Jiji Maa 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Piyali wants revenge on Falguni

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The Episode starts with Vidhaan getting sad. He shares his sorrow with Niyati. He says everything has changed since mom left. Niyati says I had taken care of Falguni when she had become a child, you have to take care of Suyash now, things will get fine, Mr. Kapoor is coming for dinner, I will help Falguni. Niyati says Mr. Kapoor will surely sign the deal after this dinner. Suyash proposes Falguni. They smile. Jayant says let Suyash be happy. Falguni says I didn’t do anything special, but my duty, I thought to give them an indian food treat. They welcome Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor in traditional way. They get happy. Falguni serves them food. Mr. Kapoor says my wife wanted to buy a vintage car.

Vidhaan says you will need time to buy it, its not easy to find it. The kid says I want pasta, burger and

pizza, I don’t like food. Falguni makes roti pizza and asks the girl to have it. The girl likes it. Mr. Kapoor says I will sign the deal with you, I was confused before, but now I trust you, I met you and cleared all doubts, you and your family are really good, are papers ready. Suyash says yes. Piyali comes and asks what’s the hurry, I was following you and came here. Mr. Kapoor introduces Suyash and his family.

She says everyone knows Rawat family. She gifts vintage car to Mrs. Kapoor and asks Mr. Kapoor to invest in her company. She asks him not to take any wrong decision, Suyash went to jail recently, people will get scared to get linked to such company, I will sign deal with you. Suyash says Piyali got me trapped in drugs case and now she is making my investors away. Piyali taunts that Mr. Kapoor should decide. Mr. Kapoor cancels the deal with Suyash. She asks him to have food. They sign the papers. Mr Kapoor says I liked her proposal right now, thanks for the dinner. They leave. Piyali says you have seen what happened, you got to know what I can do, you can name your company to me. Falguni stops her and says we have seen what you can do, you ruined last hope. Piyali jokes on her.

Falguni asks why do you want to ruin our company. Piyali says I gave you a riddle to solve, you have thrown the clue here. She gets the rope and says I will ruin your life, don’t you remember anything. She gives her the rope and asks her to think. She calls her Mittu and goes. Falguni says how does she know our childhood names. She recalls her childhood friend. Suyash asks why didn’t you talk to Piyali, she has threatened us. He coughs. Niyati gets water. Falguni cries. Jayant calms down Suyash. Suyash says we have to do something, if this deal gets cancelled, company will get shut. Falguni recalls Piyali’s words and cries. Niyati asks what happened, Piyali wants to trouble you, give this rope. Falguni says no, Piyali called me Mittu, mum used to call me by this name, she said she came to ruin me and take revenge on me, not this family, she wants to make me recollect childhood incident which I have forgot, I have to find out the secret. Niyati says we shall tell everyone. Falguni says no, I have to find out myself, don’t tell anyone, what’s the story of this rope, just Zeenat can tell me about this.

Suyash says investors are asking for money, else we have to auction our house. Piyali says you want to find Zeenat, shall we play hide and seek. She asks Falguni to find her to find Zeenat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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