts this year. Niyati says how can Falguni agree, what’s happening. Falguni gets up. She asks what happened, why are you angry. Niyati says I spoke to Uttara, she said you agreed to marry Suyash, how can you do this, answer

me. Falguni says its not necessary to answer. Niyati says yes. Falguni says I didn’t find it anything wrong, I was going to tell you. Niyati asks how can you marry anyone, you love Suresh right.

She asks her to say truth. Falguni says how could I refuse to Uttara. Niyati says you agreed so that Vidhaan and my marriage doesn’t get any hurdle, you won’t sacrifice your love. Falguni says nothing is imp than your happiness. Niyati says don’t ruin your love, call Uttara and refuse for marriage. Falguni refuses. Niyati says I will tell Suresh that you love her, so that he comes and stops this marriage. Falguni slaps her. Shom asks Uttara why didn’t she talk to Suyash about marriage, if he refuses then… She says I know my son very well, he can never refuse to me.

Falguni apologizes and asks Niyati to trust her. Niyati says you are sacrificing your love, I will not marry Vidhaan if you marry his elder brother. Falguni makes her swear that she will marry Vidhaan. Niyati swears. Suyash comes for breakfast. Uttara says I showed Vidhaan’s kundli to pandit, he said there is a hurdle, his marriage will happen, but his married life won’t be happy, he said Vidhaan and Niyati can’t see each other till the marriage. Jayant says fine, its just a week’s time. She says its not easy, he said another solution, I need Suyash’s help, if we have to make his married life better, Suyash has to get married in same mandap.

Suyash says no, not so soon. She says if I say your yes can give happiness to Vidhaan, then… Jayant gets confused. She says I showed your kundli, pandit said Suyash’s grah are powerful to balance Vidhaan’s kundli dosh, both of you should get married in same mandap, you need to marry first, I have found a girl for you, what do you say. Suyash thinks of Falguni’s words. He agrees to Uttara. Jayant asks why shall we hurry. She says don’t worry for anything. Jayant says Suyash doesn’t know that girl, we can’t hurry. Suyash says if mom thinks that girl is nice, I m ready to marry. He goes on call. Uttara smiles.

Niyati calls Suyash and says I have to tell you something about Falguni. He says that she is marrying a rich guy. She asks won’t you do anything. He says no, its her decision. She says she is making a mistake, she loves you. He says I thought so first, I made a mistake. She says we can do something. He says we can’t do anything, Falguni needs you, be with her. She asks and you…. He says I will think I never met Falguni, dreams are meant to break, its broken now. He ends call and cries.

Jayant says no, we can’t hurry. Uttara says why, you know that girl, Falguni. He thinks what game is she playing now. She asks what happened. He says she is a nice girl, pairing will be good. Vidhaan asks whose jodi. Jayant says Uttara has fixed Suyash’s marriage. Vidhaan says its big news, who’s the girl. Uttara says Falguni. Vidhaan asks are you joking. She says Suyash agreed. Vidhaan gets glad and runs to meet Suyash. He congratulates Suyash and says I will show the girl’s pic. Suyash says I can’t see her face. Vidhaan says its good, she is a nice girl, you can blindly marry her. Suyash says I can do anything for family’s happiness. Vidhaan calls him the best and hugs. Uttara says congrats Jayant, both sons will get married in same mandap, what you said is turning true. Jayant thinks to find her plans.

Niyati says I will not break my marriage, I will stop Falguni’s marriage.

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